Working on kid. One kid with ADHD

hi there,

One kid with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) in the hospital I had a psychiatric interview with a few weeks ago. He told me a voice in his head told him to start hitting people everytime he got angry. Also, he was being harassed by zombies at night. I set out to work on him a bit. That is, I tried to chase the voice from his head, and scare away the zombies from his room.

Now two weeks later, follow up psychiatric interview: the voice is gone, and the zombies are only scaring him at his parents place (I only scared them away from the hospital-silly me, will correct that one soon). One of my most valuable tools I use to work on kids is the secret device Cesco so graciously provided me with. I took it with me, and since there was no surveillance from a senior psychiatrist from behind a ‘screen’ mirror, I put it in his hands, telling him it was a kind of toy.

I had some trouble convincing it was a fun game, and he said he did not understand what the game was about. He got some good points for that one [Image Can Not Be Found]. Any way, I could feel it did him some good, even if he did not hold it very long, and hope that will contribute to his getting better.