You Got joe cell?

Its a bit off the gifting topic but I feel I must to share it.

If any of you folks have experimented with the joe cell and have had trouble keeping it stable, try encasing the cell body outside with orgonite.
I have just began experimenting with this in an attempt to maintain the orgone charge in the water and thus eliminate the cells unstable nature concerning negative influences.
Basically orgonite converts EMF,EMR etc into POR,(we all know this) those same vibrations are quite detrimental to the cell retaining its POR charge.
In fact if the EMF, EMR negative thought forms etc are strong enough it will encourage the cell to acumulate DOR instead.
This feels like a really good breakthrough in regards to the cell technology and will hopefully make this cheap energy scource also easy for people to build and maintain.
I will report more on this when I have some hard data to share. For now I have to run quite a few test’s and trials. Bear in mind you need to keep the magnetism of the orgonite case to a minimum.
Theres some interesting posibilities with combining both passive and active orgone devices.

Kindest regards


Hi Kerry,

I have no experience with Joe Cells, however I have researched it somewhat. When Cesco and I spent the weekend gifting recently we talked this over quite abit after reading this article target BJ Proton Cell which, if true, is very encouraging. From our chatting Cesco mentioned how he felt that purified water charged on a CB would likely be the best way to charge water (that effectively keeps it’s charge), rather than the hosepipe and magnets method used i9n the article. This is something I would urge you to try, along with your orgonite casing (getting shavings which have no magnetism may be abit of an issue I’d guess).

Good Luck with your experiments.


In my experience, charging the water was the key. ‘Joe Blow’ did it all casually because he apparently could see exactly what was happening and he got positive results (on film) with several very different approaches.

If the bubbles appear, the water is charged, I think. My Joe Cell started bubbling on day one and the truck motor got an immediate increase in power (approx. 30%), confirmed by my brother-in-law, who is an experienced mechanic. When I unplugged the cell the power lever dropped down to what it was before I put the Cell in the truck.

After a few months the motor kept the higher energy level and did so for the rest of the time I had the truck after the cell collapsed, a year after I installed it. As I mentioned (too many times?
the cell was at the point of running the engine on imploding orgone when the shaking caused the eroded center bolt to collapse. Next time, I"ll ground the chassis of the JOe Cell instead of the center bolt.

I hope to get another pickup truck this spring and intend to install a charged cell in it. Joe Blow warned that iron engine blocks take much longer to condition than aluminum ones do and in my case most of the time I spent with the Joe Cell was probably wasted because I had a flat top on it. When I changed to a conical top the engine started shaking pretty soon from the conflict of exploding fuel and imploding orgone.

Reich never discussed thunder and lightning much, as far as I know, but STeiner, whom I take seriously in everything but his ideological claims and cosmology, said unequivocably that thunder is the sound of condensing ether and lightning is the visual effect of further condensiation. It seems obvious to me that Joe Cells cause a combustion engine to run on ‘thunder,’ after the timing is advanced 90 degrees.

When I started experimenting with my cell I had read all of the Schiffer book and was a little miffed because so much of his writing was obviously speculative bull$#!+ and a complete waste of time. I relied more on Joe Blow’s lecture and demonstration on film but the accent was very rough and the film quality was poor, so it was quite a chore.

A Joe Cell isn’t very complicated, really, and it’s no more arcane or mysterious than gifting is.

Since the Joe Cell forum is in Yahoo I assume it’s mostly populated by the same quality of people who still rule the original cloudbuster forum, which is also hosted on Yahoo. I think this is the CIA’s way of slowing down the dissemination of real info by loading public forums with a few clever saboteurs and their MKid peanut galleries.

I assume there are at least a dozen people driving their cars around with Joe Cells replacing fuel but I doubt any of them would consider making the claim publicly. I would have done so in August, 2002, if my cell had succeeded but I’d probably have been shot or suicided. I got the worst poisoning of my gifting career a few months later for a ‘lesser offense’ against the sewer rats.

We’ll know the tide has turned in our favor when one can openly make a claim like this and survive, I think. Ken Adachi told me he was visited by the Men in Black and told to stop making Schiffer’s book available to download for free, so he removed it but still sold the book. That was in the spring of '01. YOu can see that things have improved since then, as is selling complete Joe Cell kits and, presumably, better instructions than Schiffer’s. I think those cells are legit and I"ll buy one pretty soon.

This time, I’ll charge the cell with 36v from batteries, hooked to solar panels. Using a plug-in battery charger to charge the cell, before, stopped the seeding process, probably due to the debilitating nature of the 60Hz house current. Maybe the 50Hz, 220v current in Oz and Europe is okay for this.

I think that people who want to find arcane and abstruse, mystical experiences with a Joe Cell are going to be as disappointed as the folks who look for that when making orgonite. A peek at Joe Blow shows that this is a very down-to-earth process.

The folks who feel inspired to incorporate orgonite might be on track. I only had some next to the cell and that seemed to be sufficient but I wasn’t reaching–I wanted (want) to master the basic concepts, first. Maybe the approach you guys are talking about will make it all easier but there’s only one way to find out.

I can tell you that driving around with a Joe Cell blasting orgone was awfully exhilirating, which is probably one reason I took so many trips thast summer


Thanks for that link Rich, I had not found that one yet. In truth I have only read Shiffers Guide and watched Joe’s videos. That was sufficient for me to make a start. Don, you are quite right about the speculative BS and I found a lot of it rather confussing. A rule I apply to a lot of what I do is: Simplicity is most often supperior to complexity.
I think Shiffers guide could be greatly simplified as there are too many irrelevant variables mixed into it. Indeed it is a remarkably simple device, I myself had no trouble getting it up and running and have the simple intention of improving the reliable application of it.
Researching to joe cell was one of the things that awakened me to the orgone field and I am concerned that anyone would try to say that the energy this cell accumulates is any thing other than orgone.
My reasons for this are: For one thing I now easily see orgone (What i see from the cell is the same as from orgonite)
The amount of people that get into some hefty and intense research are most often curious as to what the orgone field is. So many of these folks then become gifters and the like.
While I found BJ’s work very interesting I was mainly dissapionted that he would not accept the orgone field as the princple energy at work.
I have charged water for my cell via CB and did find it very quick to take up 3rd stage density but now I have been playing around with my old concrete swimming pool in my greenhouse by throwing some custom orgonite water devices in and then boosting it some more by pouring in CB charged water.
This has worked out very well in keeping the water alive and I have a large supply of good water to run the cell up to full charge in very short time.
Alternating current will kill your cell because of the switching between pos and neg. When you change the pos and neg terminals on your charged cell you get instant stage one. Im building a new cell at the moment so I will update on how the orgonite housing goes.
It is interesting that most unshielded influences that makes a cell lose its charge also make us lose our own charge. Swimming in a pool of charged water reminds me of that movie Cocoon.

Kind regards

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