Why won't the psychics evaluate new inventions, here?

Don Croft
21 Feb 2008 12:41
Subject: ‘Why won’t the psychics evaluate new inventions, here?’
I got this question, this morning, from someone who had just read my objection to the premature promotion of claims on EW.

The fellow noted that Kelly is the only sensitive offering public comments on other people’s new devices. I think the person feels that the problem isn’t Kelly’s observations but is actually the lack of feedback, here, from other sensitives.

I suggested, in response, that:

  1. most of the new stuff that routinely gets sent to the psychics is underwhelming, except in rare cases. Most often, someone has made his or her first towerbuster and wants a psychic (or even me, strange to tell) to say that he did it right. I can understand why a newcomer might question whether combining metal, resin and a bit of broken crystal will disable a death tower, of course, until he’s done enough of them to earn the visual confirmations in the atmosphere. These folks aren’t looking for fame and glory; they just want a little encouragement from someone who is reputable. If your name is Charles Manson you can still combine these ingredients and your new handicraft will feel wonderful and it will change a million-dollar death tower into a life force generator in twenty minutes, don’t worry.

  2. parading new offerings in posts in order to get public evaluations by psychics would quickly take on the appearance of a kangaroo court, due to the relatively lackluster qualities of most of these offerings, would ultimately discourage research rather than promote it. Try to imagine how you would feel about this if you were a psychic who felt obliged to criticize strangers’ offerings publicly.

Please remember that it’s our readers perceptions that judge whether this website is viable or not. Nothing we wish or attempt will change that simple fact, so why not style our offerings in a way that our readers can most readily assimilate and apply?

The correspondent apparently didn’t realize that lots of people send these requests to the energy sensitives in this network, by the way. When Kelly was here, last week, Carol suggested that a lot of the people who send him these requests are not being forthcoming with him and are rather manipulating. This rather shocked him, I think, because he’s like you and me in that we always assume that strangers who email us say what they mean and won’t bend our candid responses to suit some nefarious ends. I dig plenty of holes for myself in email, this way, but by the grace of God I usually manage to climb out of them before they close over me Cool or at least I have until now.

Once in awhile, someone comes up with something that’s truly revolutionary and we adopt and promote it, in that case, after enough people have offered their candid feedback and perhaps done a little field testing of their own. It seems to happen naturally enough, so I’ve never felt inclined to either force it or to spend time studying items that are obviously less impressive than their authors have claimed they were.

Sometimes, an inventor will offer something which is worthwhile and he then assumes that whatever else he comes up with will be equally valuable and I think that’s unfortunate because not everything that any of us attempt will ultimately prove useful. Carol tried making some orgonite with ORMUS, some years ago, for instance, assuming that because the stuff felt pretty good it should be a good additive for orgonite. We were both disappointed that it degraded orgonite’s energy because it might have made a pretty keen additive to her Harmonic Protectors if our hope had been substantiated. What do you suppose would have happened if she simply added ORMUS to a bunch of Harmonic Protectors and sold them? Not a pretty scenario. That’s an example of how adequate research can prevent the sort of trouble that the blind promotion of the two devices in question has lately generated. I’ve seen no direct evidence that these two devices are harmful, by the way.

One energy sensitive’s less-than-positive feedback, by the way, shouldn’t ever be considered conclusive if you have a hunch that what you’re developing has merit. That’s because each of us can only ever offer our own subjective impressions, no matter how skilled or reputable we are. A psychic might see the ‘big picture’ for instance but he/she might be able to comprehend/assimilate only a portion of it. The honest ones admitt this to us and I constantly watch for these few to invite them to participate in this unorganized effort, especially in the chatroom where egos are generally put aside with the hats, scarves, mukaluks and coats.

I doubt the human urge to periodically reinvent/rename the wheel will just go away and every time someone attempts to do that, here, it causes me no end of pain and trouble because, as often as not, I’ve lost another friend in the process–another casualty of the psychological war that the world odor has been waging against humanity for millenia, perhaps.

One of the German gifters emailed this morning to tell me that Manfred’s devices are being deployed all over Germany in areas where DOR in the sky persists in gifted areas. As I noted in another post, the promotion of the ‘peacemaker’ is accompanied with a lot of emotion, which to me simply can’t replace a more rational approach in the long run.

Of course this condition in the sky in gifted areas simply shows that there’s an underground source of DOR that has yet to be addressed with appropriate, underground-directed orgonite. I’ve been unable, so far, to convince this correspondent that it’s possible, perhaps even likely, that simpler earthpipes, distributed in those areas, would fix the problem faster, easier and more economically, especially if enough open pipes in the ground, such as fence posts and sign posts, could be found along the route and orgonite was tossed in them. Even a simple towerbuster in one of those pipes does essentially the same thing that a slightly more complex earthpipe plug would do, so I’d just toss slightly more TBs into the standing pipes, in that case, than I would pound earthpipes into the ground. Making earthpipe plugs in toilet paper’s cardboard rolls or by other means (I use eight silicon molds) is more suited to dropping into the open pipes, of course, since a towerbuster’s diameter is usually too wide.

I’m hoping, perhaps beyond hope at this point, that our readers will continue to get the impression that the simplest approaches are usually the most appropriate ones because this simple truth is what has caused the orgonite movement to spread so fast throughout the world until now. The more complicated an approach is perceived to be, the fewer people will apply it, in other words. That’s not a good trade for mystifying a personality in the process, don’t you agree?

Dr Reich’s expressed revulsion for mystics and fake scientists is something that seems worthy of emulation to me. You can go to a town like Ashland, Oregon and yell, ‘Hey, Shaman!’ and a bum will come out from behind every bush to look for a handout and a following.

In my version of the best of all possible worlds, someone would yell, ‘Hey, Shaman!’ on EW and nobody would respond, nor would anyone offer needlessly complex, even redundant solutions to persistent problems, such as underground, artificial sources of death energy, which already have simple solutions: earthpipes already get rid of underground bad energy quickly, cheaply and efficiently, so why are they suddenly being ignored in favor of something that simply seems suitably mystical, is more complicated but apparently isn’t superior?

Carol and I didn’t invent the earthpipe, nor do we sell them, otherwise you could argue that I’m just protecting turf when I call on people to apply some reasonably high intellectual-honesty standards on EW in this case.

I really got blind sided by this debacle because I really didn’t want to openly criticise Kelly and Manfred, who apparently had no intention of getting a personal following. I’m openly criticizing the enthusiastic blind imitators, in this case. Maybe, if this website survives another year, enough people will understand this not-subtle, impersonal point enough to still participate, here Rolling Eyes


21 Feb 2008 16:40
Subject: Re: ‘Why Won’t The Psychics Evaluate New Inventions, Here?’
Once in a while a rather unproven idea get’s extreme attention or is adopted prematurely, possibly because there is an emotional need for it. . An example was the so called G-Square, a square of connected copper tubes around a CB-Base with d/t crystals and copper pipes that was supposed to boost the CB’s performance, which cought on in the German Forum like a Wildfire, because there was probably a widespread feeling that we’re not yet getting the upper hand against the onslought of HARRP and chemtrails.
So that thing was adopted just because people wanted a thing like that.
This is different though.
I don’t think Manfred or Laozu have made any premature claims about the combination of 6 TBs and 6 simple 1ft or 300mm pieces of pipe, combined in a circle. I haven’t tried it out yet, but it makes sense to me since I’ve seen what 6 TBs in a circle do different from just a few TBs somewhere.
I think what the 2 have posted here was just their observations and nothing else.
Sometimes a combination of things can be more than the sum of their parts.
For some reason a CB also works best with 6 pipes in circular arrangement. Is this now mysticism?
I think this peacemaker concept deserves serious consideration, especially because of the careful way it has been presented.
If it works better than just 6 TBs and say 6 earth pipes combined, it would be a valuable addition especially for expeditions where it is often difficult to leave a full blown CB in a place when no suitable custodian can be found.

Doing it all over Africa and sending it out to the world
22 Feb 2008 10:56
Subject: Re: ‘Why Won’t The Psychics Evaluate New Inventions, Here?’
Speaking from a completely lay, non-psychic, tactical place…

If, indeed, the new tech were more efficient/powerful than the old (the sum of the parts of the six inverted, buried pipes more powerful than six individual, hexagonally-hammered-in Earth Pipes), then it would simply come down to a cost benefit on ‘just how much more powerful?’ and ‘costs of digging it in’ (time, labor, getting caught/found).

‘Just how much more powerful is it?’ would be juxtaposed against said costs and risks.

To me, unless it’s markedly more powerful, guerillla pound-and-run would definitely beat digging in.

And, if it were, indeed, demonstrably more powerful, one could simply pound in, say, two, or three, or however many more EP’s were required to equalize the power/effectiveness of the ‘cluster’ with that of the inverted, buried CB. Because if ‘power of X’ is what we are concerned with, then eight (or ten, et al) hammered-in Earth Pipes would definitely beat the buried array, simply from a perspective of ‘we spent an hour digging it in, that was tiring, we might get caught, it’s easier to find later’, etc.

‘Spend net less on copper, shavings, resin’ would also favor hammered-in EP’s.

Only ‘holy crap, that thing pumps, like, ten times the power of a hammered in EP hexagon!’ would move me to dig. And then I might still say 'four gifters making sixty hammerstrokes (15 each) to place 60 EPS in array vs. a tiring and more-importantly tactically-exposing digging party? We’re in, we’re out, we’re on to the next mission.

So, from a tactical, command perspective, it feels like a nice-to-have, not a must-have to me. Nothing inherently bad about it, just most often it would simply tactically not be the choice for the mission, as it were.

27 Feb 2008 23:08
Subject: Re: ‘Why Won’t The Psychics Evaluate New Inventions, Here?’
I feel the need to post here, briefly, since I’ve been asked to evaluate stuff in the past and it’s backfired on me. First of all, photographs don’t do much for me personally. I do much better sensing the energy from a device if I can handle it personally. I don’t see energy the same way other psychics do.

Secondly, people tend to take a psychic’s word as gospel, no matter how many times you tell them “I could be wrong”. I don’t have all the answers, I’m just a regular person doing my best to deal with the reality of living with one foot in the physical world and one in the etheric world. By now, I don’t particularly care if anyone believes what I perceive since I think it’s each individual’s responsibility to wake up and start claiming their birthrights, one of which is psychic ability. Do the necessary work so you can perceive the effects of your new inventions yourselves. It’s not hard to do, it just takes focus and committment. I talk about what I perceive in the chats because I feels it’s valuable for people who have similar experiences to have some validation. People tell me all the time that they perceive similar things but thought they were the only one. I don’t think doing this work gives me a license to pass judgement on someone else’s etheric work.

Thirdly, my skills mainly lie in working on people’s chakras. It’s what I’m best at and I enjoy helping people heal and wake up. I’m not particularly drawn to new inventions and I don’t have a lot of spare time in which to evaluate them. There are other psychics who have a much better facility for offering suggestions about new inventions.

Lastly, I want to stress again that I believe everyone can be psychic. Those who have have their abilities shut down at an early age just have to work a little harder at it than those who have been open and aware their entire lives. Working with orgonite is one way to develop your abilities, so whether you are creating the tried and true devices or inventing new ones, use your intuition and get your confirmations from the environment. And have fun! Smile


Don Croft
28 Feb 2008 11:03
Subject: Re: ‘Why won’t the psychics evaluate new inventions, here?’
Thanks very much for posting your thoughts and observations, folks, because I want this to remain a very ‘open conspiracy’ under all circumstances.

My main objection, right along, has been about the way PMs and email have been used to magnify the less helpful aspects of promotion in cases like this one. I’ve tried my damndest to draw attention to the backchannel manipulations and to assure our readers that Kelly and Manfred are not culpable but are apparently just unaware that clever saboteurs have been exploiting the material they’re promoting, hence the odd level of emotion that’s been generated over this.

Really, if the Europeans want to end all that drought and weather manipulation, somebody’s going to have to get to teh coastal and mountain regions and disable thousands of HAARP facilities, as has been done in Southern AFrica sufficiently and is being done in the US, South America and Australis to good effect.

Fancy, arcane stuff has never gotten the job done, unfortunately.

Kelly’s pioneering forays into ungifted regions is, many of us feel sure, instrumental in the process of eventually delivering those regions from HAARP and other world order molestations. His approach will probably seem arcane to most people for a long time, until science catches up with the more mystical aspects of the work we all do.

As Dooney indicates, all psychics and sensitives develop a specialty, which is another good reason why consensus is so useful. Sensitives who are not inclined to work in groups have less to offer than the ones who enjoy more cooperative efforts. That’s why I favor the latter in the research and evaluation process, naturally. The old world order’s dead paradigm, rather, favors charismatic individuals who volunteer to take on everyone else’s responsibility to discern reality and that’s become counterproductive, by now. The poisonous PMers of genuine but open-membership orgonite forums and slanderous emailers try their gosh damndest to turn this around and make the EW psychics and me into villains and elitists, of course.

The psychics I’m involved with desperately want other psychics to join the process, by the way, and have been training several people during the sessions to develop their own skill and confidence to a functional, reliable level. Dooney is personally training scores of new people through donebydooney.com, in case you didn’t know.

Maybe in a few years there will be a hundred or so psychics doing this group work but, in fact, the problem they’re having is that most psychics are too egotistical or infantile to contribute to something like this or to associate freely with other psychics. If being psychic automatically made someone ‘spiritually advanced,’ (whatever that means Cool ) then there would be a thousand psychics doing this work by now. The reason that a dozen or so psychics who used to work with us are no longer participating is because some those people burned one or all of us and I asked them to leave and the rest simply couldn’t handle the intense energy of the sessions.

Would you keep someone in your house after he molested your kid? This is the level of trust that a few of the previous psychic associates violated. The PM poisonmongers are telling the less discerning forum members that we exclude other psychics on a whim or because they don’t ‘conform’ or suitably worship ‘Don the Boss.’ I’m not aware of that happening among the members of this forum but I’ve kicked people out for doing that, before, after a friendly warning went unheeded. Backbiting is the worst kind of poison because it destroys people’s good, earned reputations. In a way it’s worse than murder because the body’s going to die, anyway, but the poisonous effects of backbiting can last centuries. For example, look at how Dr Reich is portrayed in every What To Think Network comment about his life and work.

It’s a sad fact that anyone who starts his/her own forum has been burned by people who pretended to be friends in order to acquire an avenue for spreading slander. Dooney, Georg and I have been ‘initiated’ this way and it’s part of the tuition one pays when one volunteers for such a responsibility. If someone starts a forum in order to gain popularity or, God-forbid, a personal following the agency sewer rats will pump this person up and then suck him/her dry. Not a pretty process. If they can’t get to someone who operates a forum they’ll do their absolute, coordinated best to paint that person as a pariah in order to drive substantive people away from the forum. They do it, as I said, with email and private messages. The private messages enable them to act as self-appointed arbiters of thought and expression because it’s become faux pas to openly slander us in posts, by now. That’s a sign of progress, by the way.

Getting booted from the forums takes away their private message privelege, of course, and email is far less effective than private messages are.

When these thought police are no longer able to access the prolific forum contributors who have little discernment and don’t want any personal accountability it flattens the tires of any subterranean sabotage agenda. Sometimes, the doubtful/manipulable posters on these open membership forums actually stand up and assume a little accountability, then they may even start posting substantive reports instead of spinning their wheels, babbling about whatever the thought police have insinuated to them in private messages.

I candidly told one of the babblers on another orgonite forum that I can’t understand why he’s posting on a forum at all, since there’s obviously no place for doubt mongers on a forum like these, which ought to be empowering their readers, after all, not chopping at the roots of this unorganized, revolutionary grassroot movement. His response rather made me happy: he expressed commitment to only post his gifting reports, instead of leaping into the breech to defend the doubtmongers’ position. I think they call the latter exercise, being the ‘devil’s advocate.’ I think rational people understand that there’s no devil and that all evil in this world is generated by people like the Eunuchs of Langley. Does anyone honestly believe that saboteurs adn poison mongers need an advocate? They own and operate all the world’s corporate judicial systems, after all Cool

As I’ve said many times, the psychics I’m associated with don’t have a following and apparently don’t want one. When I post about our experiences in teh chat sessions our readers aren’t inspired to strong emotion and nobody feels a need to promote the psychics, even though some of the material they present (actually, I do most of the presenting becuase they’re relatively shy) is amazing and phenomenal. When psychics or sensitives enjoy basking in the bright light of notoriety and presumed authority it can only lead to trouble in a movement like this one, which is solidly founded on genuine empowerment of ordinary folks like you and me, not on glorifying charisma or on mystifying essentially simple and understandable subtle energy dynamics.

So, where does the strong emotional response come from when someone on other forums starts to promote a new configuration or invention before it’s been thoroughly field tested? Instead of Don-bashing in PMs and slanderous email, why isn’t anyone taking a peek at what’s causing such an emotional response to stuff like this? That sort of blind emotion has never been attached to the promotion of orgonite cloudbusters or towerbusters, please note, but these items spread across the globe like wildfire but in a strangely quiet way. I’m quite content not to have been turned into a cult figure, by the way, and I’m sure the psychics are, too.

As you’ve already seen, when orgonite is promoted on the What To Think Network in America, the name, ‘Croft,’ is studiously not mentioned at all and Dr Reich is vaguely presented as a malcontent, sexual deviant and curmudgeon who had been ‘kicked out of the Communist party because he was too radical.’ Sheesh. The less discerning are just happy that ‘orgonite’ is mentioned at all, of course Wink

At the risk of putting Kelly’s nose out of joint, yet again, I’m going to relate an illustrative chain of events that might put the emotional response that Georg describes into proper perspective:

Five years ago, when Carol and I were living in Moscow, Idaho, which is ten miles from Pullman, Washington where Kelly lives, Carol and I hiked up to the top of Moscow Mountain, which overlooks that small city, because we felt a need to bust a big ‘deathray array’ which was being used to savage the population, etherically. Even though it was in May, the snow was too deep for us to quite get to the array, so we tossed orgonite on three sides, the middle side facing the town, and that was enough to stop the harmful effects, except in the fourth direction, which was essentially aimed at wilderness to the north.

This was when the Sally Water debacle had finally been neutralized and Kelly was still conducting experiments on various kinds of charged water, including ‘Sally water.’ He had found a way to get more energy into simple orgonite by adding a little energized water to water-based polyester resin and wanted to see whether some of this would further disable that big array. In the following August, he hiked up to the array and put some towerbusters there, also on a higher peak on the ridge where there was an unhealthy energy vortex.

After he was done, he came to visit and we spent the rest of the afternoon together. Carol was in Ireland at the time.

A queer thunderhead began forming over Moscow Mountain and quickly spread about five miles to the south to cover the town and it rained very, very hard for about an hour, then the thunderhead vanished within a few minutes. At the height of the storm you could see blue sky and small, healthy white cumulus clouds all around that thunderhead.

I had no doubt that what Kelly had done with the water/orgonite had generated this effect and I had no idea what to make of it, otherwise. It was a very nice confirmation for Kelly’s efforts, I think.

By the time Carol came home, in September, it was apparent to her, in terms of watching the dark energy still spew out from the array to the north, away from town, that the death array was still functioning the same as it was before Kelly did that remarkable experiment. Someone, someday, will get some orgonite to the north side of that array and it will be completely neutralized.

Not enough work has been done with water orgonite to understand the parameters or uses of the stuff. If this had been emotionally promoted on a forum, based on the thunderstorm effect, it’s likely that everyone who read the posts would assume that it was necessary to buy expensive, water-based polyester resin and put energized water in it in order to get any confirmations. They’d also probably assume that unless a phenomenal thunderstorm was immediately generated, then they were doing something wrong. It’s not Kelly’s or Manfred’s responsibility to take the reader-response dynamics into consideration; it’s the forum managers’ sole responsiblity to keep his/her forum viable and useful for the readers.

The only way to keep a forum viable, these days, is to insist on intellectual integrity and to do whatever is required to exclude clever, backchannel poisonmongers. If the latter can use the private message function, the less discerning forum members will automatically assume that the poisoner is legitimate because, after all, he’s a ‘member.’

Kelly apparently wasn’t inclined to make much of this bizarre but intriguing atmospheric effect and he went back to making his orgonite with ordinary resin, eventually. Maybe that effect came mainly from him gifting the other peak, which has no death towers on it (or at least it didn’t, five years ago). Kelly is driven to go put orgonite in places that most desperately need it and he hasn’t felt inclined to systematize or analyze the process. He’d be doing this even if there were no orgonite forums, of course. Most of the prolific gifters don’t feel a need to report, publicly, about their efforts. This is one of the most powerful attributes of a grassroot movement.

In real terms, the most empowering reports for our readers are the ones that describe cause and effect and the best reports of those are the ones that describe or illustrate before and after conditions of a gifting campaign. I constantly ask our contributors to supply this information for the sake of our readers and for the public record. There’s really no place for personal charisma or strong, endorphin-generating emotion in these presentations, please consider! Those things encourage conformity and blind imitation, which are historically shown to be socially destructive rather than helpful.

If we can get well past the blind-emotion handicap and also stop putting personalities on pedestals maybe we can start discussing the dynamics of such things as direct cooperation with elementals, dolphins and other helpful entities, all of whom seem to adore Kelly (and probably also Manfred, as far as I can tell–I haven’t met him in person), by the way. Some of us feel certain that the latest debacle was designed to distract people from some pretty exciting new developments and timely, empowering realizations.

The simple truths are always the most empowering ones, which is why the world odor puts so much of their human, etheric and material resources into generating and promoting inappropriate mysticism and personality cults. Let’s all grow up and start thinking and acting on our own, okay?

Speaking of water: For the past couple of years, Carol and I have witnessed powerful, lasting atmospheric effects by tossing a lot of ordinary orgonite into bodies of water. One of the effects the four of us (Dooney, STevo, Carol and I) witnessed while gifting big Yellowstone Lake in that national park, last August, was that the daily, ruinous thunderstorms that a park ranger at the boat ramp warned us about, earlier in teh day, didn’t occur. We saw the telltale signs of a big storm forming over us in mid-afternoon, when we were half-finished gifting the lake but the dark cloud vanished quickly before it got any height. There had been a series of forest fires, that summer, along the shores of the lake because it was the worst lightning season anyone had experienced, there.

The more orgonite people will toss in the sea, especially teh coastal areas, the sooner these HAARP molestations will end, assuming someone will also disable the coastal and mountain HAARP facilities. There’s no good reason, any more, to tolerate manipulated climate conditions and I’m telling you this without a lot of emotion Cool


Don Croft
28 Feb 2008 11:43
Subject: Re: ‘Why won’t the psychics evaluate new inventions, here?’
Sure, everyone is psychic. Everyone is also musical. When I lived in Tonga I was awakened at about 4AM, every day, by hollow-log drums calling ‘the faithful’ to the various churches in town. Two of the churches were within earshot and the first thing that happened in the morning services was that the congretations sang Tongan hymns. The loudest singers in one of the gongregations were tone deaf and it was pure torture to hear that congregation; the other one had enough talented people, or the tone-deaf people were discouraged from yelling, that the music sounded pretty good and had a lot of harmonizing.

Both congregations were technically musical, just like we’re all technically psychic.

When I’m watching out for more people to invite to participate as psychics in the chat sessions I favor the people who exhibit native ability for the psi work, then I ask the experienced psychics to help them along, which they always do. Previous training can be a handicap, actually, because the training protocols are usually so steeped in Theosophy that the psychic has some pretty deeply-programmed but subtle arrogance and irrationality.

The CIA wants arrogant psychics working for them because these are easier to manipulate, hence the CIA’s direct sponsorship, through dummy corporations, of every psychic training institution.

The psychic aspect that all of us can easily access is our intuitive hunches. That’s also the most productive form of psychism because it’s heart-based and directly connected to Whomever is essentially incorruptible, benevolent and absolutely helpful.

This movement wouldn’t have been created by The Operators, at least not how it happened, if it weren’t for my psychic wife and it probably couldn’t be sustained without the few reputable, very skilled and experienced psychics who regularly work with each other, grace this forum and a few other reputable orgonite forums.


02 Mar 2008 07:28
Subject: Re: ‘Why Won’t The Psychics Evaluate New Inventions, Here?’
My first reaction to Don’s criticism of Kelly and Manfred was strongly negative. I did not feel that they had published anything but their honest observations of a new configuration of well known orgonite that might get slightly more “bang for the buck”. I wasn’t overexcited about it (the invention called inverted CB or “peacemaker” but also did not feel it was hyped too much, except maybe in some corners of the German forum.
I expressed my feeling in a personal email to Don and in an earlier posting in this thread.
But the dilemma posed by this “affair” goes much deeper as it touches the very way we want to further develop the dialogue in this informal network.
I am faced with this dilemma every day when moderating my own German language forum at German CB Forumwww.cb-forum.com.
Other than Don’s approach of an “invited only” forum, the German forum is in principle open to everyone who expresses serious interest in making or surrounding themselves with orgonite.
My reasoning for this has been that I want a maximum exposure of people to orgonite and whatever would lead to the fastest possible spreading of the good news that we are not helpless against HAARP, Chemtrails and other DOR producing technologies, would be the right approach.
Don on the other hand has, after participating in open forums for years, decided to concentrate a small group of dedicated orgone warriors in order to have a high concentration of substantive and inspiring contributions, not diluted or bogged down by the inevitable disinfo and lukewarm fence sitting attitude of many who populate an open forum.
Of course, whenever we make such selections, an outcry of “Stalinism”, “undemocratic” suppression of open debate becomes aired by people, be they agents or just on another wavelength in a more legitimate way. I have used the comparison to the Stalinist purges in Russia in my email to Don as well.
However, I find myself in the position of the accused (of the crime of stalinist dictatorship) often enough to sympathise with Don’s difficult position and yet sometimes I wonder if it is necessary to be so strict and if things will not sort themselves out sooner or later when left to open debate.
I mean the truth prevails after all, because it is true, or not?
How to deal with this dilemma I still don’t know.
I think we all agree that we would rather live in a free and open society where everybody can express their opinions and cultural aspirations freely as long as he fully respects the freedom of others to do likewise.
On the other hand we wish to be free to associate with those who are of a like mind and follow common goals with us, which includes the right to dis-associate with those who are following a very different agenda.
Comes on top of that the right to self defense against an inhumane group that seeks control over humankind by covert means and open cruelty. (The new world odor gang in it’s various expressions)

Then there are some who advocate “building freedom” over “fighting tyranny”.

Are we in danger to go the route of so many “revolutionary groups” that thought by eliminating a certain enemy group, perceived as the opressor, freedom could be attained for all, yet ended in more severe opression of a greater number of people and most commonly in a gigantic bloodbath.
Surely, the main difference is, we are not fighting with Kalashnikows but peacefully with orgonite and more agressively on an etheric or mental level.
I have no problem with that, rather love to be in the thick of it.
But the constant nagging and bickering of our critics leaves it’s traces of weariness, I must confess and makes me wonder if there are not more invigorating and creative ways to deal with this phenomenon.

I feel Don has handled the fallout of this affair with admirable coolness and I have come to understand his position much better, so I hope that it will lead to a refreshing impulse for our common enterprise which is to establish a parasite/predator free energy matrix on this planet, conducive to human life and happiness.


Doing it all over Africa and sending it out to the world
Don Croft
03 Mar 2008 14:15
Subject: Re: ‘Why won’t the psychics evaluate new inventions, here?’
Thanks, Georg.

I think the reason for some of our difficulties is that we’re trying to navigate some uncharted territories with unfamiliar vessels, so there are new rules we’re learning in the process.

The reason I stress, perhaps annoyingly often, that what we’re all about isn’t ‘organization’ or ‘revolution,’ per se, has been demonstrated in Georg’s post pretty well.

He and I started our forums for different but legitimate reasons, of course, and these things are evolving beyond what we intended. This is a healthy sign, of course. They’re now moving in different directions, too, but both are valid and perhaps needed. I’ve suggested that a new forum, too, ought to be dedicated to research and development. I don’t think I’d be personally interested in contributing because my niche seems to be on the application end. Carol and I invented some of the basic devices we all use but we later adopted others’ inventions and use them, too.

The original French forum is also going through a testing period and is apparently coming through it with flying colors.

Each of us who have forums have had to deal with subterfuge and have booted members for causing trouble. I’ve probably done the least of that simply because I do my best to discern whether someone I wish to invite is oriented the way I am, which is to say is committed to disabling tyranny and to healing, values intellectual integrity and wishes to contribute to a genuinely cooperative effort.

I don’t intend to debate anyone about the pros and cons of directly opposign tyrants, of course, because the name of this forum pretty clearly says what it’s for, after all. I assume that anyone who is attracted to read the postings, here, wants what we want and hopes to become proficient at this chosen task.

The volume of criticism is getting turned up, right now, which I assume is because orgonite is about to make a splash in mainstream media, throughout the world and the CIA isn’t going to run that show, as they had planned and hoped they could Cool

When apparently hostile or manipulative people throw the word, ‘family,’ at me I remind them that humanity is already a close-knit family, however dysfunctional it might be at the moment. None of us are more distantly related than 52d cousins, after all.

Carol and I will be visiting Kelly and Cesco in a few days. They’re our old, trusted friends. When I invited them to post on my forum, years ago, the aim and purpose of this website weren’t as clearly defined as they are, now. If someone, like Kelly and Cesco, is more inclined to healing than to fighting the world odor rat bastards directly I’m in no position to judge them, of course. They’ve simply followed their consciences and so withdrew themselves from EW. If I were the Papa STalin character that my critics loudly insist I am, I’d have shot them, their parents, their children, their cousins their dogs, their goldfish and everyone who owes them money Wink

By the way, readers, Georg is perhaps the most prosperous vendor who is listed on EW and he posts on warriormatrix.com. As far as I know, other vendors whom I affiliate also post on that board, and certainly several substantive Etheric Warriors posters also occasionally post on that forum. That’s none of my business, unless someone personally asks my opinion. I only address issues and behavior in my posts; I don’t discuss the people who assault our characters.

Donebydooney.com is another distinct forum effort that’s specialized. I think that the days when the CIA owned and operated the ‘voice of orgonite’ on the internet are finally fading away by now. I think we’ll see a variety of legitimate forum efforts in English, pretty soon, especially as orgonite gets discussed (and hopefully attacked) in the media in coming months. It’s the public attacks which draw the best people to us, after all, and I think the CIA will be unable to restrain their assets from attacking us. They’ve been leashed for five years, ever since Jeff Rense hosted a public assault on orgonite on a series of radio shows; that perhaps doubled the number of orgonite cloudbusters.

Maybe EW is a sort of etheric commando unit, though it’s obvious that many or even most of the people who post here don’t personally favor that approach. Only about a dozen of us participate in the chat sessions, aftrer all. I constantly risk being labled ‘elitist’ but, in fact, I want to be surrounded by a few demonstrated heroes like Georg. People who want to heal the world without curing it, first, will always find useful work to do but the curative process probably won’t last much longer. Tyranny, like acute illness, has a beginning and end, after all, and there’s nothing mysterious or even occult about parasites in either case, ultimately.

I’ll probably close Etheric Warriors after the world odor has finally collapsed and all their underground hideyholes have been earthpiped. Meanwhile, we can have plenty of good, clean fun here and can continue to enertain and inform our readers!


Don Croft
03 Mar 2008 14:31
Subject: Re: ‘Why won’t the psychics evaluate new inventions, here?’
I correspond with some fence sitters who are on Georg’s forum. I suggested to one of them that he’d be making a more solid contribution if he didn’t post abougt his doubt and confusion, since that’s not helpful to the readers. I talk pretty candidly to people in private correspondence. He took it to heart and told me that he would only post about his gifting campaigns for awhile.

Certitude is a rare commodity, today, mostly because the sewer rat agencies who own and operate the media, religions, academia and just about every other insitution that relates to intellect, have been hell-bent, for perhaps six thousand years, on keeping humanity confused and hopeless.

If this is so, that’s a lot of momentum to overcome just to have an inspired, creative thought Cool and everyone who wishes to exercise his or her volition and to examine reality independently has my sympathy and support.

Every individual has to see reality in his or her own way, of course, which is why people who claim to believe all the same stuff in the same way ought not be trusted.

One of the reasons EW works is that there is no underlying institutional ideology, here. The only bond is our communal desire to mend the world. A few of us feel that the overall healing process involves undermining and neutralizing the corporate masters of the parasitic world order. The rest are content to heal the wounds that these parasites inflicted and their posted contributions are deeply appreciated.

In a broad sense, humanity certainly earned the fascist global government we allow to exploit us but by getting rid of this corpse (think of the global corporation as a corpse that’s filled with greedy worms–the worms are the world order) a few are earning something better for the entire species. This curious process has been seen throughout history, of course. Why else do you think the sewer rat agencies discourage the study of history?


Don Croft
03 Mar 2008 15:19
Subject: Re: ‘Why won’t the psychics evaluate new inventions, here?’
We’re beginning to see some hopeful signs that peer pressure can be applied to even the professional saboteurs who send around poisonous private messages on open-membership forums. When enough people recognize mind-control tactics, the tactics will immediately fail to be effective. This is another thing that history demonstrates, which is why there are no black-shirted Homeland Security troops goose stepping across America, as planned.

I’m particularly heartened by this because open-membership boards fill a need and can perhaps be viable, after all. I’m going to post some translated material from Alexandre Emard’s French forum pretty soon that will perhaps demonstrate how they’re turning hte tables on the poisonmongers, there. I’m sure you’ll be encouraged and inspired by that, G.

Maybe this would have been impossible, before. Maybe humanity is roused to a functional level by now, in terms of having a will to consult together constructively. Maybe the CIA is getting so thoroughly undermined by humanity’s wakeup call that they just can’t run their vast, deployed corps of MOnarch-conditioned brain police assets effectively, any more Wink

We ought to all exploit this golden opportunity, I think.


04 Mar 2008 09:14
Subject: Re: ‘Why Won’t The Psychics Evaluate New Inventions, Here?’
“Maybe the CIA is getting so thoroughly undermined by humanity’s wakeup call that they just can’t run their vast, deployed corps of MOnarch-conditioned brain police assets effectively, any more…”

It’s the Little Dutch Boy, for sure, trying to plug ever more holes.

Even more mind-boggling, the change and evolution that many here are at the forefront of is working its way even through THOSE folks, the hardened, the deluded, the Machiavelles. Kind of like Westmoreland saying ‘I’m sorry’ on his deathbed.

This whole thing could disappear, indeed I suggest IS disappearing, like frost on a Spring morning, gradually easing out of existance, with only the most hardened having to take the hard or difficult way through.

Not that I’m advocating letting the metaphorical bad children keep their toys, mind you. Well, actually, they CAN keep their toys, we’re just going to take the metaphorical batteries out of them, as it were.

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