Whales Attracted to Dolphin Balls

My customer that had this experience wanted this posted in the Orgone Experiences Forum…

On receipt of the Dolphin Balls, I booked a whalewatching trip to the Gulf of Maine. Took 2 DB's in my pack, and something really remarkable happened. (As we headed back to Bar Harbor, the on-board naturalist was asked, what had been his most unique experience? "Today", he replied.)

A humpback came within 100’. I beamed him a yoohoo, and quietly dropped a DB over the side when no one was looking. Within a minute, this behemoth raised his huge head out of the water for a long look, then proceeded to all but dance, including emerging from the water, tail flukes-first, repeatedly, and cavorting round the boat, slapping his huge flipper, spouting, diving and carrying on. He was still at it when the sun was westering and we had to return to harbor.

A day of days. Thank you.

That’s a great one, thanks. The whales must be well pleased to know we are waking up.

Wasn’t this your site https://www.sylphs.org/ Wonder if anyone has done a slyph picture site?