A Chemtrail "X"

The other day I was at a place away from home, the same place where I was when successfully boosting away chemtrails described in my reply in a previous topic on EW:

This time, as I looked out the window facing north I noticed again a single long chemtrail spanning west-east and then the beginning of a second one coming from the east. I boosted again addressing the operators of the plane and those behind it, being very clear that I don’t accept chemtrails in my reality.

Content with not seeing the plane coming back for a third run, I went about my other pre-occupations.

Somewhat later I looked out and saw two more chemtrails spanning the whole sky, but this time they were crossed in the shape of a flattened “X” as seen from my view. The two previous ones were already dissolving slowly and had moved away from the original place, so a certain amount of time had elapsed between the first two and the last two.

I don’t think this was a coincidence. That it happened at the same place as before, right in front of my view and no other trails where seen in the sky, only these four trails appeared, and the last two where clearly separated from the first two, makes me wonder if it was some kind of staged “message”.

What that means I don’t know. Maybe alluding to some kind of “revenge” (in the sense that an X could mean something to be crossed over or taken out ). Or was it simply a confirmation or admittance of that the chemtrail agenda is failing?

Once at home I took care to boost some more.

On a positive note I can mention that over several days just recently I was seeing the number sequence 444 on clocks and in other places. I’ll refrain at this moment from saying what I think this means, only that I see it as highly positive.

I thought that this series of 444 sightings was over for the time being, as a few days had passed since the last sighting, and I had also looked up the meaning of it. However, surprisingly just a couple of hours after the above chemtrail incident I walked by a parked car with 444 on its plate. Later in the afternoon I also spotted 444 on the computer screen.

Another thing which I deem positive is that I lately have been seeing the blue and violet dots and streaks that I used to see quite often before.

By the way, the skies during the rest of the day were wonderful! I actually see less and less amount of chemtrails these days. Although one reason may be that unfortunately we’ve had a lot of cloud coverings of the skies this past winter so it has not always been so easy to notice. But just the last couple of weeks have generally been great.


This happened to me one day,

about 20 x es in the sky and they kept spraying more x es…

The X is a symbol of elimination, but they could not succeed!It was the day when it was clear that the relation with my ex (another X!) was over, it was meant to destroy my existence and thus stop me from busting.

Instead, the busting began rolling…

Is always nice tu turn things upside down. Turn something bad into something good. For me, it was busting Morokko or at least a big chunk of it.

About the 444, I don’t know, but if you feel its good, it it probable that you’re right.


Right , a “symbol of elimination” is along the lines of what I was thinking too.

Come to think of it, I was located a few miles south of Stockholm, the window was facing north, so part of the message might have been that Stockholm was to be hit by chemtrails. Yesterday I was looking up the skies again while being outside. It’s kind of cloudy, but through a couple minor clearings and through the falling snow (we have a prolonged winter this year) I could see there were at least two planes spraying chemtrails above the clouds.

I’m also turning things upside down at the moment, for one I’m quitting a job which I wanted to do for some time but was hard to detach from due to the extra income it has given me over the years.

Recently also began to do some gifting again after a couple of months of inactivity.

Whatever chemtrail attack that I anticipated did not last very long. One (or two at the most) days.

The last three days have been gorgeous, with blue skies, sunshine and some scattered, healthy-looking clouds.

After about a week of sunshine and good-looking skies, chemtrails were spewed again overnight or early morning, just in time for the easter holiday.

Good news is that a while later it was evident there was a blue hole over my community, first faded in the middle then getting bluer and wider with time. I figured this from being able to look in three directions from my apartment.

I then got out on the balcony to get somewhat of a look upwards, and it appears there was a large sylph hanging there right above the house I live in. If so, its not the first time I see a sylph above the house.