Who Can Earhpipe Fermilab Near Chicago?

Most of Saturday’s chat session was devoted to interfering with the big underground cyclotron (?) at Fermilab, outside of Chicago. Dooney’s recommending that someone stick 21 earthpipes in teh ground around the circumfrence of that weapon in order to do what the Swiss and Austrian gifters did to CERN last fall because this is apparently supposed to take CERN’s place. The psychics tracked it down as the main source of some of the time anomalies that many people have been reporting since last month. It’s apparently related to teh Philadelphia Experiment.

Here’s how to get to that $#!+hole:



In today’s chat we were looking, once again, at Chicago and the nearby Fermilab connection. Prior to the chat I had come across a news blurb that had John Bolton, former UN Ambassador for the US, “joking” about the benefits (in lessons learned) if Chicago were to experience a nuclear detonation. He was speaking at CPAC in Washington, DC (I’m learning to pay attention when energy is “highlighted” for me on something like a web article, etc) :

http://www.motherjones.com/mojo/2009/02 … ng-chicago

As Don has said, this isn’t the first time Chicago and potential nuclear detonation risks have come up, but, in connection with the Fermilab activities that caught our attention last week, it seemed that the “energy” remained on ferreting out any questionable activities around this locale. There seemed to be a definite attempt to cover up/“fog” up the energy around this but the group focus moved through that and it was great to see the energy on this outcome (timeline) dissipate.


I received the following email from a gifter in the Chicago area who has gifted the Fermilab site. We looked at the site in the chat today and felt that the energy has changed substantially, for the good.

Laura, My response to Dons request to gift peripheral aspects of Fermi lab was prompt but I assure all that the Gods and Operators had all prepped out and arranged ahead of time. My name Allen and have been gifting with varying intensity after learning about chemtrails thru Jeff Rense show after 911 then been following Don & Carol’s adventures since then started with towerbusting, built CBs, got upset about orchestrated droughts and have last 4 years been able to gift weather balls/ local dopplers/ towers in 11 states but am certainly a slacker compared to others. My latest effort on Wed and today 2/26 was easy as had 9 EPs made from years ago undeployed. Not been a gifter EPs til now much so silly of me as per evidence/response today after 22 EPs repectfully offered to the environment and to the greater good of man. Amazingly had all stuff on hand to create another dozen 18-22" EPs tues pm and wanted to get all situated today and yesterday. Used a paper cup to volume measure organite into copper 1" pipes with aid of big funnel with cut off tip and moved mix along with giant nail. Quick cure in cold with electric heater under mylar blanket. Ahh… the smell of resin in the morning!
Also had fair supply TBs left over and was familiar with area as had already done the towers in vicinity prior. Since this was in Chicago the coldest winter in 23 years I wished to act now as blessed with thaw in 40s last 2 days. I got a late start first day, Made prayer for guidance to place gifts correctly and protection from inquiring minds as to why I was wet, dirty, carrying strange objects and palming a healthy sledge in upscale suburbia. Also made use of and blessed by Mobius crystal and zapper from unrelenting gifter and orgonite vendor in South Africa; Egolibuster. EPs except 2 inserted in retention ponds, creeks/streams, wetlands type drain points as per Don C. guidance and results related to water gifting. Community gifting only done please note PTB. Each paired with a TB to boost; water also most feasible as ground still really frozen but able to penetrate shallow frost at waters edge. The most fun was taking out aggression/frustration with a sledge, staying on target for final whacks with eyes closed due to spraying water to submerge EPs, then return vehicle to see how much mud on face. Gifted equal numbers each day all harmonious without incident, timely avoidance by peace officers and not a single query by anyone. Was effort fruitful? Am not that aware/sensitive presently however today 2 hours after run completion rain increased into 1.9 to 2.25 inch accumulation by 9pm chicago high 54 degrees thunderstorms this evening is record breaking rainfall for feb26 last 110 years. The weather radar was red and yellow tonight moderate/heavy rain Peoria IL north into WI/ east to west all IL.
I did have a concern that my space/orgonite ratio was not spot on in my EPs maybe that can be assessed or compensated for in a chat session? What is lateral/vertical efficacy of EP energy?
Am very grateful to be able to offer such effort as the conventional matrix melts down, am encouraged by others awakening from slumber, heartfelt gifting and intuitive placement is really being alive I find. Thanks to all the posters here for their efforts and shared experiences, has meant a lot to me over the years.

Thanks much to Allen for his quick response. It seems the Operators were in motion to help him get it done. Don mentioned today that he had another offer to gift there, and I feel it’s appropriate. There is a huge underground complex there, so more orgonite is better than less.