Who Wants to Finish Tornado Alley?

Liz in Colorado shared some recent information about the remaining major weather weaponry installations. She got the data on sincedutch.wordpress.com and sent it to me.

Dyess AFB near Lubbock Texas (the new weather warfare HQ after Carol and I earthpiped Offut AFB in Omaha in 2011?)

Moorhead City, North Carolina

Houston, Texas

Salt Lake City

Carol and I ran out of time and orgonite after covering the northern and central weaponry so we were unable to reach the ‘souther tier’ of the air force’s weapon systems. She feels sure that Tulsa, Oklahoma has another one. Sincedeutch does a peerless job identifying targets… He doesn’t seem to notice when we’ve disabled them but that’s okay.

If anyone will travel to these areas it will probably be clear where to find the weaponry. Air Force bases are always prime suspects, of course, and ought to be earthpiped around the perimeter. You dont even need to get close enough for the sewer rats to find you (keep moving and only stop long enough to do the deeds; keep watching for peekers and have a Succor Punch running to block other surveillance and tracking). Sometimes they can do the weather manipulation from underground, by the way. We saw (and fixed) this in the Bahamas, also saw it happening from the middle of the Everglades but were unable to get there at the time because the water was too shallow (navigable canals to the middle of the Everglades were not maintained and dredged–go figure). Jeff and I started into the area, following a good chart, and ran aground in the middle of a canal almost immediately [Image Can Not Be Found]

The most frustrating thing for Carol and I when we travel is seeing so many towers and arrays that are inadequately flipped. I think that’s thelegacy of the Google-featured fakers who persuade people to use substandard and ‘nano’ orgonite. What a waste! I guess the NSA/CIA figure that an undergifted death tower or weather weapon is preferable to an undisturbed one by now. Even that’s probably a positive sign but I just get irritated when people go off half-cocked and won’t get clear of impostors and just do a job thoroughly. Years ago most of the people in this movement were flakes and we were sort of constrained to network with some of them at the time. Things are a lot better, now, obviously. One fellow who had spent months tossing substandard orgonite at death towers in a major city to no effect was using such big crystals in his towerbusters that there wasn’t much room for orgonite and I think most of his time was spent wrapping intricate and useless coils around the crystals. I think that one is still busy on a faker forum. We call this, ‘spinning your wheels.’ The hell of it is that they usually mean well.

Salt Lake City has been gifted thoroughly in some areas but for some reason I haven’t found anyone in Utah who will do more than a limited area, such as a small city, a big neighborhood, a single mountaintop death ray array or along a certain highway. Salt Lake City is still a stinkfest of DOR on many days when we’ve driven through it and it’s a pretty easy city to do because it’s on a square grid pattern. Even the street names are just numbers, which is how I imagine a beehive might be organized, haha. I think it would be a hoot if Utah is the first state to secede because Brigham Young University is the favorite recruiting place for the CIA and FBI. I guess they think freemasons are the most reliable secret police. We see more open hostility toward the banksters in Utah than anywhere else, strange to tell, and the Mormons are probably better armed and ‘prepared’ than anyone else. This is called a conundrum. Americans can still surprise us.

Thanks again, Liz!