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On Thursday, last week, our business site, , disappeared from the web, as did Alejandro’s and Javiera’s site,

The timing was kind of cute: it was right before Eduardo, who has been busting his hump to restore Etheric Warriors, took a long weekend at the beach.

Apparently, Blinx, which is the server in Montreal where WWP is still hosted for the moment, was bought out a day or so before WWP was completely destroyed by hackers. Blinx’ previous owner, JP, had done a heroic job keeping us safe from hack attacks for quite awhile and had even taken some hits, apparently on our account, including sabotage out under the street: his server’s fiber optic cable was cut late last year during one of the bigger attacks against EW, apparently by the dirtiest sewer rat agency on the planet, MI666.

To the discerning, all of these agency assaults are feathers in our cap and the world wide web is deliciously outside the purview of the world odor, ultimately.

Thankfully, Chris McCrosky, our business webmaster in Michigan ( in case you want some savvy technical work) provided Eduardo with a complete backup of WWP, which had literally been erased on Blinx, though our bills are paid there. went down, about the same time WWP did and until Eduardo came back, when the entire server in SAntiago, which hosts the site, went down. I noted to Chris and Ale that the CIA and similar wetworking syndicates have no qualms about shooting down an entire passenger jet just to kill one guy or gal, so buying or shutting down servers just to interfere with troublesome websites is chump change to them. It also reveals the wonderful fact that these agencies are in the reactive mode when it comes to activists, these days, which is where we hope they’ll stay until they’re all rounded up to face genuine, lawful courts throughout the world, sooner than later.

By the way, Ale pointed out to me that according to Hacktracker, which is a new feature here, there have been 245 blocked hacker attacks directed at EW, lately [Image Can Not Be Found];


oops–it’s ‘CrackerTracker,’ not ‘Hackertracker,’ and is at the lower right corner of the page. As I write this, the number of attempted assaults is 295. That gives us bragging rights [Image Can Not Be Found];


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