Zapper Progress in Uganda!

Rogers Mukisa and his companion were imprisoned by UN thugs in Congo when he started distributing zappers there, a couple of years ago. I posted about it but for new readers I’ll mention that he and his companion eventually escaped and painstakingly made their way back to Uganda, where he’s doing well, again. Uganda is the only country in the world where the government is open to the distribution of zappers and this has been the result of a lot of work over the past twelve years by people including ‘secret supporter’ (a government official and tribal leader), Dr Rushidie Kayiwa, who has given zappers to most of the movers and shakers in that country, Georg Ritschl and I, who spent some time in Uganda and a fellow (whose name escapes me at the moment) who later cured his HIV/AIDS and was featured in national media for awhile. Rogers is evidently taking this to the next level and I hope the kikundi will find this encouraging because one of them, Benedict, was arrested in Kenya for curing cholera with zappers not long ago.

I got the following good news from him, today:

Hello brother Don,

I hope this finds you well and healthy. How have you been? Greetings from Uganda, I am well and working hard. Am glad and happy to inform you that I have got friends from the UK willing to support me with a new project here in Uganda. The project is a healing center with your zappers and I have already solicited all the necessary permission from the Ministry of health and other relevant authorities. Am waiting for the British folks to come back from Queen Elizabeth national park in western Uganda tomorrow. After getting the funds, I will buy a place near Kampala and pay for a license. Then I will make an order for zappers.

This is a great opportunity for the people hear to taste the success of your wonderful technology. It wasn’t easy though, it took me two months of explanation plus convincing people to visit your website. That is it for now, I will give you updates tomorrow.

One last thing, I would like you to be the guest speaker at the opening ceremony when we are ready to start. Your presence will make it very meaningful to the authorities here.

Kind regards,


Thanks to Don and Roger for that life changing information, in fact Uganda had been a good place in East Africa where that distribution of the zappers had gained an upper hand by the government. In fact that is an opportunity that don’t try to ignore. I know soon before the end of this year i will send you two of the kikundi they will come there as they are coming to visit some of our kikundi. So just keep up the work we are together. Keep up training people about the ZAPPER.

When Chris came from Malawi he told us that the Malawi people needs more zappers and i know Don can send to them i hope he has their address. In fact those countries like Malawi are doing well. Chris came from there of late and the result was good. They even want Chris to stay with them for even one year teaching them more on zapper and is why they do pay for Chris air ticket about $706. In fact Leunard Moyos Friends do organized for him that air ticket because zappers has been a basic to them. And in fact those Chris’ friends in Malawi have even got a place where they can use as zapper distribution center . One of those Chris’ friends is a doctor who have done the real research and came up with a good analysis on the zappers that its good and can help in a wide scope. Now if Chris can go to US and come back with a wider technology will help much in assembling zappers. really Chris will give you all the report and the photos. Malawi people are very much appreciative about the work. soon they will connect with Don and Carol direct.

Mrs O