Yet another haarp array

Just after the gifting run with John L. in Cervetery , I found an haarp array that I was not aware of , not far from the weather ball we just gifted , so I got home and looked up the place on google earth then planned the way for the next day.

When I arrived there I was shocked, the antennas were almost triple if not four many times as the ones I saw on the google image !!!

Now I understand from where the current heat wave we were experiencing in Rome came from , this is the only haarp array I had still not gifted , so they probably pumped it up to the maxium and , together with the weather ball it was creating a heavy whiteout and extreme drought conditions.

All the place was fenced and there was a military base inside.

Try to count the antennas , they’re more than 40 extended over a huge area !!

The plaque at the military base entrance says “Navy central headquarters” (in Italian) , BINGO !!!

Right the day after gifting this place , the sky came back to blue , the witheout disappeared and the air is now more

fresh , five days in a row until now……I think this could be considered a good shot ! [Image Can Not Be Found]