What About Iron Oxide Any Advice?

hi ive been thinking of dyeing my orgonite with iron oxide, iron oxide is actually rust, it is made by speeding up the rusting process, im thinking, with it being such a tyny practical it could enhance the orgonite. has anyone any advice?

Hi I use it like pigment to colour the resin. It is very cheap and moreover is metal. Some radionics devices are made of that with resin too. Anyway I have just experience like pigment. Adding it to orgonite will bring more metal to it to a different density and probably with a diffeerent effect. Don said that Karl weiz recomended it for interactive devices. I used it also for a PW cannon a " la Georg Ritschl" and it is very strong.

hi Michele
thanks for the info i found a way to make it for free here is a link for anyone who is interested.
all the best colin