What is the difference between tower busters and hand grenades?

Hi may I know what is the difference between tower busters and hand grenades and the gold tipped ones? I am new to this and I am not sure of which ones to get and for what purposes

The field grade pieces are the most cost effective orgonite, so I would advise starting with those if you are unsure.

The field grade pieces can be used indoors. Its just they don’t include the extra materials that are more suited to use within personal space, that I include in the personal grade pieces (lemurian TBs and cones) - such as the felt bases to protect work surfaces, the double terminated lemurian crystals that are good for balancing energy between two chakras or two people, gold, or selenite.

The difference between the lemurian TBs and the cones are that the lemurian cone is larger than the TB, and has 7 double terminated lemurian crystals, including a record-keeper, instead of one.
The gold tipped cone is a further upgrade on the lemurian cone, as it has an orgonite matrix of gold at the tip, and includes selenite and 7 other gemstones: Lapis lazuli, Blue kyanite crystal, Chrysocolla, Malachite, Black tourmaline, Pyrite, and Russian shungite.

The priorities for placement inside the home are by the router, TV and the boiler, and any other wireless transmitters.

After this, its good to place a piece by the bedside, and in areas where people congregate or spend most of their time.
By the fuseboard, where the water enters the property, and as close to the corners of the property as possible, window sills, and by any other electrical equipment are other good spots for placing orgonite.
Field grade pieces can be placed outside at the perimeter of the grounds and at the perimeter of the property, and can be buried if needed.

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