A Chat Sessions?


New here so no idea when the chat sessions are. Can someone pm me?

I’m GMT time zone.



Hi Mark,

Dooney’s saturday chatsession is tonight at 18.00 GMT, next week (that is, if London changes to summertime tomorrow) on 19.00 GMT.

EW’s sunday chatsession tomorrow is at 19.00 GMT.

After summertime is implemented, both are on 19.00 GMT.

Talking about ‘time wobbles’ ……………


Thank everyone for the welcome and the boosting on my first chat.

Is there a way to log it so I can review what was told me? Or can someone send me a log?



Sorry for my weekend absence, Mark–was visiting with my sons, then & wasn’t able to get online, much.

Readers, I invited Mark Bennett to participate and contribute, here, on account of his history-making current efforts in Britain to get orgonite more media exposure in a positive light. This is going to more than offset the sleazy, CIA-sponsored media effort in the US that’s evidently designed to make us all look like goofballs by association.

The timing is good, I think, because it’s concurrent with Manfred Hotwanger’s European science forum effort. I think that the science forum’s debut has excited new, more virulent opposition and sabotage from an old, very persistent and clever ‘name’ in the German-speaking culture but we’ll handle that poisonmonger, again, in our own fun way, of course.



So where do Dooney’s chat sessions get held? Within the chat thing here?

Will i need an invite?

Wondering if the protection, boosting etc is helping. Been beautiful clear skies here and this morning and all day an unmovable fog all around.


Mark, my chat is by invite only, same as Don’s, and I generally only invite folks I have coached. We can discuss this offline if you’d like to email me at [email protected].


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