What's Happening?

Some folks may be wondering why we are not doing as many posts as we were a year ago. Are we still gifting as much? Well the answer is 110% to the affirmative! We are actually gifting quite a bit more, it’s just things are getting more and more serious day by day. The powers that be are doing everything in their power to prove out their weather control and death tower network and thwart our efforts. We have been gifting on a daily basis and yesterday I had “charley horses” in both legs and arms that went on for many hours before subsiding due to the many mile hikes I take every week. The work will continue as long as my ticker allows it to. The good news is I think I am immune to the psychic attacks they launch and I think it proves they are running out of options by not trying anything new on us. Keep cranking out those TBs it’s can only get better, wait and see!

No worries mate.


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