Zapper And Travel

I recently flew from Canada to Hong Kong and followed David Wolfe’s advice on wearing a terminator zapper while flying. I wore the Terminator during all my flights and I must say that it has been the EASIEST recovery from flying that I have ever experienced.

David claims that the Terminator helps to connect you to the Earth frequency like being grounded or “connected.” I don’t understand the mechanics of this but can honestly say that wearing the Terminator during flight did indeed have a very POSITIVE effect.

Happy travels through the joy of zapping.

All the best…Hong Kong John

How did you get through security with it?
Did you put it in your bag?
I would think wearing it would trip of the alarm when you pass through security.
I’d really like to know.
Your experience is awesome.
cowboy Bob

Excellent question Cowboy. I had the zapper in my backpack when I went through airport security, then put the Terminator Zapper on when I sat down in my airplane seat. It was specifically placed on my abdomin, touching the skin but held in place by the belt of my pants. Every few hours I switched sides (left/right) where the zapper was touching my abdomin. This was easy to do either sitting in my seat or in the toilet. I switched sides more for comfort than anything else.

I found that this strategy greatly reduced “jet lag” for this long flight. However my biological clock still went through an adjustment period since HK time is 12 hours ahead of Eastern Standard time. Thus my sleeping times were still out of whack BUT when I was awake I felt fresh, alert and completely IN my body after the flight. David Wolfe claims that the Terminator grounds you to the “Earth Energies” when you wear it, even when flying at 35,000 feet. So far my experience aligns with his claim. David is an astute scientist who tests a lot of strategies on himself.

At home I often sleep with a Terminator zapper on the bottom of my foot held in place by a sock.

This summer I picked a lot of wild dandellion leaves and yellow flowers threw those in the blender with wild blueberries, raspberries, raw honey and an orange with water. WOW…wild dandellion packs a beautiful energetic punch. The orange was put in to balance the taste and make the smoothie more tasty (since dandellion can be quite bitter…which is a sign of high mineral content). I’m learning more about all the wild green food available here in asia too…all around my house. I do find that the consumption of wild raw food contributes greatly to an expansion of consciousness and genuine confidence.

Enjoy. All the best…Hong Kong John

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