Worm/Exploit-script Attack Against EW Visitors:

Don Croft
17 Apr 2008 09:58

Subject: Worm/Exploit-script Attack Against EW Visitors:
Just now, I got the following pop-up alert, so I’m using this post to advise our administrator (Alejandro):

CBACK CrackerTracker has detected a potential attack on this site with a worm or exploit script so the Security System stopped the script.

If you can see this page after including a new MOD into your board or after clicking on a link please contact the Board Administrator with this error message and a description what you have done before you could see this page, that the Admin has the possibility to fix the problem.


Don, here, again: if you’ve gotten this alert while reading or posting on EW, please let me know at doncroft [at] wildblue [dot] net and I’ll see if we can do something about it in the chatroom if this is a new trend from the CIA hacker schmucks, okay?


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