Yard Twister

Hi Everyone,

the following happened on Sept. 4th. Labor Day.

I was out at the time it happened. I was out gifting, looking for new targets and rock hounding. It was a hot Partly cloudy day. No Storm clouds at all. Clear air.

Yesterday a mini twister sat down on my property and created havoc. I was

not home at the time but my neighbor witnessed the event. They said it
pretty big and making a lot of noise like a train. It upended everything
It just missed the house. It hit my out building and ripped all the
shingles off. It turned over planters that I have that weigh nearly 100
pounds. My
neighbor said it did not look normal. I believe the twister missed the
because of all the orgonite inside. I have a lot of animals and they were
frightened. I have a little 5 acre ranch here down a dirt road.

BTW. I am in Southern California in the Antelope Valley close to Edwards AFB and close to the Devil’s Punch Bowl and Los Angeles.

This is just another confirmation to me that I am on the right track with the gifting.

More to come.

Take care,