Whale's Answer to a Typical Chest Pounder

Thanks, whale.to, for sharing this response to the chest pounder; ‘legend in his own mind’:

Hi ******,

There is absolutely no need to discredit the work of others in order to make yours look better. Suggesting that your orgonite is the only stuff worth buying does not help the movement in any way and what you have done is rather silly.

Orgonite works if you make it when your’e drunk, if you charge the crystals or not, if you’re angry when you pour it, if it’s rainy outside, whatever. Sticking praying cats on the side and being secretive about what your process involves does not make a magical energy device.

You mention that you have sent me one of your devices, and also that you sent me a letter. I haven’t had any contact with you before now so there is no way you could have sent me anything. If I do receive one of your devices I will be able to tell immediately the quality of it’s energy and will make my own mind.

You say that you only want to depict the orgonite for how it is, and that you use third party feng shui consultants as well. This doesn’t even mean anything. You are basically suggesting that while my orgonite may have a score of 700, yours has a score of over 1 million. This is a ridiculous abuse of numbers to install a fear in people that only your product will serve their energy needs.

You also mention that you have developed a way to enhance orgonite so that even total strangers can feel the energy. I sell all of my orgonite to total strangers, and despite not having your ‘magic touch’ they too can feel the energy from a combination of resin, metal and crystals. You aren’t doing anything new or different here, and you would get more support from the orgonite community if you didn’t resort to such a ridiculous way to sell your products. I’ve filed a claim against your *********.com site for copyright infringement under the DMCA. Your website has also been posted in the orgonite vendor forums, so *********.com will be getting a lot more of these DMCA removal requests and it’s only a matter of time before your site gets taken down.

I suggest that you carry on making Orgonite, because it’s a great thing to do…. Lastly, take the ‘comparison’ page down from your website before you get a whole load of angry orgonite vendors who have been supplying the stuff for years and rely on it for their family’s income filing a whole suit of claims against you resulting in the closure of your (free) website.

Much love and light back,


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I’ve been seeing more and more of these fakers and I was assuming that it’s mainly a positive sign, since it may show the corporate parasitic order’s desperation to discredit this effort by association but then I started wondering if they’re fielding more fakers in order for us to start outing them on EW, which they can then claim is persecution.

I’ve seen some legitimate information providers brought down this way in past years.

So I hope EW contributors will refrain from outing any more fakers here, at least for now. When one of them actually does some harm to any of us, as James DeMeo tried to do to the four fellows in the Mozambique jail, five years ago, and as that CIA psychologicst and media personality in Spain also did around that time, it’s probably counterproductive to even mention their names here.

What does seem to produce the desired results, though, is describing the tactics and strategies in sufficient detail, then exlaining how the fakers are faking. For instance, a new faker is promoting (or he is being promoted) the idea of musing sand instead of metal to make orgonite. Another faker, who evidently got the confidence of a former EW contributor, was promoting the use of plastic pipes for orgonite cloudbusters and also using just dirt and metal to make orgonite.

When we out the tactics and not the players it usually causes the tactics to disappear. If we out the players it sets up a noisy drama that distracts people from doing the work and also can make us look like ninnies.

Thom probably got the desired result in the way he outed this faker but he’s fully capable of figuring out whether this will be productive in the future. I’m petty sure more fakers will take that guy’s place very soon.


Yes Don I see YOur point, it’s hard not calling a fake especially when so few or no other Warriors see it… Sometimes some of Us get unique perspectives on individuals that no one else could but
I’ll try harder to refrain from outing them for a bit longer alright…,

What I have wanted to do is outline a CIA technique that I have already seen in at least 3 countries so far and I’m sure many more…. It goes like this …. It will be a company that is new within the last 5 years or an older established alternative therapies type business. That got bought out by THEM the CIA… . THEY sell everything health related…

Without naming names I wanted to buy some commercially made grounded sheets and it turns out there is only one large company out of California that sells them for an absorbent price and THEY have a network of dealers who also sell at exactly the same price… being I needed the sheet in Canada I had to buy the complete over priced set 4 times over! 4 EARTHING BOOKS,
4 ground testers, 4 grounding rods and wires, 4 continuity testers etc etc… Well as it turned out only one of the sheets was even wired properly along with many other problems …

Getting carried away here but anyways the lady on the phone in the Victoria store that was open that weekend was a real professional SALESWOMAN and She could tell that I was also doing lots of business as My Wife and I were sitting behind the till ringing up greenhouse sales steady… Was a very busy weekend and I was happy to find the sheets and have them shipped out and also ordered other things like conductive rubber car seat pads that remove static electricity from Your Body which is very beneficial in reducing fatigue over long haul trips… Works great btw!
Drove 19 hours straight with it last fall from Phuket city to Chiang Mai Thailand another yet to be reported massive gifting trip…

So She is asking Me if I need any of this or that and I said" I bet You that I sell something that You don’t have… Orgonite! She sais yes We sell Orgone pyramids, but She could not find the page on Her putter to tell Me about it… anyways I arranged to send a box of Our more beautiful Orgonite pyramid hhg’s to Her city which Captain Gerard also lives in so I mailed to Him and let Captain take them in on a prospective sales basis…. When Gerard took them in there was 5 or 6 People in the store and the general conseus was that they loved them! So Captain left the whole box with them to decide which pieces they wanted to keep for resale… 2 weeks later I get a phone call from the super SALESWOMAN saying that THEY had to return them all cause they were far inferior to what THEY already sold…

At this point I wanted to see a pic of THEIR ORGONE pyramids so I searched the whole huge site and found them… Now get this, these overpriced(150-200 $) 6 oz max all resin pyramids with a little nit noi(thai for little bit) bit of plastic copper colored glitter sprinkled in along with a nice huge dbl terminated quartz crystal…
it was plainly obvious WHO was behind this woman(CIA)…

There is another very interesting cliffhanger with similar circumstances, from the opposite end of the world, and this one involves a suspected AGENT who routinely promotes GEO-engineering CRAP… can’t say too much bout this one though cause I just promised to refrain from outing on eW anymore …

…. But the technique is the same health/organic living company that is selling products that are suppose to be good for You but in fact prove to be quite harmful… There is lots more to this tragedy but will have to wait for a bit…

Good job, Gare. That’s the way to out usurpers [Image Can Not Be Found]

By focusing on our own work reports, mainly (especially telling and possibly photographing before/after conditions) we can keep EW’s reputation clean and credible. This section of the forum is a good place to expose the techniques of the sewer rat agencies that are used to discredit orgonite by association.

I’m going through a similar challenge right now because one of the $#!+bird agencies evidently bought my server, wildblue.net. My email has been hacked and interrupted so often that I really need to abandon this freakshow for something more stable. I’m hoping to have a chance to visit Azti on this trip to see if I can arrange something with EW’s server to get my mail with less hacking.

Meanwhile I’m using mail2web again. When NSA-owed Earthlink destroyed all of my business emails and CIA’s Yahoo banned me from using the forums in May, 2002 it was an Earthlink employee who told me on the phone about mail2web. He was ‘unable’ to fix my email problem with Earthlink but evidently had a conscience, Mungu akijalia (thank God) [Image Can Not Be Found]

That happened within about twelve hours after I posted the very first report about how to flip the then-new death towers with simple orgonite. It took a couple of years before I managed to have my own forum (this one), with the kind help of Steeve Debellefuille in Montreal. Gare’s been posting reports since 2001, by the way. The vast majority of people who were posting in those days are no longer around but a lot of them are posting dribble on the faker forums. I think a few are actually still doing good work, strange to tell. Thanks for your constancy, Gare.

Don Bradley then told me that when he had applied for a job at Earthlink he noticed that they share a gated facility (with guard towers) with the NSA’s West Coast Hindquarters. How funny is that? The $#!+birds are as serious as a heart attack about wanting to control the web’s content in the absence of being able to control the web, itself. Hence the army of would-be orgonite trade usurpers, most of whom are ‘good salesmen’ as Gare noted.

The FBI made it impossible for DB to get employment after he got shot by an NSA sniper and divested of his wealth. he said they did it by making up a fake criminal record for him. I think it’s a lot harder (riskier in terms of expsure) for them to kill ordinary folks like us, thanks to the internet.

i still can’t get into any Yahoo forums, even though I’m registered in a couple of them about ultralight aircraft. I’m able to post though, by answering emails that are forum posts. I’ve occasionally been pushing for the efficient and painless (to us) elimination of the now-extraneous federal government, of course [Image Can Not Be Found] and the CIA evidently feel it’s not prudent to censor me. I think I get a hearing because it’s kind of obvious that the feds are murdering ultralight aviation pioneers in unexplainable plane crashes. They only injured one of them last fall after he published a couple of short stories about the uselessness and oppressiveness of the Federal Aviation Agency. That was the author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, whom Don Bradley had been close to in his youth. He was close to the author, not the bird. I’ll probably remember the author’s name later today.

The funny part, to me, is that the author was pimping Theosophy/Freemasonry with that book, which was published in the hippy era.