Where are the intelligent discussions about chemtrails?

Everything I’ve seen on the web is unadulterated NSA/CIA horse$#!+ in the Chicken Little mold, as you can see. When these ‘experts’ (fakers) babble about Tesla tech, ‘monopole,’ ‘scalar,’ ad nauseum it just makes me sleepy, though there’s no doubt that the weather and social manipulation that is enabled by the new death towers and weather weaponry employs various subtle energy, electronic and even psi components–a wide variety of each, no doubt.

I’ve asked Engineer Gene, who is one of the psychics in the chats, to eventually post his observations. He’s been under attack pretty steadily for six months or so but is getting his head above water, now. We’ve got an ongoing conversation about what happens when orgonite effects the atmosphere and you might be interested in some comments he sent me in email a couple of days ago:


Yeah, all those gee whiz, lookey here what I done type of pics [before/after sky photos from gifters, showing only the sky straight above, not the horizon, where the smog has disappeared. ~Don] has been bugging me for a while – like how they do a before and after miracle wrinkle remover add. Look closely at the before – plain jane, no cosmetics, poor lighting – everything to make her look like something the dog dragged in and notice she’s NEVER smiling – kind of glum looking (hey, if I looked like that so would I – hehe) but then look at the after – eyes up, smiling, wearing cosmetics different, better, more cheery clothes,… – look at the amazing transformation this product had. WRONG! Camera/advertising trickery. Show before AND after in exactly the same settings and I bet no one would buy the product (hehe).

I think this lends more towards the “be observant, not amazed” stance no one seems to have. Unless you hold all parameters constant except the one you’re observing, its not scientific and you can’t draw any good conclusions. Here you can – slyphs vs. haze – sure but it doesn’t show what’s really happening. Slyphs are an indicator, not an effect. The effect is the thin layer of grunge in the atmosphere disappearing. The slyphs just let you know something very positive happened. With a little luck,…

I had exactly the same idea about chemtrails. It seems that when they’re doing it the most around here is always a day or two BEFORE a storm I suspect someone ordered (wink). I was beginning to think that, though there’s probably other reasons for chemtrails, maybe they have different “mixes” they use for different purposes and the one they use before storms provides some kind of “conductive” cloud cover that helps the HAARP do its thing. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

I have noticed that the type of chemtrails they use before storms seems to leave a fine haze in the upper atmosphere where at other times, the stuff just gets swept away by the slyphs. Suspicious. I also have a suspicion that there’s much more than just microwave heating in the upper atmosphere involved in weather control. One time not too long ago when I was watching that dish array during a VERY windy storm, I swear I saw a 3d matrix of energy being played out of it like a movie (very complex and intricate though) and the thought that crossed my mind immediately was that perhaps what they’re doing is (and this probably has to be radionics) playing a stick-figure movie (in energy) of what they want which superimposes their desire on the ether and because of how they’re doing it, the ether has no choice but to fill in the blanks and give them what they want. What really shocked me is that I then drove over to the bay and parked for a while where the wind was fierce and affecting the surface of the water. Holy shit! The interference pattern I saw on the water’s surface being caused by the wind was identical to what I saw coming out of those dishes. I also think there’s a ground-wave involved in weather control which might be what those short towers that only seem to have a stick or T type antenna on the sides are for. Sure its probably possible to cause rain or wind or something with a little microwave atmospheric heating but in orchestrating an entire storm, there’s gotta be a lot more to it and it has to be changing as time moves forward to keep the storm doing what you want. Atmospheric heating would move too slowly to control all the parameters you need to control. It has to be something else.

Then I read a post with a link on EW I believe you posted from some guy I can’t recall right now who was talking about monopolar energy and lots of other stuff and it sounded exactly like what I was seeing. This definitely deserves more thought – once I get some other things out of the way and start to get my life back into better shape.

Regardless how long I’ve been an engineer stuff still fascinates me and there’s never a dull moment.

There has been a site I’ve wanted to gift for a while but the weather hasn’t been cooperating (need to walk around the place inconspicuously). Its a watery park that looks almost like the everglades maybe 10 miles North of me. What struck me as very odd when I was looking around with Google Earth for towers and water towers to gift (great surveillance photos -hehe) is that there’s some kind of complex there – not sure the purpose that has a hexagonal concrete looking easement into what looks like a manmade lake (in the middle of a park that’s more water than not?). Suspicious nonetheless. Hidden in the trees maybe 100 yards to the left of this is a second “lake” though the photo’s aren’t good enough to see what its all about though it kind-of looks like that area has a gate and maybe a guard house. Why? Its almost like a tiny peninsula surrounded on all sides by water – just lots of trees with a lake or pond there. Not sure if its an underground nuke but if not, what? Betcha there’s underwater HAARP stuff there. Here’s why I’m thinking there might be. Soon after I started gifting, the operators started to feed me visions of places they needed hit. I saw a side of a hill and a marina and could not figure out where it was. Took me months and then it dawned on me. Guess what’s on the other side of the Garden State Parkway from where that park is with that funny manmade lake? Yup, a marina with the side of the hill I saw in my vision. Coincidence? Absolutely not, especially since one of the views of it I got was from my being in the marina looking back over the road I couldn’t figure out (the parkway) – would have to be hovering over the area to get that view – hehe – I probably was! The operators want me to hit that place and I’m sure the marina as well. Tough place to get to though.

To get that lake in the gated section I’m going to need to build an orgo-pult or something (hehe). I have an idea how to build a poor-mans spud gun that’s people powered – like a sling-shot of sorts inside a piece of PVC plumbing pipe TB’s fit in. Once I get around to doing this, if it works, maybe we can have our first construction project on EW – which will probably get me beaten up again, sigh (hehe).

See you in chat tomorrow.

Take care,