Who Will Gift Around Mylow?

This relates to the thread about Mylow’s progress with a simple, free energy engine based on rotating magnets. The Men in Black (NSA thugs) evidently extorted him, stole the prototype but returned it the next day and didn’t harm the inventor.

I took it as a sign of a very positive trend for all successful free energy device inventors because these murderers had been killing one inventor every couple of years or so since WWII. They’re probably the agency who murdered my friend, Wilhelm Muller, five years ago.

He had developed an engine based on rotating magnets in the 1980s but his approach was perhaps a lot more complciated, involving a pretty big integrated circuit, which was the proprietary bit. It was one of Bill’s engines that Dennis Lee stole, sabotaged, then scammed people out of millions of dollars with the claim that he needed that to ‘finish it.’ Bill paid for all his own work, eventually by quietly selling the engines for $20,000 apiece. He had just gotten the Canadian equivalent of Underwriters Lab approval for mass production by a company in Vancouver. Those would have cost around $1500.

I’m mentioning this to round out the discussion. I can say that I, too, have direct experience with teh Men in Black. It was right after I finished gifting the massive, inverted satanic pentacle that is marked by significant institutions and streets in Washington, DC–November, 2003. That time, I was in an A&W fast food place near Baltimore, killing time before my flight home. The parking lot suddenly filled with Lincoln Crown Victorias with a lot of chrome on them. All but one were black and they all had blacked out front windshields–the most telling feature of fedmobiles [Image Can Not Be Found] . The exception was a gray ‘taxi’ but it also was loaded with chrome.

Two men in cheap-looking black suits quickly got out of each car, came inside and surrounded me closely while pretending to ignore me. It was early evening but none of them took off their wrap-around sunglasses.

I was pretty tired becuase all my gifting had been done in the middle of the night. So I wasn’t as sharp as I had been for the previoius few days/nights and I first assumed they were coming from a morticians’ convention or something. It wasn’t until I saw the bulges at their ankles (the second pistol) and the bad fit over the evidently huge pistols under their arms that it dawned on me who and what they were. It was a lot more comical than fearsome. My response was to pick my way through the black-clad mob, take my food to my car, eat and take a nap before it was time to take the car back to the rental agency. They’d given me the only red car in the lot, evidently so that the spy jerks could track me easier. That’s why I gifted in the wee hours, rather. Red doesn’t look red under streetlights [Image Can Not Be Found]

I didn’t see thugs like that until we went to Florida, a few years later, and Carol started identifying mafiosi in the local Starbucks and one of their favorite restaurants.

I hope someone will bust all the towers in Aurora, Illinois, which is 20 miles or so west of Chicago, also gift around Dove Trucking Company, where Mylow works. Death towers evidently are used to slowly kill activists. Those weapons have a lot of uses, I think. If someone will rather turn them all around Mylow into life force generators we can probably pull the rug out from under that present NSA extortion effort. The fact that Mylow wasn’t diisappeared may indicate that one leg was already knocked out from under these creeps’ assault. They’re pretty well mandated not to let themselves be openly discussed, after all.

Here’s some gifting intel for Mylow from a Virginia friend of his sponsor in Utah:

I know little about him except that he lives in an apartment over in Aurora which is west of Chicago about twenty miles. He has at least one child, a daughter around age fifteen. Also has a dog occasionally. However, I don’t have a clue as to the exact neighborhood though I think I know what trucking company he works for, which is something that few people would know under the circumstances. Dove Trucking.

Sterling Allan of the Pure Energy group who sponsors Mylow is Mormon, though he seems to show very little evidence about having any regard for faith or religion. His father, David W. Allan is Mormon and seems to have quite a different mindset. He is quite honestly a renaissance man from a number of standpoints, especially regarding scientific endeavors.

I think that Sterling may be the male equivalent of a ‘preacher’s daughter’ [Image Can Not Be Found]

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