A Look 'Under the Lid' at State and Municipal Bankruptcies?


Thanks for answering. By the way, here is a link to a GOOGLE video I think you are likely to find interesting: “BIGGEST GAME IN TOWN” by a brave man, eventually imprisoned as a consequence of his research on this information, Walter J. Burien.


This 2 hour video explains the reality on CAFR (Consolidated Accounting Financial Records) for all municipalities and all states in the nation, telling people how much money the governments actually make. The amounts are mind boggling, especially now given that all states are declaring “bankruptcy” in order to steal even more money. It is funny when you see all this. All the money is practically stolen and the people are eventually made to think the states are broken. By the way, before GOOGLE edited the statistics for viewing on this video, the author caught them with their guard down and recorded the images from GOOGLE REPORTS showing the TRUE statistics, making this particular video the MOST VIEWED video ever in GOOGLE. Interesting!

Thank you for responding to my mail. The best to you and yours man.


I’ve studied the realities of Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports.

They are secret audits of villages, towns, cites, countys, states investment portfolios

They are all rich beyond belief.

The US gov also has CAFR’s that are incredibly wealthy, but you have to remember
that it’s fiat money (debt) and may be worthless someday. Unless of course the guys that manage these funds
convert their equities into metals and more solid currencies, which I’m sure they do.

If the general public knew about this stuff they would freak.


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