What a HHg can do

I’m going to post an e-mail that I sent to Don earlier, because he thinks I should, here it is:

Hi Don.

Here is something I want to share with you, and who ever. Just recently we had to have the electric meter changed. And so a man came in and changed it. And because I’m in the EW business, I’m obviously suspicious. I questioned him a lot about it (jokingly), i.e. did it have a radio frequency, camera or a microphone in it. He just laughed, but I checked it afterwards for energies. It was digital and gave out bad energies, so I put a HHg into the fuse-box, and after a little while I felt something extraordinary happening in the house. He had just given me the strongest SP or PW I’ve ever felt! And it doesn’t need batteries! How about that? Isn’t it wonderful how Orgone changes bad things into good!

OK, I’m gifting much more than I report though. Sometimes there are too many details to include, so better that I do it, than sitting by the computer trying to figure out how to explain it. At the moment I’m looking for anything “smelling of” HAARP. Found a lot of masts here and there and they have cameras and fenses too. Some of them are even on the map. Figure? Laughing

And I did the prison….the one with the curious “hill” next to it. I really think I was invisible with the SP, because I put in 3 EPs and buried a few HHg around the perimeter + a lot of TBs. My heart goes out to the people sitting on the inside. The whole township next to the prison seemed gloomy with their Christmas deco-stars hanging in the way of an upside-down pentagram….all the way through town! So I gifted the town too. I’ll go back and check later.

I’m off now……….gifting, it’s a lovely day out there.


Hi folks,

We had another lovely day, so I put on my brand new mountain-boots (they don’t look so new anymore Cool) to climb up to a mountain vortex full of towers and masts. Armed to the teeth with TBs, EPs and HHgs I started off.

Yesterday I saw the vortex overlooking a town with a stinking oil-refinery and the DOR was chokingly awful and brownish in colour. Just at the bottom of the mountain there were a lot of excavations going on, with heavy machinery and trucks with sealed containers going constantly to and froh. We asked some locals about it and they said that it was ordered by the Local Council’s Office, that the man who owned it had removed the soil illegally and now he had to put it back, but they (the Council) are going to pay for it and are using their own trucks!


Would YOU have believed that story, folks? I knew I had more work to do, there and then.

I made it across a river (that I never saw from the road) and fell into mud and cow-dung. But Hey! When you’re on a mission, little things like that don’t matter. What matters is that I managed to p$$$ somebody off with my Orgone. A dark helicopter circled overhead as soon as I made it back to the car, but apparently unable to see me (SP). It didn’t take more than approx. 45 mins for them to show up.

I will have to go back to that town later though. Living there would make you sick for sure.

Yes, gifting is a lot of fun when you hit the jack-pot.