Young Gifter Gets a Running Start in Turkey


I made my first orgonite two days ago and it is abslutely amazing! It

transforms places that had a “sick” feeling for years. My friend’s dad,

who is the doctor interested in the zapper, took it to work in the hospital

and he says that after what this thing does, just with some people, modern

medicine is fisinshed.

We started making some orgonite. Made two already, our biggest problem

is the molds keep leaking and the smell is horrible. Anyway thank you .

Is there any major portal around here we should cover?

i’ve got many interested people who can help us out with the supplies,

transportation etc. needed.


Ismail, congratulations for getting a good start and especially for networking.

It’s quite rare for any MD to be that open to teh zapper’s potential and in the West any

doctor who uses a zapper in a hospital is likely to get in the worst sort of trouble, though

that’s bound to change.

When you told me, a few days ago, that someone gave you a kilo of little crystals I had a

sense that a way was being made easy for you by The Operators. I’m going to do what I can

to make sure you have plenty of etheric help, too. For now I hope you’ll gift all the death towers

and HAARP arrays in and around your city, also any of the very old institutional buildings.

That will produce astonishing and enduring physical confirmations, along with obviously improved

ambience and attitudes. When you’re ready to take on Istanbul you’ll have good momentum and solid support,

though it’s up to you to determine what you’re ready to do, of course.

I hope you’ll stay in touch often. I use silicone muffin trays, these days, to make my TBs and paper cones

to make HHgs. Metal muffin trays are also good, as are paper cups. I don’t know whether Turks make muffins, of course Wink, but the simplest orgonite devices are what will get you the grandest results, through

legwork and distribution.