Where all roads lead

(Ceed) #1


Back in January you wrote up our dealings with Iran/Israel on a chatblast. You said:

"German research journalists have documented the takeover of all mideastern countries’ secret police organizations by SS officers after WWII by the way, and Operation Paperclip incriminated every major gov’t and the Vatican, too. "

I want to emphasize the Vatican. Not just the “Vatican too”, but this operation was the Vatican ratlines which developed into drug running, money laundering, rotten influence of our CIA and a worldwide network of coordinated secret services intelligence.

I don’t know the protocol but I’d like to see a group effort blasting the jesuits. I have been blasting Klovenbach off and on for 2 weeks now, but the synergistic strength of a group and help of psychics to target will be invaluable.
These rascals play deep. They have practice since the Council of Trent. They have successfully diverted attention at this time, but have a track record of being kicked out of France and other countries once their shenanigans are disclosed.

My initial response to them is intense dislike. I’d like to sublimate that emotion and avoid a backlash. I’m casting the Black pope, Klovenbach, as Father Guido Sarducci. I’d like to see him in his absolute authoritarian position, make all future decision basackwards.
" I think,.(exclusively)…therefore I screw up."
With access to only low level chakras this miserable misrepresentation of a human has no sense of the heart and leaps into his head where he has failure after failure. As a matter of fact being absolute, he has absolute failure.

Let’s keep him around for awhile. As the old saw goes, " the devil that you know is better than the devil you don’t know."


(jackson) #2

hi ceed, this is jeff from the chatblasts… you are right on the money with this chacacter. so on the monet indeed that this group has been blasting his sorry a$$ for about a year now. his name is clovenhoof for fun and he has been reduced to ashes many times. it is generally thought he is quite diminished by now due to our ministrations. meybe we should look again, since you are bringing this to light. mention it tonight and see what the others say. jrff mckinley

(Ceed) #3

Last week on the chatblast (Feb. 11) we focused on Klovenbach- the Jesuit primate- at the begining of the session.
This week I saw two separate references to Klovenbach within news on the net. Both articles stated that Klovenbach has just announced he will retire in two years at the age of 80. I sincerely hope we can offer him further incentives to make an even earlier retirement


(bmosley) #4

I have had to deal with a trained jesuit for the last 6 years. He openly told me he was trained as a child to astral travel. It took me 3 years of gifting and open ethric battling to shake him off my back.These catholic cowboys know no rules, they have never been confronted till now. If I can do it, anyone can.

I always liked Father Guido


(Ceed) #5

" Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, the head of the Vatican bank before a massive banking scandal forced him out in 1989, has died of natural causes, a spokeswoman for the Phoenix Catholic Diocese said. After being dismissed from his important Vatican responsibilities, Marcinkus, 84, retired to Phoenix, but remained active in the Church, limiting his activities to saying Mass and other routine services. Marcinkus was found dead at his Sun City home, a suburb of Phoenix, on Monday evening, said Mary Jo West, a spokeswoman for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix."

The way i was raised I was taught that one ought to say something good about the deceased.

Well he’s dead and that’s good.