A Glimpse of Hellenic Numerology

Hyperion sends me terrific information and we both share a passion for hidden histories. I noted to him that in all my reading of forbidden books I nevre came across much about Byantium or ancient Hellenism and I suspect there’s a good reason for that huge gap, considering Hellas’ (‘Greece’ isn’t what they call their own country ) pivotal role in Western Civilization’s history.

It’s actually easier to learn about Islam’s contributions to our history, even though the current, parasitic world order is treating Muslims like whipping boys right now.

Carol has a working fascination of numbers and numerology, which makes up much of her favorite (ancient) system of divination, Cards of Destiny, which also has astrological components and uses ordinary playing cards.

Hyperion is an orgonite-flinging dynamo, by the way, as are a few others in Hellas who prefer not to have a public profile. I think there’s a special benefit for all of us when someone in the world steps up and assumes a public profile for doing this work but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing it secretly, either.

You’ll notice that Hellenic numerology is quite different from Latin, Hebrew, Arabic or other systems. I gather that they’re all quite ancient, perhaps from before ‘the time of Adam.’ I wonder if Roman numerals are a crude imitation of the much finer Hellenic combination of letters and numbers.

Here’s what he just sent me:

Hi D,

I have not been in touch for a bit but found something that I thought you would find interesting, regarding the Hellenic language.

from the mathematician and writer Lefteris Argyropoulos

The Hellenic language is a wonderful linguistic creation that is at once mathematical, verbal and musical. From the times of Pythagoras and before, the Hellenes used the letter symbols for music and mathematics. It is comprised of 28 symbols and 27 arithmetic positions, namely







S΄= 6





















The F is called digamma (double gamma), the S’ is called stigma, while Q is qoppa and σαμπι is a pi turned right at 45 degrees.

According to the system, each word has only one sum that is called Lexarithmos – ΛΕΞΑΡΙΘΜΟΣ (lexis = word + arithmos = number)

for example

ΛΕΞΑΡΙΘΜΟΣ = 30+5+60+1+100+10+9+40+70+200 = 525.

When two words or sentences have the same lexarithmos, we say that they are lexarithmetically equal.

Most lexarithms are anywhere between 200 and 1800, while their arithmetic values are anywhere between 1 and 5000, so coincidences are far and between.

The words spherical ΣΦΑΙΡΙΚΟΣ and fundamental ΘΕΜΕΛΙΩΔΗΣ have the same lexarithm

ΣΦΑΙΡΙΚΟΣ = 200+500+1+10+100+10+20+70+200 = 1111

ΘΕΜΕΛΙΩΔΗΣ = 9+5+40+5+30+10+800+4+8+200 = 1111

being spherical is being fundamental in the scheme of creation since all subatomic particles are such, planets and so on

The words photon ΦΩΤΟΝΙΟΝ and sine-wave ΚΥΜΑΤΟΕΙΔΩΣ equal to number 1850


One of the most interesting aspects is the extraction of Π (3,14)

circumference to diametre (ΜΗΚΟΣ ΠΕΡΙΦΕΡΕΙΑΣ ΚΥΚΛΟΥ/ΔΙΑΜΕΤΡΟΣ, 3,14 !!! with three digit accuracy.

ΜΗΚΟΣ ΠΕΡΙΦΕΡΕΙΑΣ ΚΥΚΛΟΥ = 338+1016+940 = 2294

ΔΙΑΜΕΤΡΟΣ = 730, επομένως 2294/730=3,1424657534…!!!

Even more interesting is the golden ratio or Φ

Φ = (+1)/2 = 1,618… . Σχηματίζοντας το πηλίκον που δίδει τον αριθμό Φ, χρησιμοποιώντας την αρχαία Ελληνική γλώσσα λαμβάνουμε:

(Ο ΠΕΝΤΕΠΟΔΟΣ + ΕΝ)/(Η ΔΥΑΣ) = (70+864+55)/(8+605) = 989/613 = 1,61…!!!

human ΑΝΘΡΩΠΟΣ = 1+50+9+100+800+80+70+200 = 1310

nature ΦΥΣΙΣ = 500+400+200+10+200 = 1310

middle and exterior LOGOS ΜΕΣΟΣ ΚΑΙ ΑΚΡΟΣ ΛΟΓΟΣ = 515+31+391+373 = 1310 .

The engineering of genetics also comes to light.

Erection = Fluids = Human = Nature ,><,ΣΤΥΣΙΣ = ΧΥΜΟΣ = ΑΝΘΡΩΠΟΣ = ΦΥΣΙΣ = 1310,

some more interesting examples

It is true ΑΛΗΘΕΙΑ ΕΣΤΙΝ = 64+565 = 629

true word ΑΛΗΘΗΣ ΛΟΓΟΣ = 256+373 = 629, δηλαδή:



True Word = Mathematic Ο ΑΛΗΘΗΣ ΛΟΓΟΣ = ΜΑΘΗΜΑΤΙΚΟΣ = 699

Lefteris Papadopoulos is a mathematician that has amassed 525 Pythagorean Theorem proves, is at the forefront of mathematics and geometry, a prolific writer and a researcher in Northeastern University of Boston


[email protected]

I got the following from Bill Nelson:


If you go to http://hellasgematria.4shared.com you can get lists of Greek (Hellas) words with the Gematria value.
I tried to make a “Greeklish” entry in each list, but my Greeklish conversion may not be perfect.

There are two .zip files that give you a total of 950,000 words. I have gematria values for chemical elements, bible words, first names, colors. I happened to notice on the EthericWarriors forum that your wife studies this, and I’m trying to help.

My Gematria values assume that the Sigma-Tau characters at the beginning of a word add up to 6 instead of 500.

This was a lot of work, compiling a lot of words. It took me forever to simply find a list of elements, since I don’t speak Greek.

Looking through a file of 790,000 entries and pulling out many entries means you’ll need a database program of some kind that can work with Unicode text files. Or, you can just ask me for words with a specific gematria value.

Bill Nelson (EarthGrid)