Whales in London!

That’s right, I said ‘whales,’ not ‘werewolves.’

Here’s the link for the Dutch article, which has better pics of the pod of pilot whales than the Brit rags to. It even has a little video clip. Brit newspapers are on par with The National Enquirer and other bottom-feeding, CIA disinfo rags, in case you didn’t know.

I heard that the Brit ones say there was only one whale. Twits.


Would the generous person/people who gifted the Thames in that spot please contact me so we can give due credit?

Tonight, during the EW intel/blast session, we’ll look into why they showed up, though I’m quite sure it was at least partly to retrieve orgonite.

When the roughtooth dolphins showed up in Haifa Bay a year ago we found an H-bomb underwater there and off the coast of Egypt, both about to be detonated.

London is still the global capital of state-sponsored terrorism, of course.


I Tossed 11HHg’s into the Thames this weekend just passed, following Gonzo’s queue (although the run was already planned, it was a good pointer for where to focus the gifts).

Every little helps, and London needs alot more than a little help!