A for the record message on chemtrails in east sussex

After a few months inactivity, there has been some heavy spraying over the Hastings, East Sussex area in the UK. Generally it clears almost as quickly as it gets laid or within about 30 mins, but this morning at around 9am there was already substantial coverage (@30 lines) whiting out the sky. After boosting sylphs the sky was clear by lunchtime with some of the haze having moved eastwards towards the dungeoness nuke station. All of Hastings and the nearby large transmitters have been gifted as well as some small amount of sea gifting.

Thanks, Khalil, and in the interest of research would you consider also not boosting the Sylphs the next time those conditions occur, then report that process, to?

I’m interested in getting some substantiation about whether they clear the sky on their own, without our assistance because this might help us more clearly understand who and what they are, perhaps.

The proliferation of Sylphs in teh skies, around the world, where gifting has been done is one of the finer confirmations of orgonite’s positive effects and I personally feel that they’re interacting with us but I also feel that they would approve of any heartfelt efforts to understand who they are through intelligent experimentation. They seem to be a lot like the dolphins and whales that way to some folks. When we see Sylphs engaged (sometimes with white lenticulars and other aerial phenomena) in clearing the sky of DOR/chemspew remnants we tend to just cheer them on in passing, though I suppose that’s like boosting, too.

The reason I bring it up is that, now that EW is getting a lot more scrutiny as the only viable English-language forum dedicated to researching and demonstrating orgonite’s potential and related subjects, a literal army of detractors are hunting for excuses to attack the integrity of our report contributors. Keeping our observations as objective as possible will go a long way toward preventing our enemies from getting their hooks into us, which would discourage new people from trying their hand at this wonderful work.

Congrats for doing what was needed in order for the Sylphs to show up in the first place! UK is a tough place to achieve that confirmation. I hope my comments are helpful.

Another point I’m trying to get across, these days, is that whether the world odor is spewing poison in our skies or not is fairly moot, these days. After enough gifting has been done, a dozen spewplanes at once in the sky won’t leave trails that last more than a few seconds. That’s what we’re finally seeing, here, even though we’re close to a big city. It was the extensive lake gifting that apparently put us ‘over the top’ in this case. One of my favorite gifting confirmations is to look in one direction adn see three or four spewplanes crossing each others’ paths in a brilliant blue sky and leaving short little spewtails. It’s hilarious


The Sylphs are dancing over Scotland today!

After the massive HAARP gifting last week I’ve been curious to see what effect it would have. Now the CB works even better. There are clouds everywhere but where we are. The planes have sprayed noughts and crosses all day, but they won’t stick. And, Don……I never asked or boosted the Sylphs, they just came without any kind of invitation from me personally. One of them looked like a white horse…I’m not going to put any symbology into it, but it looked nice anyway.

I also want to post that tuesday and yesterday the weather forecast said that we would have thick fog during the first half of the day. It never happened. I love it when we can prove them wrong! This is what I am working toward. PROVE THEM ALL WRONG. No more doom and gloom, hey!


Right, Elen, it’s all about the evidence and thanks for mentioning the horse shape. The only time I clearly saw a shape in a Sylph formation was during our rather dramatic gifting sortie off the Everglades coastline last summer. In that case, Jeff and I saw a very clear Sylph formation of an adult and juvenile dolphin pair, facing an extremely aggressive but contained thunderhead, which was trying to push out to sea beside and behind us. The dolphin shapes persisted for over an hour, much to Jeff’s and my astonishment.

Psychics often see distinct (to them) shapes in Sylph clouds and I invite them to post about that for the record, too, even though I usually don’t see it myself. Empirical evidence can take a lot of forms, so to speak. All of the reports, taken together, are giving us a better understanding and appreciation of these ancient etheric beings, though of course we’ve just scratched the surface and are probably in our earliest initiation stage of this mysterious and very uplifting and inclusive interaction.

A point I’ve tried to make is that a good, varied body of empirical data is superior, in some ways, to data that’s derived from clinical or laboratory research. Empirical evidence, especially when gathered from reputable folks, just seems more inspiring and closer to the hearts of regular people. Maybe when science has lost its materialistic bent, scientists in general will be regular people, free of techobabble, arrogance and institutionalization. I think Reich and Tesla were good models of what a scientist can be like.

Michael Gienger compiled CRYSTAL HEALING; CRYSTAL POWER, which I believe is the best handbook for using gems and minerals in orgonite, from the subjective accounts of hundreds, perhaps thousands of regujlar people who simply and subjectively told him what effects specific gems and minerals were having on them when they carried them around and handled them. He saw distinct, consistent patterns in the responses for each gem and mineral. I think it’s a brilliantly conceived method of research which we can emulate, here.


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