What to do with my last 10 towerbusters in Singapore?

Hi Don,

Do you know of any important places in Singapore to gift with 10+ TBs remaining?

Also, I’m not sure if CBs have been built here before, but have made 2 in the last few weeks (substituting shavings with aluminium foil).

Thanks in advance, and hope you find this useful.



Thanks, **. There are several CBs there and once in awhile someone has done a lot of systematic gifting. If you ever have a sense that the energy of a place is bad it’s a good signal to drop some orgonite there. The main use of a CB is to balance local weather for a radius of around 20km or so. When there were just a few of these in early 2001 we could see round, persistent ‘soft’ rainstorms on satellite weather images in drought areas where a CB had been set up . Disabling the chemtrail agenda with thousands of people’s homebuilt orgonite cloudbusters before 2003 was a side benefit, in my opinion.

Flipping the death towers is only the first phase of this process, in my opinion. After that the focus might be gifting rotten institutions, of which there are plenty where you live, since it seems to be a massive Brit/Venetian mind control experimental lab.

Polluted water is another good place to put orgonite and there are a lot of canals in Singapore, right? This often produces some wonderful observable confirmations within a few days or less. My wife was gifting in Venice this week and the photos show that the water in the canals is now clean, unlike before. Historically, the population of Venice was kept constant by hordes of new arrivals on account of the frequent plagues and constant malaria generated by the water in the canals. There has been a lot of gifting there and she was doing some specialized work, related to her ongoing ‘cultural gifting’ work in Southern France.

I also like to compare films made now in places like LA, New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, etc. compared to films made before anyone distributed orgonite there. The atmosphere is generally very clear in the newer films–no smog. Bodies of water in those films are also cleaner, generally. Films made in China still show a lot of pollution in the cities but that may improve before long after the Chinese gov’t stops suppressing this info there.


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