What is the difference between tower busters and hand grenades?

Hi may I know what is the difference between tower busters and hand grenades and the gold tipped ones? I am new to this and I am not sure of which ones to get and for what purposes

The field grade pieces are the most cost effective orgonite, so I would advise starting with those if you are unsure.

The field grade pieces can be used indoors. Its just they don’t include the extra materials that are more suited to use within personal space, that I include in the personal grade pieces (lemurian TBs and cones) - such as the felt bases to protect work surfaces, the double terminated lemurian crystals that are good for balancing energy between two chakras or two people, gold, or selenite.

The difference between the lemurian TBs and the cones are that the lemurian cone is larger than the TB, and has 7 double terminated lemurian crystals, including a record-keeper, instead of one.
The gold tipped cone is a further upgrade on the lemurian cone, as it has an orgonite matrix of gold at the tip, and includes selenite and 7 other gemstones: Lapis lazuli, Blue kyanite crystal, Chrysocolla, Malachite, Black tourmaline, Pyrite, and Russian shungite.

The priorities for placement inside the home are by the router, TV and the boiler, and any other wireless transmitters.

After this, its good to place a piece by the bedside, and in areas where people congregate or spend most of their time.
By the fuseboard, where the water enters the property, and as close to the corners of the property as possible, window sills, and by any other electrical equipment are other good spots for placing orgonite.
Field grade pieces can be placed outside at the perimeter of the grounds and at the perimeter of the property, and can be buried if needed.

I made some TB, some 200 gr and two near 500 gr.
I observe them for some months and how they interact with environment.
I put them on the soil on our garden and also in another remote place far from the pollution of the city.
I read the forums but the only things I see, is they make the clouds to disappear. they do this to all types of clouds, less raining. don’t they cause more raining in other forums. so why is that?

What materials did you use to make the TBs?
TBs in general turn negative orgone into positive orgone, and their change is most noticeable in areas where there is electrical equipment or other sources of negative orgone.
TBs alone generally don’t have a big impact on rainfall, though when intelligently placed in certain areas they can have a knock-on effect. This is generally more noticeable in areas of extreme drought or extreme rain, and the effect generally is to bring this into equilibrium.
The effect of less rain you’re observing may just be coincidental, its worthwhile monitoring and reporting back.

Thanks for your reply and sorry for delayed reply.
I used aluminum shreds, flat shreds, 50+50. I followed kelly, croft.
kelly in his diary, talked about negative and positive beings. just like rainy days which many people feel depresses and negative and have no energy, but the earth need rain , people need rain, so can this gloomy day or full of rain would be bad. like many said it is just one thing but with many names. yin yang south north negative positive. doesn’t we need negative energy?
I know about equilibrium but we say this that TB convert negative to positive and when it does where it needed but if thinks this way why we cannot think there is a need for another device to convert positive to negative and say when it does where it needed ( srry for bad writing, I wish you get what I mean). I think there is a bad negative and good negative like everything in this world like humans, but we treat both the same. no coincidence. I think the way the Wilhelm R’s assistant said about this to Mr Croft is not wrong when Mr croft wanted to see the museum and the problem is that it cannot distinguish between good and evil. maybe I just think too much. lol

Hi Mr Adam
at first I must say, I don’t know exactly which one is male or female and their title like Mr,Ms or…, so please put it base on your knowledge.
I want speak about positive and negative energy.
First Magnet
north pole of magnet base on science and eastern thinking is yin.
south pole again base on science and eastern thinking is yang.
we know yin is negative.
we know yang is positive.
again we know magnetic line’s direction for earth is from south pole ( Antarctica)
to north pole (Arctic).
then why magnetic line for magnet is from north to south? this is against above information. (the direction must be from positive to negative)
and second part
base on this link (Laozu Kelly, a gifted energy sensitive who advanced our understanding of orgone and orgonite - #7 by laozu) from dear Laozu Kelly
Reichenbach found that POR, or negative od, is associated with the north pole of a magnet - and that DOR, or positive od, is associated with the south pole of a magnet.
In the sequel we shall usually refer to Reich’s POR and Reichenbach’s negative od as yang and Reich’s DOR and Reichenbach’s positive od as yin.
It relates yang to north pole of magnet.
again from the link:
That with the sha qi is stronger. But if the south pole of a strong magnet is placed on the sha qi spot, the sheng qi spot becomes stronger.
it relate sheng qi (yang) to south pole of magnet.
I am at the same time confused and not confused.

please, any knowledgeable person can answer it.

tower busters are about the size of hockey pucks. we made them ourselves in regular-size metal muffin tins. A holy hand grenade is the size of a gimlet or martini glass, made the same way. HHG has more power than a tb. Earth pipes are about 12" long metal pipes, sealed at one end, filled with resin and metal matrix and good sized single terminated quartz crystal. those get pounded into the ground for underground boogeries. a power wand is in a 4 inch diameter copper tube, matrix, big qtz crystal sticking up out of matrix, and it’s wired like the zappers are to really boost org energy. I always take one when going out gifting, or when psychic attacks are going on (like today). there are more tricks I use to keep the boogers off my back when going out. Somebody posted earlier about a beauty of a cloud buster they launched into one of the Great Lakes. that one was huge! we made much smaller version- wards off lightning strikes, tornadoes on top of you, and can bring needed rain if you put container of water on top and call to the cloud spirits and sylphs. (I used to live on Apache Reservation, and could “hear” when the Hopis were calling the rain