Why Might Gifting The Land Abate Haarpicanes?

During the past decade I have gifted vigorously, whilst knowing it was having a profound impact on the lands and atmospheres which were gifted I never really felt the urge or need to understand just why the ‘magical’ thing happened, it just did and that was enough for me.

Since buying a house and marrying though, my funds to gift as prolifically as before have diminished (whilst giving more time to read and reflect instead), but never my belief it the effects of orgone/orgonite.

Lately (the past few years) I have been reading on various seemingly disparate subjects, and somehow a greater perspective has flourished in my mind and heart, yet I felt a lack of conviction in my understanding to try adequately to articulate these feelings. This has now changed enough to post about my perspective.

Through reading the works of real scientists such as Carey Reams and Weston Price, whilst focusing on nutrition as a form of healing, my understanding of underlying principles of the dynamics of nature has grown.

Reading some of Reams work (and the latter day followers of his principles) led me to understand the principles which are a necessity for good soil life, first the microbes feed, then the plants are able to feed and grow to be nutritionally dense with ‘high brix’, when a food is of high brix it contains all the nutrients nature intended, when harvested at full ripeness, to be whole foods (which contain enough nutrition to digest themselves and are not a leach on the body so to speak, but often even offer a net gain in crucial alkaline minerals, especially the anion foods, which are essential for the release and flow of elecro-magnetic energy, which the flow of we often call orgone or chi).

But what bearing does this have to Harpicanes?

Well, soils which are high in natural soil life are also rich in natural Ammonium, soils which are held hostage to growth after the soil life has died through intensive farming and chemical fertilisation using potassium nitrate(etc) contain a fake form of Ammonium which will force food growth, yet does not allow the correct synthesis from non-protein nitrogen into nutritional density, what this does to the body is for another time, but in terms of Haarpicanes I will develop further.

Natural ammonium in the soil acts as follows, when the temperature drops the ammonium reacts and heats up, protecting the crop growing within it, when the temperature increases the ammonium cools the soil, again protecting the life held within it. This can be seen when one looks at the behavior of desserts as night falls and the temperature drops, this energy should then be absorbed if the ammonium were present, however with the lack thereof we witness vigourous stand storms (no wonder Don and others witness such profound change when gifting dessert regions!).

Now, if you take this thought and apply this to America, when Hurricane season is upon it, historically the hurricane would hit the land and quickly the ammonium in the soil life would absorb these energies and the hurricane would fizzle out as it breaches the shoreline, yet now we have mankind thinking it can outdo nature and sustain dead lands via chemical saturation, so what do we see? Natures balancing mechanisms are broken and the dissipation fails.

‘HOLD ON!’ you may say, what about HAARP/Death Towers? Well that is part of the same dynamic IMO, previously when this flood of atmospheric energy occurs this would draw these positive ions to the Cumuli Nimbus or down to earth, which would then trigger the release via lightning storms, drawing out positive ions from the earth to balance this effect, or down to earth where the soil life (and water life) has sufficient negative ions available to absorb this energy, releasing the energies harmlessly to those points in the earth (the path of least resistance).

Yet, now we have weather modification techniques at play, it is my belief that weather modification is being used to prevent the formation of Cumuli Nimbus (amongst other things), which along with the devastation of soil life and the cycle of devastation that causes to the seas means that nature is hamstrung and unable to rebalance, the chi of the land, sky and seas is blocked or worse lost completely allowing a devastating build up of positive ions with no way of release.

How can we see that Orgonite has any effect here though? Well, us gifters know, see and feel it, but for those who cannot see these things, they can see the pictures of large vegetables, increased crop yield, flourishing plant life… really rich! Is that proof?!

Well, yes it is! You see that it has been repeatedly demonstrated that orgonite in the proximity of growing foods increases its yield, this is demonstrating the localised negative ionisation at play, it is gifters putting a reverse spanner in these same works. Reams et al correctly observed that the correct balance of alkaline minerals in the soil is crucial to the process of protein synthesis changing NPN into nutritional density (via the fostering of good soil life), yet people the world over experience that orgonite will reinvigorate this cycle even when, to my knowledge, no focus is placed on increasing soil quality by adding the required minerals to redress this balance. So, even if the Anion bearing minerals are missing, something else (orgone) carries the baton in it’s stead.

But what of the atmosphere, well here a cloudbuster comes into play, this becomes more difficult to demonstrate, but do we even need to know? This dance of negative and positive ionisation between the earth and the ionosphere is clearly established and seen, that great feeling after a thunderstorm (that gifters know mirrors the feeling one gets when an area is sufficiently gifted and has cloudbusters sufficient to cover the skies) is largely because the positive ions in the atmosphere are released and replaced with negative ions drawn from the earth.

The repeated reports of the ‘post gifting’ formation of ‘natural clouds’ which occurs again and again, it is right before our eyes should we choose to see it. It is my feeling that perhaps Sylphs are a signal of the restarting of this process, perhaps they are the bearers of the Cumulo Nimbus, the guardians of these vital lifeforce clouds, the creators (the activator x of the skies).

I hope this makes some sense to more people than just me. It may not be ‘the truth’, but it is certainly my truth.

The more I read and understand the more profound orgone/orgonite is and the more central to the very dynamic of all life.

To quote Carey Reams ‘Choose Life This Day’.

Best Wishes


Just to add, please do not take this as me saying orgone = anions. I feel it is more than that, rather the balm which underpins both forms of ion, though orgonite IMO definately yields anions whilst it transmutes cations.

Sorry this is probably in the wrong forum area also.

This is making a lot of sense to Me Rich thx for confirming for Me why I’ve been spending so much time of late building composts and studying how I can reclaim these dead soils in Thailand…. The Operators have been directing all Us Gifters lives for years, perhaps Our entire lives and I too am being shown that it is all about the soil… Nice confirmation thx again Rich…

What a great post, Rich, thanks.

90-degree-turn-making, blatantly-steered and diabolically-timed-with-the-tides Sandy still only just made Cat 1. Last year, Isaac (also precisely steered, into New Orleans) also just barely made Cat 1 (if it even did actually). So the glory days of artifiically-pumped up Katrina (2005) – which the controlled media trumpted as a Cat 4, only later to be revealed to be a Cat 3 – are over, happily.

Going back further still, 1992’s Andrew (also hallmarked by whacky, non-natural changes of direction and too-rapid intensification) was a stunning coming-on-line of the ‘cell’ tower based weather modification system just sprouting up all over the world at that time, and came ashore as a Cat 5, big as they get. Too bad for the Ill-Intended parasitic few who rule from behind the scenes that simple $3 hunks of orgonite, distributed near those towers then to now, have significantly disabled their nefarious and barely-closeted actual purpose. Or so I have subjectively concluded.

Funny, I just ‘got’ that some of the gigantic drivers of the aforementioned system are called, with a straight face, ‘weather balls’, and are for the ostensible purpose of making really good images of the weather, you know, for people to look at on the news, and stuff. How they must laugh, ‘the rubes will never notice!’

Jeff, Well written and a line of thought which makes sense.
Gare, For composting techniques that are very interesting check out biodynamic farming. Steiner covered all parts of life and biodynamic farming is a large part of anthroposphy.

also getting back to andrew, we had iniki in hawaii in the same week, and it was equally as strong.
thanks gifters. the fewer 'canes and increase of orgonite must surely be tied together.

Thanks guys, I still feel in my heart that I can feel things in this area better than I am able to articulate, but it is heartening to know my crude wording makes sense with some others.

Here is a good essay which covers Reams, Albrecht and Steiner in this area of Soil Life/Quality (though Steiner makes me a little uneasy, rightly or wrongly, sorry David, no offense intended I just get a cold feeling when looking at his literature but perhaps that is due to his Theosophy and Rosicrucian leanings and I am throwing the baby out with the bath water!);
https://www.cropservicesintl.com/Tech_Li … 0Wrong.PDF

This covers how they all believed that plants grow from energy rather than fertilizer in fundamental essence. Which (to me), makes perfect sense, especially in regard to Orgonite fostering better growth. Ion re-invigoration I think of it as.

Reams Theory of Biological Ionization is really fascinating and something I have great faith in, though I am no expert in its entirety as the cost is high(ish) for consultation which it seems is required to garner a deeper/real understanding, but I will become more knowledgeable if my health ever deteriorates. But I do follow many of its facets, that I have gleaned in the past several years.

It is no surprise to me, once I began to understand more of Reams work, that we are seeing the massive proliferation of disease related to demyelination, which in most cases may be reversed (or at least halted in its tracks) if a focus is given to replenishing depleted alkaline mineral reserves. Here is a good primer into Reams;

John has a link on whale also to a short book by someone helped by Reams (Joanne Fontenot);

Here is a link to Weston Price’s Nutrition and Physical Degeneration – https://gutenberg.net.au/ebooks…..0251h.html
(Sadly the colour makes it a difficult read).

The reading up in this area has really nurtured my understanding (as stated before), this was intensified when I became embroiled in a heated exchange with an allopathic doctor who belittled me, which enraged me enough to study HDL/LDL and the role of essential fatty acids (as he was claiming that Omega 3 had no bearing on inflammation, what a douche!), which Weston Price covers beautifully, how LDL (N6 – Omega6) is essential (the cholesterol scam IMO) but should come from foods such as organic (where possible) pasture fed Raw Milk/Butter which are also rich in Vitamin D3, Probiotics, Amino Acids (and Phosphate to absorb the Calcium) in the Milk and Cultured Raw Cheeses and Butter such as Brie, Camembert, Cottage Cheese etc for K2 in the Menaquinone 7 form which I believe Weston Price called Activator X) which are lacking in Pasteurised versions (isn’t Pasteurisation just a means of making bad milk/cheese ‘good’?!).

This was a eureka moment for me when I put this together with the understanding of Omega 3 (HDL) and it’s role in removing LDL once it has performed it’s protective function (and how you need the long chain K2 to route Calcium out of the arteries and into bones etc). Sadly it also made me see the absolute travesty of the Cholesterol fraud going on where millions are placed on Statins needlessly (IMO), that is the very worst of medicine (along with most vaccines).

Then I came across the writings of Budwig, the simple protocol of cottage cheese and flax seed oil (and fresh ground lignans) as a profoundly effective Cancer cure – https://www.budwigcenter.com/te…..onials.php (though I think the protocol should probably be updated to state how it should be cultured cottage cheese, or cultured buttermilk to ensure sulphur bound cholesterol is present, plus K2 in Menaquinone 7 form, but that is my speculation and feeling rather than absolute knowledge).

After coming across these things in a short period of time I then recalled how Weston Price promoted the use of fermented cod liver oil with grass fed buttermilk (best if from Milk from the Spring season Price states, which I get as a supplement for my wife who is pescetarian and I would have myself also, if was not vegetarian) and the light-bulb lit up in my mind as these seemingly disparate ideas merged together.

I make a nice milkshake smoothie now which is 1 part cottage cheese, 1 part raw milk, 1 part flax oil with a little raw cocoa, which is my take on the Budwig Protocol (and a small element of Prices).

Anyway, sorry, this was not intended to be an alternative health thread, just trying to present something of the journey which led to the thinking in the first post a little deeper, plus some things I feel may be of use to others on their journeys. I hope it doesn’t come across as inane ramblings! I was intending to run through this in a more comprehensive, considered and (hopefully) elegant fashion on my website, but the direction my life has taken means I don’t have the time at the moment.

Be Well


PS. I’m in no way promoting these elements in the stead of Zapping either, I see them as companions in the path of well being and I still Zap regularly.

There is a common thread that keeps appearing: hurricanes and tornadoes on there own can create a shift in the time -space continuim where solid object become tranparent or vanish or even mix, ie straw stuck in fence post is very common. A huricane was present during the dustifcation process of the WTC.
So we have static electricity, posibly two kinds, lets call then “blue” and “white” , a product of hurricanes and tornadoes. Orgone and DOR.

We have effects: levitation, transmutation, molecular dissasociation or dustification to the nano level

Perhaps DOR with “white static” is disstructive and Orgone with “Blue static” is constructive, ie mother nature and plant growth

maybe by placing orgonite it screws-up there ability to use there fancy new DEW weapons?

The WTC was surrounded by “The bathtub” wich stayed perfect, perfect white! What makes concrete white? Metakaolin! BINGO!!! China Clay. It holds a static charge. They pyamids were covered in it.

You’ve hit the target, Rich, and thanks for offering this information.

The incredible transformation in East Africa, including the reversal of deserts through the distribution of simple orgonite to farmers on an expanding scale, might also be partially explained by orgonite’s easy ability to restore the health of the soil and it’s vital cycles.

Steiner’s approach works consistently well but is quite complex and arcane. This is very well covered in Secrets of the Soil , by Tompkins and Bird. I think we annoyed a lot of his followers when reports of simple orgonite doing exactly the same thing but much faster and easier began to be circulated [Image Can Not Be Found]

Another fellow, Dr. Hugh Lovel, who has achieved miraculous results restoring the cotton-savaged soil of the American South, also achieved the results with an easier approach that’s radionics based. We visited him in Georgia in the spring of 2003, introduced him to orgonite and a couple of years later he moved to Australia and started making and selling orgonite cloudbusters. I wasn’t able to interest him in flipping the death towers or taking a warrior stance but that’s obviously not for everyone.

Westerners are conditioned by institutionalized educators and cult leaders to assume that big problems require complex solutions from experts. What we’ve each discovered with orgonite is that it’s smarter for us (ordinary folks) to try very simple, proven solutions before resorting to the complex and arcane approaches. We might be considered backward by some but if you only consider results instead of theory and speculation, then the other fellow ought to be considered backward, no matter how many letters are behind his name.


We certainly did stop the HAARPicane agenda for North America during our year in Florida because that’s precisely when the HAARPicanes stopped happening on this continent. They were controlled and directed from South Florida, obviously.

This doesn’t detract from what Rich is saying and it only relates to what can be done by disabling the weather weaponry that’s found all over our world, including on the seabed and even underground. The Africans have busted some death towers and weather weapons but most of the fair weather they’re getting is a direct result of distributing simple orgonite to farmers and fishermen, obviously. I think that has more bearing on the information that Rich is sharing.

Thanks again, Rich! It’s also very nice to have yet another reputable voice on EW urging people to read substantive books and demonstrating what can be gained by doing that.


Another sudden and obvious decrease in murderous cyclonic storms happened after Carol and I flipped some major weather warfare facilities across the US a year and a half ago. That included earthpiping the US Air Force’s weather warfare headquarters, which are under Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska. It’s handy for our network that these weapon arrays across a continent require a HQ, which was also the case for the Hurricane agenda, hich was being directed from under the 'Hurricane Tracking (read: Directing) Facility in South Miami, which we also earthpiped.

In the previous spring (2011) a whole lot of people across the US were murdered with cyclones by the USAF. The news whores were predicting much, much worse storms across the continent for the following spring but the only murderous storm happened in Alabama, which was quite far south of the area we covered. In that case Carol and I suspect they were spending a huge amount of energy and manpower from afar (most likely from many facilities–in a scalar fashion?) to create that storm in order to discourage and/or discredit Louis Onder, who had flipped every death tower and weather weapon in Alabama and the surrounding region.

When we were in Florida in 2005/6 the news whores were practically having orgasms on the screen promising more and worse hurricanes to follow in the coming years. In both cases the way that the corporate world order handles such failures is to direct the news whores to just stop talking about it. You probably noticed this.

I just wanted our readers to understand that both approaches are productive and essential. The American farmers who are whores for the Chemical cartel are the most stupid on the planet, in my view. What’s it going to take to persuade them to turn back to Nature? Their GMO crops are probably murdering more people than the Drug Whores (the Pharma cartel actually refers to MDs this way–I’m not kidding) do.

One of the first reactions of Big Business in East Africa to our friends’ initial success was that some company was offering free fertilizer to farmers in that area to seduce them away from buying orgonite. I don’t think that worked for Big Business. African farmers are pretty savvy because they pay attention to results [Image Can Not Be Found]


The part about the composting was what triggered my biodynamic farming comment. Orgonite doesn’t do everything when it comes to farming and according to a book on biodynamic farming that i read, the compost pile is key. There are odd aspects to the biodynamic compost pile such as burying a bull’s horn filled with stuff (i have forgotten what). It’s arcane alright, but the farmer that wrote the book which i read experienced plentiful harvests. There are many references to radionics in the book as well.
i guess if Steiner was a theosophist i shouldn’t have mentioned him. damn, those f’ers are everywhere. My step daughter did say her school mates at Waldorf school (Steiner creation) called it a cult. On the other hand my D.D. stepson was potty trained by age 16 at a Camphill special school. it’s a good model no tv, drugs, grow their own food, etc., and its a Steiner creation. A mainstream organization would have him drugged up and he would still be pants pooping on a regular basis most likely. So Steiner isn’t all bad a geniuses go in my opinion.

Thanks Don…

I agree with you David, Biodynamic farming is a very good form of sustainable farming and the quality of compost and soil maintenance is vital in a good, better, best sense. As said, it is probably my own discrimination which stops me from reading enough of Steiner’s lectures to know, he offered masses of clear insight which still holds today though, clearly. So perhaps he was only benevolent in spirit but kept questionable company!

The gentleman in America who I learned a great deal from, who knew Reams and is clearly astoundingly knowledgeable in this area was sadly not interested in my offer of free Orgonite to use and test it’s efficacy in the nutritional content element (brix value testing etc. using Reams/Lamotte method of testing). As he is a very difficult character and was mainly concerned with the human element of nutrition in terms of his outward teachings/advice, rather than the agricultural side (though of course they intertwine and he did also offer insight in this half of the whole, in Reams terms).

Maybe in time someone will surface who will be able to offer proof as to whether the nutritional content is also improved, as well as yield (as I believe is true). That could prove to be a real tipping point in the uptake of orgonite in farming I feel. But of course when there is no minerals left I suspect the soil will no longer yield foods which require these (but would not be shocked at all that very low levels might be required in the presence of orgonite to somehow synthesize these, that one will really get the scientists heads exploding if it turns out to be true and verifiable!).

Sadly I have no garden or growing area, otherwise I would already have performed such tests, as a simple refractometer costing a few bucks can show this crudely.

Thanks Rich, cretainly a very good read and intersting subject, thought provoking.
It is also great to see how you made the connections from not so apparently related subjects.