A Gift From Orgonite4U

I’ve been ordering a hundred towerbusters per month from Marcus Guy in Texas. I was very happy that he went into the orgonite business because I want to see him get some nice payback for having thoroughly and painstakingly gifted San Antonio and beyond under challenging economic circumstances. On our trip across the US in March, 2003, before he got started, San Antonio was, by far, the most DOR-plagued city we encountered and he busted over a thousand death towers there, earthpiped all of the underground bases and gifted all of the major satanic ritual sites, usually alone. To me, he epitomizes the spirit of this global effort. I’m also ordering TBs from him so that my wife won’t ever find the resin buckets empty when it comes time for her to make a batch of her pyramids (Carol uses the same resin for the pyramids that we use for making towerbusters).

At the bottom of one of Marcus’ boxes, this month, was a CD of Alex Jones’ TERROR STORM, which Carol and I watched yesterday. Anyone who has read the basic conspiracy information won’t find a lot of new material on that CD but Jones has tied in some of the later findings around the feds’ demolition of the WTC, MI6’s smaller-scale mass murder via the ‘7/7’ destruction of three trains & a bus in London and the Spanish secret police’s demolition of the trains in Madrid. The cops in London had re-routed that bus so that it was blown up at Tavistock Square, by the way. That apparently intentional irony wasn’t wasted on some of us. Kudos to Pedro in Barcelona Spain, by the way, who has been risking his life by seeking conspiracy information there for decades and is now gifting. You probably live in a country where examining reality won’t earn for you an unfriendly visit by the Gestapo or death threats from Vril operatives but that’s how it still is in Spain. He posts as ‘level13’ on EW.

I’ve enjoyed all of Alex Jones’ reports, even though he trashes the work we’re all doing. Carol and I were pretty impressed with TERROR STORM, which more specifically implicated the US Government in the demolition of the World Trade Center. In that film, an explosives expert from academia described the clear evidence that thermite was used to cut through the support columns of the WTC and Jones stated that it was clear to anyone who watched on the day of the demolition that the building was brought down in the classical way that professionals take down skyscrapers. In the film that Jones produced about 9/11 I don’t think any of that was mentioned; instead he focused only on the alleged jets that hit the building, pointing out photo anomalies. In that prior film he mentioned in passing the unrelated collapse of the third skyscraper in the complex but in this film he spent a lot of time using that example to indicate that the twin towers were also demolished by previously-planted explosives. There’s no new evidence of the demolition of the building by explosives, of course, not that anyone with eyes and a rational mind needs experts’ affirmations.

Since Alex Jones has been been doing commentary on C-SPAN it’s likely that his credibility has suffered among those who have spent much time reading documented conspiracy literature. One gets a little spoiled by no-holds-barred researchers like Allen, Mullins, J. Marrs, Chaitkin, White and the rest who put clean, concise information ahead of grandstanding but Carol feels that Jones’ stuff is excellent for waking lazier PJ folks up to what’s going on around and under us and there’s no denying that seeing it on a screen and with a soundtrack really gets one’s attention. If he’d talked about any of this publicly during the time when the world odor still had a lot of power, he’d have been suicided or implicated as a pedophile, of course.

The very fact that he can earn a livlihood by distributing films like this shows that the world odor has lost a lot of their former power. When I first started discoveirng conspiracy books in 1985, in Tonga, there was still a lot of censorship in the US. At least the US alleged government wasn’t publicly burning books any more, though.

Most folks won’t break out of the habit of getting information from soundbytes and photo ops, let’s face it, and in my view Jones, Texe Marrs, General Parton, Icke and a few others who work in this mode are performing a viable service, even though they seem to intentionally leave the viewer/reader in a state of hopelessness and even terror in the face of an ‘unbeatable foe.’ Of course, they all say that it’s easy to get rid of tyranny but only the bornagain ones offer a specific, chump-bait suggestion and that one’s as practical as ‘waiting for the spaceships to rescue us.’

Icke says, ‘All you need is love,’ which is as helpful as saying, ‘All you need is a doctorate from Harvard,’ or a million dollars and a little island in Fiji.

The arch traitor, Jefferson (whom Clinton idolized–'nuff said?) bullied the other authors of the Declaration of Independence into replacing ‘property’ with ‘pursuit of happiness,’ which means nothing at all. ‘Life, liberty and property’ are more suitable examples of guaranteed human rights than ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,’ after all. I was happy when I was hunger striking in jail, where I spent time as a prisoner of conscience, for instance, but my basic human rights were being interfered with by the government that was set up to protect them.

I can tell you that before we figured out, a few years ago, how weak and vulnerable the world odor actually is the only thing I got out of my years of reading good, bad and ugly conspiracy literature (in the decade before the internet showed up) was a strong desire to get my kids to a third world country with me so that we could perhaps survive the (then) imminent invasion by Russia and China at the behest of the US Government. I’d even gone to Belize to check it out and was returning there to set up a livlihood when I was interrupted by a hurricane in ‘95 & had to return to the US. No matter how much anyone insisted that one man can make a difference I wanted to vote with my feet, instead. Now, I want to stay in America and fight tyranny because we’re winning.

I hear, again and again, from gifters that after seeing the miraculous effects of their efforts they now realize that tyranny is already essentially defeated because humanity has simply outgrown it. The saber rattling and terror mongering we see on the What To Think Network isn’t much more significant, to veteran gifters, than the chorreograped death throes of a headless chicken by now.

If the world odor was in control to the extent that they were in Hitler’s and Roosevelt’s day, which is what Jones seems to imply, we’d all be dead or in prisons. I asked Carol what her take was on why people like Jones either studiously ignore this planetary-scale healing network or attack it and her impression is that it’s partly because they just don’t understand what we’re doing, so they feel personally threatened by it.

She also agreed with my impression, that the media personalities who represent conspiracy information are somehow mandated not to allow any discussion of solutions to the problems they’re describing, so when a caller to Jones’ program who is a gifter wants to tell about orgonite’s effects on the dynamics of tyranny, he abruptly cuts him/her off and/or attacks the caller’s character, which is something Jones says is reprehensible when it’s done to him.

Some good folks are invited guests on talk shows–how otherwise would these shows’ hosts and sponsors keep any credibility? Our friend, Doc Horowitz, is an example. He told Carol that he has to agree not to mention or comment on a range of specific topics before he’s allowed to be a guest on Coast to Coast AM. When he had written a documented, well-researched expose on the vaccination industry, he got a phone threat from the feds warning him not to publish it if he valued the lives of his family, so he didn’t publish it.

Al Bielek told us that he’s been persona non grata in the media for many years simply because he won’t go along with those restrictions.

You may have noticed that none of the really substantive talk show hosts are on the air any more, even on shortwave radio stations. That’s because all of the media, except the internet and a few independent publishers, are owned by corporations and all corporations, by nature, are controlled by one corporation that masquerades, internationally, as excessively centralized governments. There are exceptions, of course, like the media in Africa, where Georg Ritschl has been featured as a national talk-show guest on radio and TV in Johannesburg and zappers are also openly discussed in Uganda’s press and other media…

By the way, ‘Croft’ rarely comes up in these situations because this isn’t about Carol and I; it’s about many thousands of individuals empowering ourselves in a new and genuine way–just a taste of what’s in store for anyone who embraces the emerging global paradigm instead of just talking about it. We’ve always intended to keep our names in the background.

Anyone who sees the whole picture will recognize that even though the US, British and other governments are trying their best to replicate the governing style of Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao et al, they can’t succeed because the PJ folks simply aren’t sufficiently ignorant, nor terrified enough to support overt tyranny, nor will they be. Authors like Jones won’t mention this, of course, even though he recognized that the MI6 destruction of the trains only boosted support for the Iraq invasion and for Blair just a little bit and the majority clearly say that they don’t trust the official reports about those events.

Jones showed a government document in which Cheney, who was then playing the Heinrich Himmler role to the oval office handpuppet’s vapid Hitler profile, was quoted as having said, in 2000, that ‘America needs another Pearl Harbor now.’ The demolition of the WTC was apparently supposed to have generated the same kind of paranoia and aggression among the PJ folks (this time aimed at swarthy Muslims here and abroad) that Pearl Harbor’s contrived event generated in their blindered forebears against the Japanese, here and abroad. See how that atrocity failed to rally the public sufficiently and even backfired on the criminals who call themselves our government?

Anyone who’s watchful has noticed that while BushJr and Congress have recently enacted exactly the same legislation that Hitler did in 1933, after his takeover of the German government, Bush is generally scorned or ignored by the populace while Hitler was Germany’s darling. This is one reason why the massive, international police presence in the US won’t enforce the new, treasonous laws. The other reason, of course, is that none of us gave up our arms. This is another signal thatst the world odor is so hopelessly far behind in their genocide agenda that they’re foolishly trying shortcuts? They were a lot more patient and methodical in the 1930s and that attention to detail was essential to their success in those days before the internet. In a way, they’re shooting blanks at us now.

Humanity is just no longer succeptible to the sort of grand-scale, unchallenged manipulation that characterized the 1930s, the Russian Revolution and the French Revolution.

As examples, in the film, of people who ‘support George W Bush,’ Jones first showed some footage of the protestors near Crawford, Texas that included Cindy Sheehan and an ‘ex’ CIA official, then he filmed, presumably across the highway, a small crowd of jeering, beer-swilling PJ folks who looked, to me, like they were getting rewarded for showing up in support of GWB.

You and I aren’t likely to meet anyone like the latter unless we shoot craps at the Moose Lodge or drink in biker bars. If this regime were genuinely supported by the majority of PJ folks, they wouldn’t need to rely on trailer trash to represent them this way. I noticed that these complacent Bush leaguers had a huge tent with open sides where they could get out of the sun but the protestors only had pup tents. I doubt the protestors even had porta-potties. I wish Jones had panned the Bush leaguers’ facilities because I bet there were kegs, picnic tables, a row of portapotties, a water truck, etc. and you can bet these fools weren’t asked to pay for any of that.

To JOnes’ credit, he showed the results of a CNN pole that clearly indicates that 80% of the respondants don’t believe the official version of 9/11.

The Bush regime demolished the WTC, murdering 1300 occupants (thank God most of the previous 30,000 had moved out of there in previous months) and blamed Muslims and it only resulted in more suspicion of the government. Hermann Goring (yep, the ‘air marshall’) burned down the Reichstag in February, 1933 and Hitler’s camp blamed commies. Nearly all of the Germans, genuinely terrified of a murderous Lenin-style regime, eagerly handed in their guns and granted Hitler complete dictatorship within weeks. Bush assumed dictatorial powers without even asking and this is not a subtle point. If the PJ folks in America were as awake or informed, now, as the Germans were in 1933 there would have been an armed rebellion after the openly-treasonous Patriot Acts were passed. Hitler was elected on his promise to get Germany out of the clutches of the world odor, after all, and the PJ majority in the US can’t even locate a country, except the US, Canada and Mexico, on a globe

Why do you suppose Jones didn’t make this clear disctinction between ‘then’ and ‘now’ as evidence that the world odor is losing its grip? I suggest that ‘terror mongers are as terror mongers do,’ no matter how subtly they weave their wares.

When you and I watch shows like this we feel encouraged because it helps us to recognize how effective our gifting and predator-blasting work is at further undermining tyranny in these days when tyranny is, after all, inherently unstable; when a PJ person first encounters conspiracy info through watching a show like this he’s more likely to experience terror and hopelessness than to feel encouraged. When we read offerings like Vialls’ and Gary Allen’s we tend to feel encouraged, instead. It’s basically the same information but the legitimate research journalists won’t insult our intelligence by overestimating the power of the world odor.

How would it be in the world if you and I weren’t publicly demonstrating an effective stand against tyranny and exploitation? I say, ‘publicly,’ even though only a few thousand people are reading EW’s and other legitimate orgonite forums’ postings and only a few tens of thousands, perhaps, are gifting. You might realize, by now, that these numbers represent the ratio of genuine activists to the passive majority in any age and our distinct advantage in this age is that we have the internet for speedy dissemination of intelligence and new technical instructions.

My view, at the moment, is that folks like Jones are enabled in the media in an attempt by the world odor to keep just a tad of the initiative they’ve been losing to the conspiracy authors, some of whom, like Joe Vialls, are still being murdered for exposing the deeper agendae, like the detonation of that H-bomb in SE Asia two years ago. More attention on Jones means less attention on full-fledged research journalists like Vialls and the others I mentioned, who just don’t have the money or inclination to produce professional-quality videos.

Consider, too, that an earmark of less-than-adequate informants is that they direct their ire at Georg W Bush, mainly. Anyone who reads books on conspiracies knows that no US President has had genuine political power in almost a hundred fifty years. They’re merely representatives of the larger order, though of course they’re accountable for their crimes against humanity. This one’s a genuine war criminal and if a Nuremburg-style court was set up he’d surely get a long neck out of it.

In Jones’ and Icke’s defense, if they were to share info that’s equal to the pristine quality of Vialls’ offerings they’d probably also be killed or at least harmed and they no doubt understand that. I’m being charitable but I have firsthand knowledge of how desperately the sewer rat agencies are determined to keep raw intel out of the media and even off the internet.

When Richard Fosh, who posts on EW, generously donated a cloudbuster to the Ickes as an invited guest at their home on the Isle of Man, not long ago, after having disabled all of the death towers on that island, he had the impression that orgonite was something new to them but I remembered when Icke featured information about orgonite cloudbusters on his website in late 2001. Lots of people who built cloudbusters after that told me that they learned about it from Icke. Mrs Icke, shortly before Richard’s visit, had asked Carol for psychic advice about a very aggressive personal enemy in the US who was going after her husband in the courts. That looks like a setup, by the way, and I sure don’t wish that trouble on Icke.

Can you think of a good reason why we shouldn’t hold others to the same standard of intellectual integrity that we hold ourselves to?

After D Bradley finished CHEMTRAILS: CLOUDS OF DEATH, he distributed hundreds of copies among his grassroot network and they discretely mailed them all to people who were in a position to share the documentary film publicly. Not a single copy, including mine, reached its destination but one of his friends apparently hand-carried a copy to a Miami TV station, which aired it in the middle of the night on July 3, 2002. The next day, the other two producers, who had good jobs in Hollywood, were hit with IRS audits and lost their jobs and the young fellow who did the music was railroaded into prison after the local cops planted dope in his brother’s car (it was the wrong car but this is a police state, after all). Bradley was already on the ropes, of course.

He later somehow managed to get copies to the premier, reputable internet sites that share intel about the world odor but each one of the sites’ owners told him, apologetically, that if they shared the film they’d be harmed by the government. The ironic part is that, by then, there were several thousand home-made cloudbusters throughout North American and Western Europe and the chemtrails were essentially no longer a health or atmosphere threat.

It wasn’t until Carol and I picked up a CD copy in Pasadena and delivered it to the then-current orgonite-forum’s webmaster in San Francisco in the following November that it finally became easily available to the public. The little trip from LA to San Fransicso was a real creep show–we’ve never encountered so many NSA and CIA operatives up close, before or since. We all went to a local restaurant to celebrate and there were half a dozen NSA and CIA agents in there, waiting for us. They all openly gave us ‘You shot my dog, you BASTARD!’ looks–they seemed genuinely hurt. I can’t think of a better confirmation for a job well done and Carol and I have seen that look a few other times, after we completed really juicy gifting expeditions.

The night before our arrival (we had left Pasadena late in the day and had to stay in a motel) I unwittingly interrupted a government employee who had begun to tamper with our brakes and I found a puddle of brake fluid on the pavement that had collected from a little stream that started under the front of the car. The next morning it had all been cleaned up and, fortunately, the guy didn’t finish the job. The next day, one of those freaks put dirt in the brake line of Jesse Zaloudek’s pickup truck.

Jesse had attended the celebration and while we were together the sabotage was done to his truck. H<span />e had to run into a guardrail downhill from where he parked in order to stop the truck. He was parked on a long hill and he was apparently supposed to get dead or it was supposed to have intimidated all of us. A year later, when gifting in Jamaica, he and his gal were attacked by a guy with a machete but they only lost a little blood and neighbors chased the guy away. See how rare this sort of intimidation is? Aside from Georg and Axel spending ten days in a Zimbabwe jail and some troubles a few others of us have experienced along the way, gifting has generally become a risk-free venture, thankfully.

The worst assault I sustained was right after we got home in Moscow, Idaho, after delivering that CD in SF. During one night six of us across the US were gassed to sleep, injected with strong poison (our zappers handled that) and our chests were marked with vivid runic symbols. DB was one of those and his cuts became scars so I guess they cut deeper on him. I think the measure of anyone’s worth is how much the world odor hates him or her. It was that attack that inspired Carol and I to develop the Powerwand and to eventually learn to get to our assailants before they had a chance to get to us.

That was four years ago. It’s gotten a lot better since then but we sort of hold our breath, expecting the unexpected <img border=“0” alt=“Cool” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif” />. I’ve long known that this war won’t be over until the world odor hierarchies and their henchmen are in prison cells and potters’ fields following their arrest and lawful trials. Meanwhile, they still put their first warmaking efforts against humanity into trying to control the PJ majority thru the media, with some intimidation, on the side, directged at the more wakeful among us.

After CHEMTRAILS: CLOUDS OF DEATH became available online (it’s a free download here but good luck getting past the MI6 and NSA hackers) nearly everyone who sent for CD copies of the film got them. Even after that, though, none of the websites who were favorable to Bradley’s offering would discuss it publicly and a couple of years later Carnicom yhtopbrought out a half-hearted imitation of that film in an effort to confuse and mislead people who had just started noticing the chemtrail remnants overhead. I don’t think Jones has ever mentioned chemtrails or a number of other essential conspiracy topics but I might be mistaken. We’re careful to mention every conspiracy because it’s all relevant. We even mention conspiracies that only the psychics can access information about. The world odor exists in lots of layers, like an onion, and the more deeply we can interfere with them, the less likely they’ll be able to carry out their terror agenda. We’re very solution-oriented. Is there another viable approach?

Conspiracy authors who publish books or sell their information on the web are relatively safe, as we are. There’s just something about offering solid info the other media that makes the world odor’s sting pullers and button pushers kind of crazy, in spite of the fact that the PJ folks (always the majority) are losing interest in TV news and are especially losing interest in supporting excessively-centralized governments. Can you see why the world odor is obsessed with ‘owning’ even the conspiracy-information personalities in the media, as well as owning the multi-million dollar talking-head newsreaders and konfusing kibbitzers?

I hope you’ll consider that anyone in the media who talks about conspiracies is likely doing so only with the conditional blessing of the world odor and is probably only allowed to do this so that these individuals will be relied on by the waking-up PJ folks to provide the ‘last word’ about The Way Things Are. I have to say that it backfired four years ago, when Jeff Rense conducted a campaign to discredit orgonite cloudbusters on his syndicated radio show. I hope that was a taste of things to come [Image Can Not Be Found] but I’m realistic enough to understand that the world odor uses the intel gathered from lightning rods like that one to craft their ‘next level’ strategies. Notice how well the moles within the unorganized orgonite network were fashioned in successive, failed (so far–knock on wood) attempts.

In Jones’ world, the world odor is getting their wishes granted and is apparently unbeatable and omniscient. This is how people see things when the only conspiracy information exposure they’ve had is thru Jones, Icke, T Marrs, Partland, etc. You can argue that their presentations are ‘better than nothing,’ but when orgonite reaches mainstream awareness, where do you think the most vehement attacks against this empowering movement will come from? Jones is already openly opposed to us.

A popular website featured my reports for several years until the site owner stopped posting them and started featuring some more of our personal enemies, instead. You bet his support was instrumental in growing this network but the reason I don’t mention that site, any more, is because the balance has shifted decisively over to the ‘disinformation’ end so it’s a liability. We still sell him our products, wholesale, and when he calls Carol for psychic intel she’s happy to give it to him.

I’ve done my share in keeping this grassroot network alive and vital by preventing orgonite’s charismatic fake friends from dilluting and subverting it and I don’t see any new mole threats on the horizon right now. I do see this media setup as a potentially bigger threat but we’ll probably weather that, too, when the time comes. I don’t believe that Jones or Icke are paid agents, by the way, or even that they have less than honorable intentions but I think that in this war one is more or less forced to fight for one side or the other, regardless of intentions. I don’t think there are any fence sitters by now…

After tyranny has been undermined some more, we’re going to need to frankly and openly discuss ways to replace or not replace these overcentralized horrors that call themselves the US, British, Russian and Chinese governments so that we can have global peace and prosperity. When those are gone, so will the Federal Reserve Corporation, the International Monetary Fund, the oil and drug cartels and all the other tentacles of the world odor shrivel up and die and we won’t miss a beat, economically, on our way to creating a proper world commonwealth, thanks to the internet’s example and facilitation.

I don’t think it’s debatable that the political and economic power that was pirated by these corporate entities will be returned, by default, to the smaller national, state, provincial and local governments, so the debates will mainly be more localized ones, of course. Notably absent from these discussions will be the richly-paid and/or heavily programmed agents of discord who now characterize and control every corporate and government body in the aforementioned countries. Enough of the irrational, flag-waving, prosperous Depression Babies are dead, by now, that they won’t gum up the works, either, God willing, which is why no Vietnam or Afghanistan adventures/debacles showed up during my generation’s watch. Notice that this invasion of Iraq never had the same support that the Vietnam War got from the Depression Babies and our armed forces are a tiny fraction of the size of the one that sank up to its axles in Southeast Asia and stormed across Kuwait.

The fact that almost everyone studiously avoids discussing how we might have peace and prosperity in the world, it has to be discussed or else we won’t have learned our lesson. It wasn’t discussed a century ago, after it became apparent that governments had lost their power to rule people overtly, so the corporations and their propagandists took over by default, then we started having Really Big Wars. What’s stopping you from discussing this essential issue?

As the internet itself demonstrates, we simply don’t need a lot of centralized authority in our world, any more than we need prehensile tails. The folks who run the internet are almost entirely unknown and they presumably don’t murder or defame people in order to keep getting paid for their very valuable services. Not even the vast army of CIA and MI6 hackers have been able to stop the internet, either, though I suspect the reason we never hear from anyone in Russia and China (except Hong Kong) is because the secret police in those very sad countries can still intimidate everyone away from exercising their right to examine reality independently. I hear from lots of people in the previously occupied East European and Baltic countries and Meta, in Slovenia, is particularly blazing a bright trail across that sky now. The people in those countries are steadily waking up from generations of Soviet mind control and they aren’t plagued by secret police, the way that we genuine activists in North America suddenly are.

What do you suppose they know that we haven’t learned, yet?

Of course, one reason the sewer rat agencies won’t destroy the internet is because it’s the best opportunity they’ve ever had to surveille everyone. If that weren’t so, I think they’d try much harder and we’d be deprived of this incredible, global grassroot networking tool. Centralization equates with stupidity on some level, though, and their addiction to worthless intel gathering has favored us. I play a game: I announce tol the sewer rats exactly where we’re going to gift, then I get points when the sewer rat swarm at that location fails to stop us or undo our work. Try it! Once in awhile, like when we boated over to the Bahamas to undo that enormous HAARP area north of Grand Bahama Island, we don’t telegraph our punches. I wasn’t willing to endure 70 miles of HAARPified rough water in the Straits of Florida that day and because we were discreet about leaving, the sea was almost flat for us sleepyheads (we left before dawn).

Meanwhile, though you might assume that I’m contradicting myself, I hope you’ll share Alex Jones’ videos with anyone who hasn’t had a clue about How Things Are but is now susceptible to new energy/information. If you present this with the caveat that we’re taking positive steps to eliminate tyranny without shooting anyone, then Jones’ offerings can be a concise intro to understanding just what it is that we’re all working to correct in this world. I assume you’ll also hand him/her some orgonite, too, or had done so.

I hope Marcus will include a copy of this film in all of his orders above a certain price because it’s a good marketing tool: a little CD showing the problem and a box full of the solution.

Awhile back, I think on the tenth anniversary of the thuggish BATF’s media-celebrated mass murder event near Waco, Texas, Marcus visited the rebuilt Branch Davidian compound to interview survivors about the massacre (that propaganda event reminds me of what the US Government routinely did to Indians, Pol Pot routinely did to children, Lenin routinely did to independent farmers and the Nazis routinely did to dissidents, Gypsies and Jews) for a film he was making. He found orgonite HHgs there, made by the inhabitants. You might be surprised by how many people in the world already know about orgonite, firsthand, and the use of orgonite crosses all of the old barriers: race, religion, nationality, political, intellectual, etc. There isn’t much that the world odor can accomplish when those old, artifical barriers have fallen. Why do you think the world odor erected them in the first place?


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