Why are you leery of radionics?

hi don;

i have a question, for your new q&a page:

you said in some of your older posts that you were leery of radionics…
in one of your most recent posts, you mentioned building a tesla-coil to
power some radionics of some sort

  1. what kind of radionics were you using, software-based or hardware (i.e.
    the boxes with the knobs & stick-pads etc.)

  2. & this is the real question: what exactly makes you leery of radionics?
    was there some kind of bad experience? is it ‘dangerous’ in the same way
    that ouija-boards can be?

i ask this because i’ve had some good use of the radionic software, &
wondered if you knew something i didn’t. thank for your reply.



Thanks, Boris–

I don’t remember the context of the comments you mentioned but I’m no longer leery of radionics.

Over the past couple of years we’ve had to contend with some apparent CIA and NSA radionics campaigns against the livlihoods of several of EW’s contributors, though. I think it was from successfully counteracting those during the weekly international group sessions and some more private sessions, all of which involved several reputable psychics, that I gradually lost my concern about radionics in general

The fact that it’s an interactive process that requires frequent ‘tuning’ makes it unsuitable for lazy folks like me, though I think we made a dent in the parasitic Federal Reserve Corporation’s historically persistent thoughtform with a long-term radionics effort in our backyard, some years ago. It seemed very helpful to keep a Tesla Coil going in that pyramid with the constantly rotating octahedron and plenty of Lemurian crystals and orgonite. My wife composed the orgonite and helped me design the mechanism.

I’m hoping that someone will start a viable forum for stuff like that because I’ve tried to keep EW’s focus mainly on simple, universally empowering technology.


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