Women and Children crying and screaming at night


My name is Alan Tait and back in 2018 I reported strange noises coming from underneath the basement of my house. The police would not investigate, so over the last four years I have been carrying out my own investigation with the help of my wife and many other people.

I have posted many videos and recordings about this matter.

One of the recent ones is only three minutes or so long “The crying and screaming Boris cant hear” Sophia Nails Ammanford - YouTube

Nine of the people that made recordings share what they discovered in a 40 minute video. One of them was trained in weapons systems and detecting criminality.
"The Ammanford Untouchables

My aim is to try to get a full investigation into the matters we have discovered and I would like to hear from anyone who has any ideas or can offer any help

Best regards

alantaitammanford.co.uk @alandtait