Zappers delayed on the way to Kenya

Hi everybody!

I sent three of my home made zappers and orgonite pendants to Dancan Omollo in Kenya 13th of November. At the post office they said it would arrive 19-20th of November, one week after which seemed OK for me. Now Dancan Says the parcel has not arrived. The tracking service says the parcel arrived at 21th of november at the international terminal in Kenya for sorting. That is 19 days, a bit much I think. I assume some kind of agency has the box under supervision, and i suggest them to release it soon because he really needs the zappers, as they cure AIDS in three weeks :)…35515949SE


Concerning the zappers sent by Tomas to us in Kenya , we have a trust that by next week that they will arrive. In Kenya they do take almost a month , and thus i have no problem with them. I am taking the tracking number to the post office and the outcome i will post but for the mean time we just trust that they will soon arrive.


It is true that the zappers which Tomas sent to is like its disappearing on the way for the Tbs and the Muti which Frode sent to us have reached us but the parcel which Tomas sent earlier than than that have not reached us. we are still checking with the post office.


The parcel has still not arrived.

If anybody wants to check the tracking ID is RR635515949SE

It clearly states that the parcel is located at the sorting terminal in Kenya.

You track it through this link:…35515949SE