You Bet The Sewer Rats Took Reich's Discoveries To Heart!

Don Croft
23 Apr 2008 14:00
Subject: You Bet the Sewer Rats Took Reich’s Discoveries to Heart!
I’ve been discussing old secret tech with our associate, Dr von Peters after I told him about a couple of books I’d read in the mid-90s about how Nazi scientists went to work for the US, Brit and Russian gov’ts right after the war.

One of those books shared patent documents from the early 1950s for a balloon-deployed device that produces deadly orgone radiation. The author stated that these were deployed in the atmosphere in the thousands, then, and were being called, ‘weather balloons.’

This was during the time when the military were routinely detonating nuke bombs in the atmosphere in seventeen US states, all of which was documented.

That was also during the time that Dr Reich temporarily reversed the desert around Tucscon, Arizona, with his cloudbusters so this might be an example of how, when the world order launches a particularly destructive agenda, ‘somebody’ is usually in the process of reversing it or at least demonstrating how it can be done. Public outcry eventually stopped this criminal government’s atmospheric detonations of nuclear bombs, of course.

Similarly, when the death towers were built throughout the world and the chemtrails had sickened and killed countless millions of people, this unorganized but vital network quietly disabled both of those (related, we assume) predatory programs.

The world order was a lot more powerful in Reich’s day, so he was railroaded into prison and murdered but they’re not powerful enough, any more, to stop what we’re all doing. The only bit that concerns me is that media attention to orgonite might make be a temporarily life-threatening risk to a few of us whom the $#!+birds feel are in the front rank. We weathered a few threats like that, before, though, so maybe The Operators will keep us safe, again.

I mentioned the ‘weather balloons’ because the author drew a clear connection between what Reich was teaching and demonstrating and the $#!+birds’ (mainly CIA, by then) misapplications and weaponization of his offerings.

Al Bielek told Carol and I that the then-new CIA approached Dr Reich in 1947 to invite him to do some specific, well funded research on teh sexuality of children. Al told us that as soon as Dr Reich, whose patriotic inclination induced him to trust the government in those days, figured out why the CIA wanted this information he was horrified and tried to sabotage the data but it was too late. That was right before the CIA initiated MK Ultra, which is based on the nearly global-scale sexual molestation of millions young boys in urban processing centers in order to recruit them as various servants for the world order.
Carol and I are inclined to believe that Al Bielek is a truthful man. The fact that he was closely associated with Phil Schneider in the days when both were corroborating to expose the worst of the world order’s secret agendae, at the time, adds to his credibility, in our view.

See a pattern? See, too, how this parasitic order also weaponized much of Tesla’s technology?

Predators can’t apparentyly conceive the dynamics of healthy orgone, so they base all their destructive etheric tech, these days, on deadly orgone radiation, which some of us feel is the basis for the technology of the neighborhood death towers and the far-flung HAARP weaponry. REading the following books can probably flesh out our understanding of and appreciation for why the world order is so threatened by this grassroot network’s expansion into general public awareness. It’s very useful and empowering for anyone to study well-documented history outside of academia. The busy criminals of this world order are obsessed with leaving discernible trails in the public record, fortunately.

On our Monday’s radio interview on WLBJ, Austin Texas, Patrick Timpone stated that it’s getting easier to discuss stuff like this on the radio. I was extremely glad to hear that. The CIA or FBI jerkwads did manage to jam Carol’s cellphone for the entire show but next time we get interviewed on the radio we’ll try to have a landline with a couple of phone extensions. You can tell the feds are more afraid of Carol than of me (The Mouth Cool ) otherwise they’d have jammed my phone, instead.

Here’s what the Doc wrote:

Hi Don:

Is it “Truth About the Wunderwaffe” by Igor Witkowski? Pretty interesting.

I found out about Lyne from Joseph Farrell’s books. The one dealing with Nazi tech in particular is Reich of the Black Sun: Nazi Secret Weapons and the Cold War Allied Legend wherein he mentions Lyne’s work.

Farrell seems to be a down to earth researcher. I have corresponded with him and Lyne. Lyne also seems okay.

Black Sun is also available on Scribd at:

01 May 2008 14:56
Subject: Re: You Bet The Sewer Rats Took Reich’s Discoveries To Heart
William Lyne is excellent, first good stuff on man made UFO’s I have seen, and Tesla. The acid test of a UFOlogist would be what they say or don’t say about man made ones, he singles out Linda Moulton Howe.

Is Gods of Eden worth reading?, just been sent a link

Don Croft
02 May 2008 14:46
Subject: Re: You Bet the Sewer Rats Took Reich’s Discoveries to Heart
John, if you recommend something I figure it’s worth reading but I rather lean toward reporting direct experiences and observations here, since these are usually an initiatory process that other people can relate to and get some empowerent and encouragement from.

Piled altogether, our empirical observations take on the stature of genuine scientific evidence, so the subjective nature of each person’s observations is moot in that case. I’ve been pretty careful to invite reputable people to post, here, and that’s been paying off.

Reading material from other people, whom we don’t personally know, is more productive once we have some direct experiences of our own and the compiled, non-vested offerings of others to draw on and lend perspective. Some disinformants will be unbelievably clever, of course, and this severely challenges anyone’s discernment. Without direct experience I don’t think there can be much discernment.


04 May 2008 11:57
Subject: Re: You Bet The Sewer Rats Took Reich’s Discoveries To Heart
Had a vague memory about it being of interest, but find it hard to look at internet books.

Have you heard of Otis Carr who says he flew with Tesla

“Ralph Ring is a brilliant innovative technician who as a young man in the late 1950s and early 1960s worked closely with Otis T. Carr. With the aid of his small team, Carr, who was himself a protegé of the great inventor Nikola Tesla, built a number of flying disks, which worked…. prior to their experimentation being forcibly terminated by government agents. In a dramatic experiment, Ring co-piloted a 45 foot disk a distance of ten miles, arriving at their destination instantaneously. Ring, now aged 71, tells his story to Project Camelot – the first time it has been reported.”