World Class Realization on Sunday via Dooney

On most days, after the Sunday chats, Carol and I feel like taking a nap because it’s genuine labor to dodecorate the world odor’s human, semi-human and non-human predators and to boost ailing earth vortices.

We were in the process of working on a sickened vortex, in fact, when Dooney said, ‘Hey, when I look at it sideways, I can see that the dark, reverse spin energy doesn’t go very far into the earth but that the healthy vortices all connect together at the center of the earth and that they’re all based on a dodecahedron pattern!’ I’m paraphrasing, but that initiated a long string of realizations and recognitions, mostly expressed by Dooney.

We were all quite invigorated by the whole thing and Dooney said, toward the end, that a Lemurian was standing right beside her and that she had the impression that he would remain there.

I think all or most of us had a succession of AHA! realizations connected with all that. I can’t speak for others but I’m sorry I didn’t write mine down in those rarified moments because I’ve already forgotten a lot of them by now.

Dooney and STevo had been having more and more interactions with Lemurians and their ships’ characteristic white lenticulars are a common feature of the sky over their home. These interactions are getting more ‘solid’ as time progresses. Lemurians were almost always present when Carol and I did our early work and we had a sense that they were helping us along and inspiring us but they were pretty fleeting interactions compared to yesterday’s. I think DB has had some experiences with them, too.

From first hand accounts I gathered, years before, that Lemurians have cities in hyperdimensional space and Carol insists that they’ve been waiting for the requisite number of people to ‘get it’ before they’re willing to show themselves physically. The proliferation of white lenticulars around the planet in the past five years may be a precursor to more personal interaction. A thought that occured to me during that high-energy session, yesterday, is that since they don’t have any desire to control us or determine humanity’s destiny they may be on a more or less equal footing in our world if/when they return, ‘casting votes’ like anyone else.

Carol says that of all The Operators, the Lemurians are the most eager for us to make the grade now.

Some of us had a sense that by showing Dooney how the earth grid interfaces with hypderimensional space toward the center of the earth, they’re giving us all a glimpse of how science will be after the institutionalized, white coated materialists are no longer considered to deserve the last word. It seems to me that this could come about rather quickly.

As you may know, Dooney got her groundbreaking dodecahedron technique directly from dolphins, almost a year ago.

As we moved along, boosting vortices around the world from the center of the earth (that might have been STevo’s suggestion) the psychics saw a variety of responses: vortices colored blue, green, indigo, pink, etc., which relate to our own variously colored chakras: violet=crown, indigo=brow, blue=throat, pink=‘overheart,’ green=heart. I don’t recall them mentioning colors for the lower chakras but the ‘grounding’ to the center of the earth apparently involved the upper chakras this time–at least that’s my impression.

Also, as we moved along, the psychics became aware that many people are now showing the pink chakras directly above their heart chakras. Carol started seeing these in people about three years ago and the number has grown steadily, she says–Carol considers it an expression of one’s ability to show selfless love, which characterizes how The Operators relate to us and through us. I can tell you that these chat sessions are a lot of fun, partly because nobody’s ego tries to seize control of the process, nor does anyone’s fear inhibit it. Remember how it was when you were a kid, staying out late on summer nights to play hide and seek? It feels kind of like that in our chat sessions.

Dooney’s weekly chat sessions ( are also producing consistently fine results and some new psychics are being ‘proven’ in those.

If one only looks close to the surface in the case of poisoned natural earth vortices he/she may feel discouraged but, in fact, this poison effect is pretty superficial, which may be why it’s relatively easy, now, to correct the problems.

Late in teh session, I asked the psychics to peek at Judy Lubulwa so we could give her a big boost but STevo said, ‘I looked at her an hour ago and saw a brilliant green vortex welling up all around her–she’s fine!’ Interesting to me: the vortices throughout Africa were uniformly bright but were not centralized. I think that’s one of the characteristics that make for good networking and fast progress throughout all those cultures and lands.

They were seeing similar wellsprings of vari-colored energy all over the planet, even across China, after we started boosting from teh center of the earth. Stevo had a sense that the world odor’s draconian regime in China and Russia probably won’t be able to keep its stranglehold on those folks much longer, after this.

It might be too soon to hang up our spurs but yesterday’s boost seems to have taken a lot of noxious wind out of hte sails of the world odor in one fell swoop, thanks (I say) to the Lemurians’ participation and Dooney’s willingness to carry it all forward in the moment. It was heady but not unsteady, if you know what I mean. Carol immediately went out with her daughter to run errands and I spent three hours on my boatbuilding project in the garage after that, my mind filled with creative and (I believe) inspired new thoughts.

We’re still jazzed Cool and we dared to believe that the world odor will have more trouble poisoning us and trying to kill us in other ways after yesterday, even less success in hacking our communications and forum.

I think yesterday’s group synergy and awakening was a watershed event, even historic. The most wonderful part is knowing that when we heal the earth, we heal ourselves and everyone else in and on it. I’m not going to try to upstage Dooney because she was expressing all of this in a more comprehensive and direct way, so I trust that she’ll do teh same in this thread.

It’s very reassuring to me that, even though some, including Carol, have seen some of these dynamics in the past it just wasn’t time, yet, for the rest of us (humanity) to catch on, nor was it time for us to see it in a practical perspective. The reassuring part is that everyone can now have a piece of this new realization, automatically and unasked. Before Dooney started doing this work with us in mid-2004 or so, she wasn’t particularly interested in high psychism, nor did she have any institutional training to develop her skills. Like many of us, she’s not an alpha personality, so when she speaks, she says things that are worth listening to. I’d never seen her evince such confidence before yesterday, though her psi input has always been reliable and on target.

To some, the threat that’s represented by the patriarchal world odor’s war on humanity and on our planet has seemed overwhelming and even unopposable. For several years we’ve operated on the assumption that these old farts are merely clever parasites, relying mostly on psychological warfare and stealing people’s energy. After yesterday, they seem even less threatening to us and we’re a little less concerned with how their downfall will be accomplished.

It’s always a good idea to dwell mainly on positive things, of course, and yesterday’s realizations showed us that there’s even more bright stuff ahead of us than we ever dreamt of Wink and this stinking old world odor is less and less likely to get their mass murder wishes granted in the meantime, regardless of our interventions. We do still intend to keep hunting for their nuclear bombs on teh seabed and in our cities, of course, and we’ll keep on gifting. Boosting a vortex remotely won’t ever match the beneficial effects of also gifting it locally, any more than carpet bombing could take territory without infantry later seizing and holding it.

In that light, we spent some time working on the energy matrix under and around Baghdad, which centers on one of the big underground wheels. I wish there were some savvy US and/or British soldiers over there who would just make and distribute some orgonite instead of shooting women and children.

I’m seeing a lot of stuff that I feel powerless to express in more than a token way. Hopefully Dooney adn the other psychics will flesh this thread out and also correct me if I mis-remembered anything.

I felt quite honored to be in their presence, especially Dooney’s that day.


I believe Don is right when he says that yesterday’s chat (2-18-07) was groundbreaking. In many ways, I don’t think I’ll ever be the same. We started out as usual, just trying to get everyone in sync for the chat. After about 45 minutes we started boosting the vortex under Baghdad, which we have worked on before and which the DonebyDooney chat group had worked on the day before. It has always been confusing for me to look at vortexes since I know a natural vortex spins clockwise and I have always viewed these earth vortexes from above, seeing them as a counter-clockwise spiral. So yesterday I changed my perspective and looked at the vortex from the side, so I could perceive the clockwise spin.

Incredibly, this small change in perspective opened up a new world for me. Not only could I feel and see the clockwise spin, I could see the “tail” of the vortex connecting deep into the center of the earth, and I could see the color of the vortex. Stevo and I saw that a vortex that has been hijacked by negative energy doesn’t connect to the center of the earth like this….we saw them as trailing off into the shallower layers of the earth. But as soon as we focused on the vortex and sent it energy, the tail would start flowing right into the center of the earth and the vortex would brighten and spin clockwise.

Stevo being the “big picture” type man that he is immediately slipped into a 4D space and saw all of the vortexes all over the earth connecting into the center of the planet. He saw all these vortexes as pores on the skin of the planet – some large, some small. At the same time I was getting an image of the vortex pumping energy, as if the tip of the tail was being pulled down, then let go so the vortex would lengthen and shorten. Stevo observed that this is the way the vortex pumps energy from the center of the earth to the surface, actually “breathing” the energy out from the center.

Whoa! This is big stuff…I get jazzed just remembering all the energy that we were running yesterday. After Stevo offered the analogy of pores on skin, I started to see all humans as vortexes too. Each with a unique size and color….and animals, and plants…and wait a minute! This is too much! [Image Can Not Be Found]

Well, needless to say the energy in the chat was really flowing. Carol was seeing all the same things, I believe, and I’d love for her to add her observations to this thread. She and Stevo and I started looking at all the vortexes around the earth. Carol saw five in Egypt and two in Saudi Arabia that needed healing. I saw four under Iran and took care of those. I looked at some other vortexes that we had already healed. The one under Verdun, France is now light blue. I saw tons of pink vortexes across China, a peachy-yellow one under the Diana murder site in Paris, purple ones in the Pacific Ocean, indigo ones under Washington, D.C., peachy-yellow ones across the US, and many colors of vortexes across Africa…all the colors of the chakras, and all small as compared to the big ones under Baghdad and Verdun.

At this point I was pretty overwhelmed and couldn’t even type what I was seeing in the chat window. We eventually got cooked and said goodbye, but the energy just kept going. I drive into Missoula shortly afterward, and everyone I saw had a vortex: green, red, blue, green, green, purple, yellow…they just keep coming at me while I was driving and while shopping. I just kept breathing and kept my own personal purple vortex pumped up and spinning. I realized that I was now unable to be angry, judgemental and fearful. i just didn’t get mad at folks like I usually do when out in public. I can’t even get mad at Bush anymore. This energy has helped me achieve a level of neutrality that I have looking for but have been unable to achieve so far.

I forgot to mention that soon after perceiving the vortexes in this new way I perceived a Lemurian sitting next to me with his or her arm around my shoulder. This is not something I saw, rather I felt it energetically. The Lemurians have been hanging around our property for months and communicating with Stevo and I in various ways. I’ve been asking when they are going to show themselves to me physically and they said I am not ready yet. Stevo has been seeing them as waves of color and he also gets etheric messages from them. Carol said she is pretty sure they will be revealing themselves to us physically very soon.

So today, the day after the chat, I’m feeling more calm, but now I feel connected to the earth in a way that I wasn’t before. I can feel the vortex around my body very clearly and it’s easy to see and feel the earth vortexes and other people’s vortexes. Before yesteday I never would have thought to look at vortexes around people, but it feels right to me. Each chakra is a mini-vortex and I think they tie into this big vortex, which may be just another aspect of our aura. Stevo also postulated that we would find these vortexes in each cell of our bodies, so I went inward and saw them there – vortexes all over the outside of a cell, connecting to the center of the cell, a small version of what the earth looks like with vortexes all over the planet connecting to the center. Microcosm/Macrocosm – if I look outward into the universe I see the same thing.

This may not be a profound experience for anyone else but I wanted to offer it for your consideration. Carol said she saw this happening many years ago and has been waiting ever since. I feel like slapping my forehead and saying, “Duh! Why didn’t I see vortexes this way before?!” I guess I wasn’t ready for it yet and now I am. The same thing happened when the dodec technique was shown to me….it was the right time.

Don did a great job of keeping control of a chat in which three psychics were having profound visions and I thank him for that. It was a wild ride and I think it’s just the beginning!

I haven’t yet explored how the vortex and the dodec will tie in together, but as I’m sitting here writing this, I’m getting an image of each face of the dodec having a vortex that connects to the middle of the dodec. We have used a single vortex in the water-filled dodec previously and I think this is an extension of that.


"I think all or most of us had a succession of AHA! realizations connected with all that. I can’t speak for others but I’m sorry I didn’t write mine down in those rarified moments because I’ve already forgotten a lot of them by now. "

I wonder if there is some way on the chat client to have it generate a log on the server or somewhere fairly secure, it seems like it might be handy to have the logs of the chats at some point in the future or for reminders of realizations that are lost. just a thought.

Heheh–changes the concept of ‘grounding,’ don’t you think? Cool I"m hoping Dooney will figure out a way to incorporate this with her dodec technique for general fare because, after all, every empowering thing we achieve is to be shared as soon as possible, with as many who are willing to integrate the info/energy. is the clearing house for this new-realm ‘tech.’

Carol got my post on her puter screen by late afternoon, yesterday (Monday), but lately she’s been getting more email than I do and so has even less time for reading or posting but she’s promised to add to this thread and she’s made several pithy comments since the event on Sunday, some of which I’ll share:

Six years ago, on our trip across the country with our new cloudbuster, Carol and I got acquainted with a group of psychics who were using the internet to coordinate their etheric global healing effforts. They all seemed kind of kooky to me but Carol insisted that their efforts were achieving at least temporary effects–essentially causing the world odor to ‘wobble’ for the short term. The most exciting aspect of Sunday’s achievement/attainment was that the world odor is unstable enough, by now, that anyone who will boost from the earth’c center can dramatically undermine it. Like Dooney, I lost a lot of aggression on Sunday–it just evaporated and I know that it’s partly because the end of tyranny is more clearly in sight for me since those moments.

Nobody controls the EW psychics, by the way. The only control I exercised on Sunday was to keep myself out of their paths as much as possible Wink and reading Dooney’s concise report helped me remember some of the basic components of the realizatoin–thanks Coach! Don’t kick yourself for not realizing something earlier, by the way. It was Sunday’s event that showed us what to do with this info, after all. Information that doesn’t produce action is as useful in the moment as tits on a boar and I’m looking forward to witnessing, perhaps at closer range, the unfoldment of your and STevo’s working relationships with the Lemurians, who have apparently taken quite a shine to you guys.

By the way, Elen in Scotland suggested that we might all be more ‘real’ to our readers by sharing some personal history and information in posts and I’m going to follow her lead, shortly. I hope you psychics will do the same, also everyone who posts here. I bared my soul and opened my closets in a book because I wanted to pre-empt my present and impending enemies in case they want to use any of that to conduct a slander campaign. They have unreal expectations about the significance of a few personalities but, of course, the world odor operatives remain stuck in the receding leadership paradigm. My book doesn’t mean much to this forum effort, of course, so I’m going to offer some relevant personal history, etc., in the Miscellaneous Section soon. I think this makes us more genuine for our readers, especially for when they read threads like this one.

You can probably tell that our psychics are not kooks or grandstanders, by the way:

Stevo is a successful, very reputable physician with a broad spectrum of training (including psychic) and experience and an innate ability to heal with his hands…

Dooney was a trouble-shooting tecchie for Apple Computers for many years at their R&D place in Silicon Valley & eventually arrived with a very big splash as a phenomenally substantive psychic contributor to this network a few years ago–the most remarkable part of that is that she had no psychic training or particular interest in psychism, before, as far as I can tell. Her abilities have increased with ‘on the job training’ because she’s the de-facto coach for anyone in this network who wants to learn to toss energy effectively and, beyond that, to use the dodecahedron technique for healing and/or for ‘predator-boosting’ It surprises some that the two processes are essentially identical…

Carol is Carol–at least 50% responsible for the existence of this grassroot movement, also is an accomplished inventor (‘inventress?’) and businesswoman. She was born with considerable psi talent and capacity and only started recognizing it as such when she was in her twenties.

Dirk, who posts here as ‘psychiatrist,’ is earning his psychic wings these days–he’s an MD with an active interest in natural healing. I can see that others are also going to be in the psi saddle before long, thanks mainly to’s regular group sessions. This is a dream come true for me and can you imagine what the world will be like when there are a thousand wonderful psychics in the world, spontaneously doing what these folks do on a regular basis in very informal group settings?

Fred, I doubt that transcripts of the chats would be very helpful because when the heat is on there’s a lot of intuitive and even telepathic interaction, even among those of us who are not psychics, and that’s not apparent on the puter screen, unfortunately. Really, Dooney’s post brought it all back for me, at least, and probably is more inspiring and informative for our readers than a blow-by-blow report would be, based just on what we were typing. Sunday was your first chat experienced and you came in when it was pretty much over (it starts at 8AM Sunday morning for you in Hawaii) but you’ll get into the stream pretty soon, don’t worry. Also, some of us cuss like sailors and hairdressers and that wouldn’t be suitable to share publicly.

The challenge for all mystics has been to put what they know into terms that others can understand. The entire discussion about what we do in the Sunday chats is essentially a mystical one, even though we focus on mostly 3D targets and locations. What we’re all likely learning, at least through gifting, is that what we do in this realm affects the unseen realms and their inhabitants, which may be why The Operators support this effort so thoroughly.

Did you know that when scientists first started talking about electricity the Pajama People all thought they were just making it all up? Later, when the PJ folks (also all institutionalized scientists, including Einstein, are apparently PJ folks, too, in spite of the fact that they look and act authoritative) took electricity for granted, they laughed at the notion of orgone/ether. Maybe Tesla called it ‘electricity’ in order not to freak out Edison and their stupid corporate sponsors in those days.

Now, nobody’s laughing at ‘orgone’ any more, so if we extrapolate, our reports about international group adventures in teh etheric realm will come to be seen as hard, empirical science, too, and not over-active imaginations or mass hypnosis. This activity will stand up very, very well to objective scrutiny and experimentation and we’ve barely tapped the healing potential of these group efforts in terms of fixing human illness and imbalances.

In that light, can you see why it’s important to know our psychics, personally? Dooney and Carol correspond with a lot of people these days but not with the majority of our readers. Our enemies have been trying to destroy Carol’s reputation for years because she’s shy and therefore a pretty easy target for the more talented and resourceful character assassins. You may find out, as I did early on, that she’s not afraid to stand up for herself. That disreputable, predatory county prosecutor she took down in the Benewah County courtroom a couple of years ago will concur.

She quietly removed his DOR/federal underpinnings in the courtroom right after he tried to bully/burn her in front of witnesses in the lobby, before entering court, for our gifting his property the night before Cool. What a crybaby. He had ruined hundreds of innocent lives before that day on behalf of the feloniouis feds. Within weeks after his humiliating display of disorientation and confusion (‘where am I?’ heheh) in front of the judge and spectators there was a public street protest, demanding his removal. Before, everyone in the county was terrified of this payrolled predator. When any world odor predator shows that he/she has lost his/her edge, he/she become meat for the other predators. It’s a universal law that anyone can invoke by gifting their ‘feeding grounds,’ which are courts, copshops, jails, offices, etc.

If you have white skin you’re less likely to clearly see the extent of their poisonous tyranny and I hope to God you don’t have to. Gifting around their home properties is useful, too, if you can find them. Carol suggests that if anyone wil gift around the US Capitol Building with simple orgonite that has lapis lazuli in it, those traitors will be constrained to be truthful after that, which is to say their manifest treason will become apparent to even the stupidest, drunkest PJ folks (that describes this regime’s little powerbase Wink). Maybe Javi and Ale will make lapis available, since most of it comes from Chile and they can get it cheaply, enabling a fair profit for them.

Remember: Lapis Lazuil. It only takes a little bit in each TB. It’s like truth serum for creepy politicians.

Speaking of fair profit, Dooney found it prudent, early on, to charge a nominal fee for her online coaching. This has enabled her to stay the course. If she gave it away, she’d have burned out because it’s hard work. Anything that’s worth having has a price, of course, except air, water and perhaps sex.

Carol says that Sunday’s realization is a major step toward a direct, conscious partnership between 3D humans and Lemurians, who are ‘other-D’ humans and that they want us to ‘get it’ even more than the dolphins do. Did I mention that earlier? She’ll share some things that have escaped my memory or awareness.

Dr. Steve, whom we affectionately call The Great and Powerful Stevo (GPS) in the chats (I like to also call him Great White Hunter because he loves to go after those big dracs) is refreshingly eloquent and expressive verbally but he doesn’t enjoy writing. He can explain the bodies’ (we all have several bodies occupying more or less the same space) workings, and what he does to repair/heal them, in very clear terms, easily comprehended and even remembered. He’s the most skilled and effective hands-on physician we’ve met and Carol feels that if he can get what he says written in a book it will help an awful lot of people get clear of the murderous, global harmacy cartel and then get well instead of ending up as MD-predator meat. Dooney has taped some of his lectures and I threatened to hide a voice-activated recording device in his presence and ask him a lot of questions.


Another telling feature of our group effort is synergy, made possible because our egos sit outside instead of trying to take the podium. When I lived and worked in Scotlandville, Louisiana in my youth among those wonderful black folks one of my coworkers was fond of saying, ‘Don’t let the devil ride! if you let him ride, he’ll wanna DRIVE!’ I think ‘ego’ and ‘devil’ are synonymous, most times, though we need our egos, of course. People who say they have no egos seem to me like they’ve been lobotomized. I was acquainted with an actual lobotomized woman , so I have a basis of comparison.

It might be trite to say that we love each other in a similar way to how soldiers who have been in battle together are bound to each other but there’s clearly something like that going on among the little core groups of boosters on EW and in Dooney’s chatroom.

I remembet that the psychics we encountered six years ago, mostly newagers, were so egotistical that their personal interactions were like unpleasant storms in a teacup except for brief moments when they focused on the task at hand. Also, they embellished what they observed, honestly believing that they had ‘saved the world’ each time they finished a session. That made it hard for me to take them seriously.

To me, they appeared to be as pumped up and sated, after their sessions, as the folks you see streaming out of those windowless Kingdom Halls on Sundays. Maybe all of that is proxy sexual gratification for those who are impotent or otherwise celibate–kind of sad. I think they clearly saw the little wobbles they caused the world odor and, honestly, I doubt anyone had ever directly gone after this predatory global regime before those days. In that regard, we’re later arrivals. I never felt confident to discount their regular efforts and maybe what we all can do successfully, now, has been made possible by what these and perhaps other folks have spontaneously done before us. Maybe that Tibetan group who use magic to constrain the White House have been instrumental, for instance.


Wow, the Earth connected by her vortices in a dodecahedron pattern! It all seems to fit, and timing seems correct Dooney, first the dodec thecnique almost a year ago and now this. Amazing things can occur only by changing one’s perpective!

Microcosm/Macrocosm, the network of Earth vortices shows us the importance of establishing networks among us, working in this manner, to give substantial help to the Earth in her cleaning process. It is wonderful that by doing this we also clean ourselves and become better human beings. I wanted to make a call to all gifters in South America to start working together, setting ourselves concrete goals for this year. If we do it together we can cover a greater extention of land and sea. So lets start comunicating, there is three of us over here in Chile, Alejandro, Alvaro and me. My email is [email protected].

We should see ourselves as an active part of this dodec pattern, strengthening the vortice that each of us are, as well as the connection we have to the Earth, our tails very rooted. Love sprouts from that connection.

As Don said, heal the Earth, heal ourselves, and everyone else in and on it. Bright stuff ahead of us!

When we start working in this way, events start being synchronical (maybe even a degree of telepathy is taking place?). Turns out that three days ago, Ale and I went to buy lapis lazuli (this was before Don sugested we could make it available for other gifters around the world). We bought 300 small balls (200 for Dooney and 100 for me) as well as two bigger pieces (for Dooney). The stone is more expensive than we thought, but I think we can still search harder and find a better provider. Maybe what would be even better would be to buy the rough stone, not polished. It would still serve the purpose in orgonite.

Now, last sunday I made this chakra button (third eye):

I am still impressed on how relevant all this is now. Another thing that strikes my attention is that I had been having some trouble with making a heart chakra button, since it seemed to me that all the green stones didn’t combine too good with the rose quartz and moonstone (or thought that moonstone combined better with rose quartz). It occured to me that maybe I should make two types, but had not made any decision yet (couldn’t find the time to make orgonite). Well, now I know that there is an “above heart chakra” which is pink, so I’ll be making an extra button for the set of chakra buttons. And it is a significant change if we take Carol’s consideration: the “above heart chakra” is an expression of one’s abilitiy to show selfless love. I had scheduled making orgonite for today’s morning, so I’m very excited on how they will turn out.

It is very pleasant to feel this strong heartening feeling for all of you who are working together to heal the Earth, physically and etherically…

We found another huge vortex in the DonebyDooney group chat on 2-24-07. Here’s the link to my chat report…it fits right in with this vortex information:



I’m reporting about a session we did today, March 11, two weeks after Dooney’s previous post in this thread.

I got an email from Dan in Bali (Indonesia), sent yesterday, reminding me that the What To Think Network, there, had predicted destructive cyclones to hit the island of Java, next to Bali, today and for a few days following. The fact that such a precise prediction was made several weeks ago indicated that the HAARP storms were scheduled by the world odor, of course, and they weren’t hiding their arrogance when they told the talking heads to tell the PJ folks, back then.

Bali is small and Java is very big, by the way. At the time of Dan’s writing, all ferry service between the islands had been stopped due to storms and some aircraft had been destroyed: one fell into the sea and two collided during a storm.

This felt like HAARP preparations to me and I assumed that the HAARP cyclones wouldn’t be generated until the daytime, that day. I think they like to make cyclones in the daytime becuase it causes more terror that way. The world odor wages a mainly psychological war on humanity, after all.

We Americans were all late into teh chat, having forgotten about the daylight savings time change Cool, but I was confident that our psiquicos grandes would be able to help us destroy this HAARP assault before it was cranked up to cyclonic levels, since our chat hours happened during the wee hours (still dark) in that part of the world.

Having said all that, if there were, in fact, cyclones in Java we’ll at least know that whatever effect we had on the HAARPies it didn’t affect their cyclnes Wink but if there were no storms at all, then it’s possible that we’re responsible for that happy outcome. Either way, we have so much fun in the chats and the psychics are so well coordinated with each other that we feel sure that we do a lot of good.

When we first met Jeff in Florida in late September of '05 the first thing we did together was to attempt to interfere with the HAARPicane that was being sent in teh wake of Katrina, perhaps aimed at New Orleans to finish the botched job that the Katrina HAARPicane didn’t finish, thanks largely to Robert Schoen’s cloudbuster near Lake Pontchartrain.

Jeff had made a grand, lovely orgonite tool that Carol said was directly linked to a huge elemental on the coast of Yucatan, who apparently instructed Jeff to call him ‘El Jeno’ (with an umlaut over the ‘n’ and pronounced ‘Hayn Yo’ in English: The Genie. Jeff was astonished that this connection had been made but The Operators are past masters at moving us all around like eager chess pieces, also adept at inspiring us to make timely devices when we pay attention to oouor instincts and hunches, as Jeff had been doing.

We asked El Jeno to help us flatten out that storm and Carol clearly saw (Jeff felt it) the eye of the would-be HAARPicane flattening out and the center dissipating. That was born out clearly in satellite photos for that time period. The HAARPies tried and tried to reform that storm but after a few days it was clear that they wouldn’t succeed. The next one they made was Wilma, if I’m not mistaken, and we all flattened that one, too, but when it reached the coast, across the Florida peninsula from us, the death towers and HAARP facilities that hadn’t been gifted yet were apparently used to throw it at us in a straight line, building up the storm’s strength and focus along the way in spite of our best efforts.

When Eric Carlsen came to visit, a couple of mnths later, we busted all of those towers along the storm route and thruoghout the rest of S Florida (except the strip of urban area south of us) and that no doubt contributed to the complete lack of storms in the region during the following HAARPicane season. As you probably know, the What To Think Network had predicted ‘the worst storms ever’ to happen during that very calm, seven month HAARPicane period. YOu probably also know that an actual hurricane season only goes from late August to early November but the PJ folks are still pretty willing to be terrified by most of the lies told by the What To Think Network. An awful lot of them woke up from the lack of HAARPicanes, though, at least in Florida. I know that because people were thanking us sincerely Cool

SEveral thousands of TBs at tower sites and in the sea achieved that, but I feel kind of confident that what we did today may have achieved the same resiult in faraway Java, at least in the short term. If you look at a map and consider that Dan’s on tiny Bali but feels responsible for the entire region, since he’s the only announced gifter in Indonesia, we can have some sympathy for him. All of us who feel accountable for pulling the etheric rug out from under the world odor in our regions feel pretty daunted in the beginning, of coourse. Can you imagine how depressing it would be for us if there were no internet?

Carol saw three big HAARP transmitters: one in Sumatra, NW of Java (why not look at a map or globe? This movement is pretty spread out, after all), and two in navy fleets south of Java, which runs east and west. She saw them triangulating to form the cyclones and violent weather. She also noted that this was being done, partly, on account of Kelly’s and Hari’s resounding gifting successes in Malaysia, which is north of Sumatra. Similarly, there had been a severe drought in the huge area in Southern Africa which Georg, Trevor and the Australian gifter had thoroughly greened, three years ago, including the Kalahari Desert. I think we succeeded in bringing rain there during one of Dooney’s chatgroup sessions. If I"m not mistaken, the drought is already over in that region now. Before Georg and Trevor gifted all of the HAARP arrays on the Indian Ocean coast from Mozambique to Cape Town, three years ago, the South African gov’t was telling people to prepare for a famine. Busting those HAARP arrays is what caused it to finally rain abundantly, even thoughout the Kalahari to the west, where there had been 20 cloudbusters placed in strategic positions, some time before that.

I’m offering this thumbnail historical note, relating the successful efforts in Southern Africa to our current effort in Indonesia, because many or most of our readers showed up after all that was reported at the time. I think some German gifters are going to put this network’s little historic (you BET it’s historic!) record into a condensed format before long.

All three of the psychics are clearly seeing more involvment by the Lemurians, also seeing less humans interfering with humanity and more draconians. We take this as a positive sign because, apparently, the humans in the world odor are giving up hope of victory and the even more parasitic draconians and other non-humans in the organization apparently feel desperate and are losing effectiveness and focus. Anther curious development is that, before (for the past five years that we’ve been ‘reclaiming’ our planet from the world odor in these sessions) the offworlders weren’t coordinating with the humans but now the humans are being put into the loop, according to plenty of evidence we’re seeing in the ethers and in 3D. That’s apparently another sign of the world odor’s lack of real initiative.

I’m not much able to report the technical bits but the psychics found an enormous draconian base under Java and a huge draconian ship over the island. We learned, while gifting in Florida Everglades and the BAhamas, that the draconians can make nasty weather, from underground, over a wide area without the use of towers. We used the new ‘creator vortex’ and center of the earth information to deal with that base, the big spaceship and the HAARP facilities on Sumatra and at sea, south of Java. Stevo reported that several whales were in on the act, which is always heartening.

Let’s see what happens over there in the next few days!


Don Croft said:
Remember: Lapis Lazuil. It only takes a little bit in each TB. It’s like truth serum for creepy politicians.

If it only takes a little lapis lazuli then chip beads should suffice.

eBay has some vendors that sell lapis lazuli chip beads either on temporary strings or in bracelets/necklaces that can be cut apart.

Pretty cheap too.

Check these,……nt>

Stores HUB products for sale | eBay……nt>……nt>

Stores HUB products for sale | eBay……nt>

SIDENOTE: Speaking of eBay I was looking at some resin on eBay and under the questions to sellers section for one vendor I came across this question.

Question & Answer

Answered On


Dear Seller, I want to make orgone pyramids, which product of yours I can use??



Hello, You can certainly use this product depending on the size of the casting you are doing. If you require a crystal clear casting, please check out our MAX CLR which is a more color stable formulation. You can use any of our epoxy resins with silicone molds and for castings large than 1 quart at a time, you may want to do the casting in stages to avoid generating too much exothermic heat (heat that the epoxy and curing agent creates during reaction). Allow the first casting to set-up for at least 2 to 3 hours and then pour the next casting. Here is the link to the MAX CLR it mentioned above and thanks for the inquiry. … 0093875110 Thanks, Gerald 909 673 1625

Dave: There is no such thing as Brazillian Lapislazuli, Lapiz is only found in Afghanistan and Chile and in tiny amounts in Pakistan, Angola, Italy, Colorado(USA), Egypt and Siberia. These later deposites are of very low quality and brittle and are basically depleted. There are some egyptian lapislazuli, usually antiques which is of good quality. Those “Lapislazuli” beads are probably sodolite, blue agate and very low quality stained lapis…. Those “Lapislazuli” vendors are conning people. They are selling EXTREEMLY low quality lapis and also sodolite at not so cheap prices, considering. Good quality lapiz, (mostly blue) is quite expensive. These could also be reject lapiz from Chile that is stained blue. Brazilians are good at staining stones…. Also the prices give them away. NOBODY would sell real, quality lapiz at those prices, since lapis has a big market and a relatively small suply. Just search for real lapiz jewelry on the internet and compare the prices… Pure 100% blue lapis is very rare, from 1 kg of good quality rough stone maybe 400 grams can be made into fine jewelry. The kilo of good quality rough stone sells for 100 dollars or more the kilo, DIRECTLY from the mine. a kilo of very poor lapiz sells for about 20 dollars.

I was looking at some of the pictures of the “Lapis” and it is most likely the white parts of the stone (calcite?) which are rejected by jewelry makers and are then stained to apear like better quality stones… Other stones are obviously sodolite and not even very good quality sodolite and some are reject quality lapislazuli, from Chile most likely. The ones that look translucent are most likey blue agate. As you can see there is a whole array of fake and crappy lapis at those sites.

Sodolite has similar properties to Lapiz and is much cheaper. If you are looking for a cheap alternative to real lapiz, use sodolite not stained stones.

This is a sodolite ball.

Its very easy to confuse with real lapislazuli, so beware. The etheric/metaphisical properties of both stones are similar as both contain a similar form of sodium and aluminum mineral, but lapislazuli is much more powerful, thats for sure. One is better off using decent quality sodolite than extreemly low quality lapiz or stained stones in any case. I don´t know if sodolite has the effect in orgonite that Don was describing above, It probably does, but needs larger amounts to have a similar effect.

This is a piece of polished Lapislazuli.

Lapislazuli usually has inclusions of Pyrite, silver or gold in color. The one above has silvery inclusions. The photo belows shows gold-colored inclusions. A lapislazuli stone that is pure blue with only golden inclusions is quite expesive. A stone that is absolutely pure deep blue is even more expensive

Below is a photo from the ebay vendor of “Brazillian Lapislazuli” Can you tell the diference? These are obvious stained stones, I am 100% certain of this, and any person familiar with gemstones can corroborate this…

Anything that is not Afghan or Chilean Lapislazuli is usually fake or sodolite. As these are the only mines that produce relatively large amounts of good quality lapis continuously.(Afghan production has decreased since the “political instability” or recent years.)

This is also from the same ebay vendor, it is titled “Mongolian Lapislazuli” it should say “Mongolian Sodolite” notice the veins in the stone, they form square angles, this is a dead giveaway for sodolite.(compare to the sodolite ball above)

This is very low quality lapislazuli. Notice that most of the stones are completely or mostly white, some are brown, gray and others are stained to add some color. You are better off using decent sodolite than these stones. These stones are usually not sold by the lapislazuli vendors in Chile, most of this stuff is sent to, you guessed it, Brazil! where they are stained or made into “jewelry” .

here is a website with good info on Lapizlazul:…..azuli.html

and another (more historical) Note that the cristal form of lapislazuli(lazurite) frequently forms as DODECAHEDA cristals!!)

Lazurite dodec crystal!

Forget about getting one of these! I don´t even whant to speculate at the price of one of these rarities. They are museum pieces and EXTREEMLY rare. Only Afghanistan produces well formed lazurite crystals, the deposites in Chile for example are newer formations and have not had time to form these beauties. Check out this gallery.……p?min=2357

These are Azurite crystals. Its the other main component of Lapislazuli. Good formations of these are also extreemly rare. This particular specimen if offered at 4800 dollars. The combination of lazurite and azurite and the presence(or absence) of calcite and pyrite will determine the characteristics of the lapis.

Javi and I will be selling good(unstained) lapislazuli beads (spheres), unperforated, specifically for orgnonite devices, when we get a website up an running in the near future and find the best deal possible with a lapis vendor. Maybe we will buy a machine for cutting an polishing stones to have the best prices possible for our future customers, and to keep an edge on the competion. Wink We could also have unpolished stones avaliable, this would be much cheaper, as we can buy directly from the mine and break the stones into smaller pieces with a hammer. It is not necesary for stones in orgonite to be polished.

Don´t let yourself be conned. It is hard to find unstained lapis on the internet. This is probably one of the most imitated and faked stones in the world. It has alot of demand. Few vendors that sell the stained type are honest and admit it.

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Sorry about that. My bad.

Thanks for the lesson, Alejandro.

Hello, here are some photos of the lapis lazuli we are getting over here in Chile, the same we will be selling shortly.

These are the balls Ale was talking about, good quality, polished, not perforated:

Now, these are very good quality stones (notice the deep blue, no white)… they are more expensive:

As you can see, the ones that are not engraved in silver are perforated (yes, I have been using my jewelry in orgonite Embarassed). They all have gold sparks.

This is a top quality stone, deep blue, lots of gold:

Now, this is bad quality lapis, but if you compare it with the necklace on ebay, it is a lot better. This will be our cheapest product:

Hopefully we’ll have this running by next week…

Since lapis apparently has the potential to expose the lying parasites in government and media (sooner than otherwise) and since our Chilean associates can supply it directly and probably affordably I hope that gifters all over the world will get it from them. It feels to me like the trade, itself, is a poke in the eye of the world odor Wink. Carol and I will probably buy mostly the chips for TBs from Javi and Ale, to be flung at courthuses, copshops, serial killers’ clinics, hospitals, TV stations, legistlatures, corporate headquarters, professional liars’ own sumptuous property, etc., but of course Carol has uses for the fancier stones, as other vendors do, too.

Dan in Bali emailed me to say that in Eastern Java, for some distance around his father-in-law’s cloudbuster in a fishing village there was no wind but there were three days of heavy rain. Dan had gifted all the death towers in and around the village, too. The What To Think Network reported three twisters in Central to West Java that destroyed some houses in three villages. It might mean that there were no twisters at all, of course, but that the What To Think Network was told to save face for their official, long-term prediction of massive devastation on Java for the weekend. I’m assuming that their TV talking heads lie as blatantly as the American ones do.Of course it ought to be expected that such a massive HAARP effort would have at least partial success as long as the world odor’s death towers and HAARP arrays on Java are mostly still functioning.

Carol and I once saw massive green lightning flashes around the South Miami HAARPicane Direction Center as we drove past it, right before a very localized hurricane force wind nearly blew us off the highway. We were passing by there right after we disabled the equally massive HAARP complex on the artificial hill that had been created at Homestead Air Force Base, farther south. The hill is apparently what was excavated to make the big underground base in that former swamp. That was four years ago, before much towerbusting had been done in South Florida. Jeff hit that HAARP regional headquarters array heavily, later on. That bizarre facility looks like it was designed by Disney.

Considering that most of the death towers and HAARP arrays on Java (an enormous island) are still ungifted and that the more remote HAARP facilities had apparently set up the conditions for tornadoes there, Dan’s report feels like a confirmation for our Sunday international group effort to remotely ruin that scheduled, massive scale HAARP-tornado attack.

It may be that we can regularly achieve short-term success like this over concerted, specific weather warfare efforts by the world odor but, of course, the way to really shut HAARP down, anywhere in the world, is by gifting sufficiently, especially to toss plenty of orgonite in the sea for the dolphins and whales to distribute. They seem just as eager to disable HAARP as we are, now, and you can track their success by wathing the smog disappear over the ocean, pehaps, also the calming of ocean storms in your region. We saw this happen in the seas around South Florida.

If’s rate of success continues to climb it might be prudent to change the name of this forum to ‘’ Cool


A former student of mine, a HK semi precious stone specialist told me that too shiny lapis lazuli are not only polished but varnished as well. She said that to know if there is anything “wrong” with the stone you just have to take your wife’s alcohol she uses to remove her finger nail varnish (I dunno the name in english) and rub the stone with it. It removes varnish if there is and shows the true nature of the stone.