Windows 10 LTSC, the true heir to Windows 7 Ultimate - zero bloatware and the least amount of telemetry

LTSC it is the best version of Windows 10 because of the following:

  1. It’s clean . There are no pre-installed non-removable junk “apps”. There are no ads.
  2. It’s efficient . There is no Cortana. There are no background commercial spying processes running. Just the bare minimum for a Microsoft OS, just as it should be.
  3. It’s stable . There are no quality / feature / life-improvement updates. You only get the necessary basic; security updates and bug fixes. Just like in Windows 7. The OS you install is what you get for it’s 10 year lifespan.
  4. It’s the ultimate version . It offers the most user-control of the OS (disable spying by reducing telemetry to minimal/zero levels, full control over updates and their scheduling, etc.).

More information here.

This is generally available from online vendors for a price in the region of $20: