Where we're at in Southern Africa

Johannesburg, 27 February 2007

I have been musing about 3 outstanding expedition reports, (Lesotho, Cape Town and the North-Western Free State) trying to get together a good story, but somehow it did not want to come out. I think there is a reason for that.

I think what’s needed at the moment is not more expedition reports but a reflection of the bigger picture.

An assessment of the status quo so to say.

We have been gifting the subcontinent of Southern Africa now for over 4 years and the question that should be asked is “Has it been a success” or “was it worth the effort”

While expedition reports often demonstrate the immediate effects of gifting orgonite, such as the clearing of chemtrails or HAARP whiteouts or the immediate release of rainfall that was suspended by HAARP interference, I want to look at larger scale changes that can possibly be observed.

It is a fact that the great droughts that were predicted (planned) for 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 did not happen, at least not on the scale that was predicted (planned) with 10 million dead from Starvation in Zambia, Zimbabwe etc. predicted (planned) in 2003/2004.

As a matter of mental gymnastics, just replace the word “predicted” with “planned” and you get a different, very intersesting angle on what’s going on.

Not only have tose predicted(planned) droughts been averted, but rainfall in the last 2 years has been so significantly higher in South Africa than usual that the car insurance companies just recently used it as an excuse for their recent exorbitant rate hikes. (Drivers are not used to driving in downpours and make more accidents, so the story goes)

Of course it is difficult to prove that “we stopped the droughts”. It is something we think we “know” because we’ve done it. But to an outside observer who has not been on these expeditions and has not sensed the change happening as it occurred it will be difficult to verify this.

Weather changes all the time and for someone who has not been involved, it will be difficult to see the relation between the gifting and the occurrence of those lovely cumulus clouds, the increased rainfall and generally invigorated plant growth.

To a certain extent we can rely on official weather statistics to demonstrate lasting improvement, but in the African countries outside South Africa the information is hard to come by. There are certainly no easily accessible websites to go and just look up monthly rainfall figures for each province.

So, apart from the immediate results that we observed on our past expeditions and which are quite well documented, revisiting paces that were previously gufted is a good indicator if things are working or not.These re-visits become especially valuable when they are at the same time of the year, a year or two later.

The first time we had this confirmation was when we visited the Kruger Park Game reserve exactly a year after gifting the whole area from Nelspruit up to Tzaneen in December 2002 see https://www.orgonise-africa.net/category.aspx?categoryID=38

and found that what had been a dying bush, dusty with plants looking skeletal and dead was lush and green, criss-crossed by gurgling little water streams exactly a year later.

Similar impressions we got when re-visiting the Kalahari around Kimberley, the area around Matatiele at the Kwa Zulu Natal / Eastern Cape border.

Another spot where I felt this transformation very strongly was the wider area around the Great Zimbabwe Monument in Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe.

When I went to Cape Town end of January, we felt that the atmosphere was generally very lively and lots of sylphs were visible in the sky.

It is not possible to list all the areas where we received personal feedback from local residents, often years later, how overall appearance and rainfall patterns have improved after we gifted the area.

The general feedback ist that the rainfall situation in Southern Africa has improved quite substantially. (See https://www.orgonise-africa.net/category.aspx?categoryID=121"

What’s even more stunning: We don’t see chemtrails any more!

Those of You who live in Central or Western Europe or North America, might consider emigrating to South Africa if you can’t wait for the bad boys to stop spraying gunk over your head.

And believe me we had them, never as bad and ubiquitous as in those heartlands of the New World Order, but we had them too.

We do still get the odd HAARP-whiteout, but what has also completely dissapeared are the large scale herringbone patterns that I loved to point out to PJ people so much when they would not believe in Weather Warfare as a fact. It may be that the whole Nonsense will dissapear without 99.7% of the population ever having realised that it existed for a brief time in human history. Wouldn’t that be fun?

But all is not well yet. In this month of February 2007 we have suddenly experienced drought and heat conditions in Gauteng (The Johannesburg -/Pretoria area) and the Northern Free State.

That has tumbled me into a light depression, because I tend to take the weather over Souther Africa as my personal responsibility.

In the Northern Free State this condition has already started in January. The area most affected is farmland, mostly maize, and considered very important for the food production in South Africa. The agricultural heartland.

We went down there 2 weeks ago in order to alleviate the worst crisis, but so far success has been wanting. We got some immediate rain after putting up a CB near Theunissen and distributing some 300 TBs over a wider area, but the large scale weather pattern has not changed. Part of the problem area is the Welkom-/ Virgina mining hotspot, with South Africas presently most productive and deepest gold mines (up to 4000m deep).

It goes without saying that we pierced the ground with earth pipes, particularly close to the mine shafts

Interesting in this context is that a lot of rain comes down in a belt ranging from Mozambique, via Malawi, Zambia, Northern Zimbawe into Angola.

With the exception of Angola, these are the countries we gifted on our aborted Great Africa Safari in July 2006. see https://www.orgonise-africa.net/category.aspx?categoryID=133

Now I think this needs some closer looking at:

Malawi was already being built up for years as a potential candidate for some major food crisis due to drought. Since we injected the country with 4 CBs and some 1200 TBs via the traditional healer network in August 2006, rains started punctually in October and were very nice throughout the planting season (October-March) so far.

The other province from where “flooding” is reported is Tete Province in Mozambique.

Now that one is a special case.

Tete, the provicial capital, had the darkest energy I have ever felt in a place, by far.

There were 2 large underground bases, 1 direectly under the town, an enormous UN-presence and a fair shar of scarred burnt out ruins still from the 20 year civil war that devastated Mozzambique after it’s independence. If it rains there, I’ll definitely book tht as successful environmental healing.

Present abundant rainfall is causing seasonal flooding to which most of the people in the area are used and habitually migrate to higher lying ground in the rainy season.

This year the rains were a bit early and a bit more than usual.

It looks to me like people who did not even need help, were herded in “evacuation camps” in order to create the worldwide impression of a repetition of the flood catastrophy in Mozambique in the year 2000.

An interesting aside here: I have heard from well informed sources that the US military is planning a major (above ground) base in that area and sees the current “flooding crisis” as a good chance to increase it’s presence under the cover of humanitarian aid.

(They always wanna be seen as the good guys, heh?) Funny if they had used their offshore naval resource to produce the crisi in the first place.

It must also be taken into account that degradation of natural habitats through overgrazing and erosion diminishes the natural rain retention capacity of the land, so abundant rainfalls that should be greated with joy in drought stricken areas are turning into a problem immediately, like in the Western Cape in Easter 2005. see https://www.orgonise-africa.net/category.aspx?categoryID=75 when a bridge of the main highway N2 got washed away after we turned the drought stricken Western Cape into a water paradise with just a few hunded TBs and an additional CB.

A tropical Cyclone called “Flavio” that was manufactured somewhere south of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean and of which much destruction was predicted (planned) petered out, shamefully downgraded to the category “tropical storm”, when it hit our orgone barrier in Vilanculos, Mozambique.

But it looks like the weather controllers have come up with a new trick and I’m quite sure it’s not based on the African mainland.

The psychics on EW identified the widespread HAARP arrays on the seabed around Africa as the main remaining obstacle and if that’s the remaining powerbase of the darkside weathermakers, it would not be astnishing why it has been so difficult for me to get on a ship and complete the planned necklace of orgonite around Southern Africa from Durban to Walvis Bay. see https://www.orgonise-africa.net/category.aspx?categoryID=119

Just to recapititulate:

The trade ship owned by friends that was supposed to distribute orgonite from Walvis Bay in Namibia to the Congo mouth sank after it hit an underground obstacle. (are torpedoes obstacles or was it really just a floating container?) Luckily all crew got into the inflatable rescue island and survived.

The sailing trip I wanted to do with a private yacht owner from Durban to Cape Town was cancelled after I had already invesed considerable time and money in liaising with the guy.

The cruise we then booked from Durban to Walvis Bay via Cape Town was cancelled after we had fully paid and the ship retracted from South African waters for alleged overhaul in dry dock in Italy, after it had just been comissioned to run here.

Of course it can all be coincidental…

So it looks like the sea is the next frontier for gifting, apart from some mopping up work in areas we didn’t yet get around to doing. That will eventually get done, but it’s not a great priority at this time.

A happy recent development is the emergence of some serious orgone gifters in the Western Cape, mostly the larger Cape Town metro area.

Before, I had only a few clients who would buy a CB, a few TBs and HHGs but never venture much beyond their direct neighbourhood. I have often wondered why it took so long for this to develop in South Africa, but here it is:

Yippie, together we can do so much more!

OK, that’s it for today



An update on the situation:

After a very dry february and beginning of march we are getting nice rains now. For some farming areas that may be too late however and it is feared that many crops are badly damaged.

The good news:

Zambia and Malawi are set to outperform South Africa as net exporters of Maize! So maybe that’s the secret intention, if there is a benevolent consciousness guiding some of these events:

To create some real prosperity in our neighbouring countries up north.

The price hikes in agricultral products due to the drought and lower yields in South Africa will even increase the flow of money to Malawi and Zambia, while South Africa can handle the problem with increased imports without anyone really having to starve…

The recent very good rains in Zambia and Malawi strangely coincide with us having gifted both countries last year.

When I brough up the freak drought in South Africa in our Chat here, the psychics fealt that the interference was coming from underwater bases in the surrounding oceans as the subcontinent has been quite well gifted on land. It was strange in that draught that at the same time we had flooding in Northern Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia and the greatest heat wave and absence of rain for 6 weeks in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

It looked like an energetic barrier had been built up approximately following the great Zambezi River that runs from Angola, through Zambia/Zimbabwe, than MOzambique and into the Indian Ocean. A particular spot of attention is the Kariba Dam, a giant artificial lake between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

According to credo Mutwa the Dam has been cursed since its incetion because it was a holy place that has been desecrated by building the dam and forcefully removing the eople who lived there and were accomplished healers and worthy custodians of the place.

I want to elaborate further on this soon.

This will have to be our next great target then together with intensified sea gifting.