Where Dreams can Lead: 12/31/06

[Don, here, typing as Stevo dictates:]

Carol had the dream that led us to the apparent true spelling for the top sewer rat agency, ’ Vryal.’

The psychics all looked at the ‘Symbol of the Enemy,’ http://www.ethericwarriors.com/main/ind … opic&t=380 and married the word, ‘Vryal’ to it after trying three different spellings: Vril, Vryl and Vryal.

The psychic saw the image of the serpent/dragon fly into a rage when the ‘vryal’ spelling was used.

A power word must apprently be correctly spelled and pronounced in order to be used effectively. We then followed the word on an energetic level to find how the world odor creeps are able to divert karma so that they can be predators without having consequences.

This led to a hierarchy of dark masters in China/Gobi. Jeff and STevo created a large, parabolic mirror to reflect their deflected ‘payback’ energy back to the sources. Stevo saw the energy as purely chaotic. Based on quantum physics, it’s known that the more chaotic an energy source is in the beginning of a process, the more ordered the results will be. It apparently makes no difference who was generating this deflected energy/karma because each one is getting back the same that they sent out.

This is when the thirty-foot tall draconian showed up, enraged at us. Apparently he was an emissary from the draconian home planet in the Sirius B system to the dark masters.

Big Blue [Stevo’s blue whale friend] showed up, then, to help Stevo coordinate the dodecking process on the big draco and then six other whales showed up, focusing love frequencies (three above, three below) on the double dodec with counter rotating fields, around the draco.

Then we looked for the drac’s handler, which led to Sirus B’s draco planet where he found a chamber with 13 dracs, in council. The primary one was also a 30 footer. Big Blue and twelve more whales assisted while he dodecked the council chambers, then individually dodecked each member. Each drac got nine concentric counter-rotating dodecahedrons, which Stevo filled with salt water. He then made a sword of pure love frequency and impaled the heart of each improsoned draco.

In the centter of the chamber, on a pedestal was a book which was apparently a form of contract in which the dracos were given parasitic dominion over our planet. He double dodecked the book & with Big Blue’s help, infused it with present time energy, then filled them with spinning salt water and the document dissolved, ending the contract.

Dooney had been working on the periphery, forcing her way through a wormhole from
Gobi to that planet, then showed up and saw the dead dracos in teh chamber. All of us had just spent what seemed like 25 minutes, not talking, focusing our energy to help the process.

Carol, Dooney, Stevo, Jeff and I did this in our kitchen after the chat session today, actually.

Happy New Year

It’s usually impossible to know where a particular strategy will lead, especially when gifters and/or chatblasters get together in 3D to pool efforts and intel.

On Monday, the day after the session mentioned in the previous post, Carol came under attack and since Dooney and STevo were having breakfast with us at the time we got right onto a defensive theme and found the Rosicrucians in nearby Spokane directing energy at Carol during their annual Jan 1 ritual, which is performed to set the theme for the following year.

Carol personally knows several of those folks, who had gotten readings from her every year before she and I got together, then sporadically since then. I met a couple of them after that.

The anchor guy in the ritual is apparently the head of the masonic temple in Spokane and is a hundred years old or more and looks like he’s in his 70s. His wife and another gal were running the show, though. When Dooney and Stevo described these characters to Carol she told us their names.

It actually took longer to ‘do’ them than it did to do the draco council mentioned in the post, above, but we suspect that this is because the Rosicrucian/masonic ritual was aimed at Carol but we showed up, unexpected, in the draconian chamber the day before.

Carol very recently got grilled by someone in the local newage bookstore and that gal was apprently acting on orders from one of the women mentioned above. Carol didn’t take the bait, though, and when she began asking personal, innocuous questions the other one clammed up fast, so she knew something was up. I think Carol feels a little bit betrayed by the gal who conducted yesterday’s satanic ritual. She had pretended to be her friend for many years. Danion Brinkley stayed at her condo when he came to Spokane to give a talk in August, 2001, and he made no bones about what a control freak she is, though he did it in a nice way when she introduced him on stage. We can learn an awful lot by observing that amazing man.

Dooney mentioned in the beginning that the gal considers herself a ‘white witch,’ and I suspect that most of the psychics who do the dirty work for the world odor don’t think of themselves as bad at all. That sort of endemic schizophrenia is the heart of the newage movement, of course. Carol said that Rosicrucian rituals are mainly Wiccan. It’s also the heart of the fundamentalist religion movement (all of them) in which clergy perform satanic rituals on Saturday nights, then preach salvation in the same place the next morning. This is well documented, especially among Bible Belt no-name and even mainline churces. For that matter, if you enter Manchester, New Hampshire’s Catholic cathedral you’re greeted by a larger-than-life stone statue of ‘Satan.’ ~no kidding, but that’s pretty isolated and is/was a gift of the local bishop. I personally know another Catholic bishop who promotes and sponsors gifting on a national scale and risked his life for it.

The Rosicrucians (Red Cross, an international espionage agency for the world odor, is tied to them and to Scottish Rite masonry) get their juice from the Vryal, who get their juice from the dracos. Scottish Rite is also apparently tied directly to the draconians, hence their infantile Baphomet silliness.

Today, Jeff, Carol and I will meet Dooney and STevo at Flathead Lake in Montana so that we can disable a big weatherball on a mountain, west of the lake, and also gift the vicinity of the Rothschild estate on the other side of that mountain.

We’ll be using up a monthly allotment of 100 TBs from Orgonite4U, by the way

It struck me, yesterday, that today’s effort may tie directly into several gifting and blasting efforts in a sequential fashion (including the Swiss crew’s wonderful achievement around Lake Geneva and Rich’s orgonite smackdown on New Year’s Eve in the heart of London). We’re just following our hunches and getting a glimpse of some exquisite timing, if I"m correct. I love this feeling and the attacks against us all from the world odor are getting weaker and less frequent by now, so we’re apparently on the right track. I assume that the masses of other activists around the world who are besieged by the sewer rats are also experiencing more freedom and relief .

Of course the upshot of all these efforts is that when we perform the deeds it leads directly to a sweeter, more hopeful and productive life for the human specie so it’s not essentially ‘negative.’ The curative process mustn’t be neglected and that involves raw aggression, every time. Thank God, it doesn’t involve bloodshed in this case. 3D violence sickens most of us, even though we enjoy hunting in the etheric realm.


What a great way to start out the year!

I wish I could have been there to help you guys. Sounds like it was an absolute blast! (pun intended<img alt=“Cool” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif” border=“0” />)


Dooney and STevo are here this weekend–it seems there’s just too much work to do for just the chat sessions for now. Dooney had a lucid dream about Wyrdun, which is similar to Carol’s dream about Vryal and perhaps a ‘companion’ to the first one, indicating an ancient, hidden target location where rituals are performed. We’re going to explore that.


Looks like just the sort of place the Vryal would use for rituals.

We didn’t get to Verdun last weekend but will have a couple of chat sessions, today and tomorrow, during which we’ll go there and see if we can do any damage to the sewer rat nest, if it’s there [Image Can Not Be Found]


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