What the heck is that Big Ugly Thing!

I’ve always been an advocate for using towerbusters in as many locations as necessary due to their ability to neutralize cell towers, the fact that their easy to hide, and they are super economical. Every now and then I decide to gift a place that is difficult to get within a quarter of a mile so I make a larger device with lots of crystals, copper coils, magnets, etc. that will not draw any attention.


This object has plants imbedded into the top portion giving the impression of an old flower pot with several unattractive plants that managed to grow in it.

Most people would not be inclined to to investigate something that looked like this especially the average elitist thug.


Hey Louis. Your thing looks interesting. Can you give more detailed information about what it has eaten?
Remember to write about the experiences after gifting

louis, i dig your hidden in plain sight type device. my son calls that gilley-izing, after the cloth weed covered suits the armymen wear. one time i screwed some dead branches and a dead palmetto leaf to a big hhg i had to put in the woods next to space wing 49 in my town. 49 is a signal corps underground base that is very close to my house.

i see in the sat images of alfonzo that haarp still works in tallahassee. maybe we can meet there this summer, since it is about halfway 'tween you and me.

Pekka: My hopes are that I got it close enough to a REXNAD weatherball in Mississippi for a lunch entree, time will tell.

Jackson: I think it’s a great idea for us to meet up this summer so we can discuss strategies, etc. I’ve finally learned how to shellack the attacking bad guys with precision each time, and I have you to thank for my progress. It feels wonderful to be able to take the next step up as an etheric warrior and understand much more about the true significance of our life’s mission.