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Dear Don,

thanks for all the information you provide and the great work you do. I recently discovered orgonite and ‘gifting’ and I’m soon gonna start busting all the towers in my (rural) area in the centre of France. I’m currently in the process of putting a protective orgonite shield in and around my farm and I have also ordered a CB, since there’s way too little rainfall here (especially during the summer) and it’s obvious that the weather is being heavily manipulated. Yesterday they were spraying 2 big chemtrail pentagrams in the sky a few kilometers from my house and the chemtrails and HAARPed 2D cloudcovers are relentless here. Do you happen to know if there are other CB’s in France and where?

I have a question about the zapper (I bought one from you last year, but forgot about it due to circumstances and now at the right time it came back into view to protect me from the swine flu craziness). I’ve read on your site that an alkaline 9V battery lasts about 100 hours. Ken Adachi and others write that the battery should never drop below 9V for the current to be effective at killing parasites. It tested a new battery with my voltmeter and it was 9.65V. 10 hours later it has already dropped to 9.00V. So I hope that a battery indeed lasts 100 hours in stead of 10. Could you confirm this for me please and comment on the Ken Adachi recommendation.

Best regards,


p.s.: I recently asked the gardener of my neighbour who lives in the castle next to me if I could talk to his ‘patron’ about something I wanted to share with him. I moved from Belgium to France only recently and my French is very poor. My English is pretty good though and I knew he was a Canadian, so he could speak English.

The thing is, I wanted to warn people about the coming swine flu vaccine, but I can’t explain it properly in French, so I thought I’d tell it to my Canadian neighbour who speaks English and then he can warn other people if he believes me. His gardener then told me that his boss (who is 88 years old and looks way better than the average 88 year old) used to be the Canadian minister of the exterior (foreign affairs) and some other minister post I don’t remember and also Canadian ambassador for Paris. He also used to be a psychiatrist.

I thought to myself that this guy must sure be an Illuminati-insider. But I couldn’t tell the gardener to cancel it and I thought the conversation might be interesting anyway. So the gardener told me he would ask his boss. A few days later, around noon, the old guy showed up and we talked a little about things on the farm. When I started telling him about the upcoming swine flu vaccine and that it was all a hoax designed to maim, kill and mind control the population, designed by this evil cabal of interbreeding bloodlines with a diabolical plan to exterminate most of humanity and control the world, his demeanor and face expression suddenly changed and he asked me to sit down.

I could tell that I wasn’t telling him anything that he didn’t already know (although he would think about it in other terms of course, being a parasite himself). He asked me what my problem was and why I was doing this (i.e. warning people about the swine flu). He told me to just do my thing on the farm and leave everybody else alone. He said this kind of behaviour is very dangerous, especially in France. He tried to convince me that the swine flu was real and the vaccine necessary and that he used to work for the WHO and that he recognizes a pandemic when there is one.

In the mean time I got a cold shiver over my spine and skull. When I told him that vaccines had been designed from their very inception to harm people, he realized he couldn’t sell me the lie and he suddenly left. This was my first conscious encounter with a shapeshifter and I wonder how all the orgonite I’m placing here will affect him.

Wow, #####–good work with the neighbor! It will be fun to see how he deals with all that orgonite in the area [Image Can Not Be Found]

I wonder how many ‘public servants’ get to buy castles in Europe when they retire, haha.

There are probably hundreds of cloudbusters in France by now and you’re no doubtr within range of several but it’s always good to have your own, to at least guarantee less violent weather, no flooding and almost no local lightning strikes. When you get lighting strikes and violent weather it’s more obviously an attack,. when you have a cloudbuster.

The only way to fix the climate where you live is to go far afield and disable all the weather weapons, as Je and friends have done in Spain. Notice that Spain is getting plenty of rain, now. and it was worse than FRance before they were successful.

Simjilarly, the deserts in Chile are getting a lot of rain while the prairie in ARgentina is becoming a desert. If I’m not mistaken, Chile’s deserts are downwind of that area of ARgentina, so this is proof that orgonite distribution is responsible for hte rain in the deserts in Chile.

There are many, many people in FRance who are disabling the death towers but the vast majority of htem only seem to do it locally. I noticed that Paris’ atmosphere has brightened significantly, though.

A zapper keeps working even when the battery is only putting out 2v or less, in fact. I learned this from direct experience and the only thing I’ve done for a living for the past 13 years or so is to make zappers, so I’ve picked up a few observable facts that are contrary to what the alleged experts claim. Thanks for not calling our invention a ‘chembuster,’ by the way [Image Can Not Be Found]

I hope you’ll consider reading the reports and information on because it’s the only site where the information is reliably clean and supported with fact.
The search engines send people to the fakers, rather, so anyone who wants substantive material about orgonite has to be more persistent to reach EW. I’m glad you emailed me.

You will probably find that your climate will improve by increments as you travel out in all directions and disable hte weather weaponry. There are basically two kinds of towers: we call the ‘cell towers’ death towers and those are all aimed at the population. Weather weapons are aimed at the atmosphere. Othwerwise, we don’t really know much about the technology because it’s all a very well kept military secret. All we need to know is that they are harmful but simple orgonite turns them all into life force generators, which is confirmed again and again when someone undertakes this work.

It probably won’t be very long before all the deserts are reversed with orgonite, though teh larger deserts will probably require some capital investment to accomplish it.

Keep in touch, okay? If you get into trouble you can protect yourself with the info you find on and Dooney is a good coach for people who wish to learn it directly from her. She gets into a chatroom with the student and watches his/her energy. She charges a nominal fee for this so that she won’t burn out from helping folks.


The very first orgonite cloudbusters in Europe were in Belgium, then in HOlland. A Belgian musician in the national symphony built one and inspired several of her friends to do so but I haven’t heard from her in a long time. I hope she’s well and happy.


Great story, I hope he won’t forget to go gift the neighbour’s property, that will perhaps also block the upcoming psychic attacks that he will be undergoing from that direction. Glad to hear that the parasites are now being confronted in their very lives with the awakening of ‘the peasants’. Must be a major bummer for them [Image Can Not Be Found] I’m still wondering though when in their ‘development’ (or must I say ‘underdevelopment’) newbee parasites realise what they are part of? How can they be in all earnest think the Plan is a good idea? Still a mystery to me, but not exactly my problem. I would love to chit chat with some-one high-up/low-down about it.
Hope to hear some follow-up on this.


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