A Financial New World Order?

Don Croft
Yesterday at 15:58
Subject: A financial new world order?
That’s a headline from The Christian Science Monitor, which is the masonic (Scottish Rite?) organ in the US.

What I found encouraging about the article was that our fake US President, who is too stupid to tie his own shoes, has reversed his bloodthirsty corporate sponsors’ warmongering, isolationist stance to embrace the global socialization agenda with his European counterparts, presumably under the direction of Peking, who is funding and orchestrating the global bailout, after all.

When you factor in more and more reports of American soldiers’ atrocities in the Middle East, along wiht daily reports from China that promote the allegedly pristine nature of Peking’s regime it’s pretty clear that China has grown tired of American/British jingoism by now.

I absolutely adore international cooperation and I think that even NationalSocialism, which characterizes all of the participating nations in these financial summits, is declining as humanity is waking up to the horrors of excessive centralization of political and economic power. So I’m not worried about ‘globalization.’ I used to be worried about that, before the shift from London to Peking of global power.

In the chats, we’re seeing some more dramatic, if less provable, evidence of Peking’s insufficiency in terms of understanding the West. See, China went directly from a feudalistic condition to a communist dictatorship, so as far as the Chinese can tell, it was just another change on the roster of warlords, which has happened a lot, there.

Like the rest of humanity, as long as the average Chinese gets paid, laid and fed he’s just not concerned about politics. Look at how the Europoid trailer trash in America collect their welfare checks, swap wives, wave flags, chant patriotic slogans and grow their beerguts, for instance, in the face of the Patriot Acts and other evident atrocities committed by their government. This is apparently the Bush hive’s powerbase, by now–how sad is that? The less ‘active’ demographic of the corporate powerbase are the Depression Babies, who got rich on NationalSocialism after cheerfully handing their male children over to Moloch (the Vietnnam debacle) but are now dying of cancer because they’re addicted to serial killers (MDs). Idiots.

Along with the more vociferous trailertrash and cancerous Depression Babies in America are a few people who toss orgonite diligently and intelligently and these few have evidently turned the tide away from the corporate parasites who thrive on human suffering and prop up the US Government. The majority of Pajama People (these are the ones who are not specifically committed to jingoism and boozing gluttony) are now waking up in real terms. Fascism, which characterized the Depression Babies’ era, is impossible if the majority of people won’t directly support it and police each other, of course.

I think the same will happen through the actions of a few people in China, pretty soon. Hong Kong Johnny is about to put up a website in Chinese with simple instructions for making orgonite. In today’s international chatroom, which was very well attended, we ran some interference for him. The psychics saw a huge elemental protecting him from the Triads, who were watching him from a distance. At this point, apparently the Chinese don’t consider him a threat because he’s only one gifter in the entire country (Hong Kong is part of China, of course), and I think the Triads, who are the ancient Chinese hierarchy’s enforcers, are too arrogant to believe that this is going to spread like a grassfire in China, thanks to John. We’ll look in on him each week.

Kelly’s extensive gifting sorties in China perhaps paved the way for the coming transition. He’s so careful to follow his instinctive promptings nad travel the world, accordingly, that Carol and I feel sure that he’s playing an essential part in the present unfoldment of this empowering, unorganized global grassroot movement.

This is the only sort of revolution that can succeed, right now. Any organized effort WILL be infiltrated and subverted by the CIA and/or MI6, as you can see was attempted, incessantly, during the 8 year history of this unorganized effort. It’s been kind of fun finding and avoiding those traps, though I’m sorry that a few good folks got caught up in those clever $#!+birds’ sleepless machinations and became disheartened. None lately, I’m happy to report!


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