A new forum for orgonite - feel free to join

Recently I set up a new forum for orgonite. Mainly it was designed to be in Finnish but we thought good material can be gathered if it contains English as well, the other reason is to keep it running for proboard software can close any forum in other language only than English. So I am welcoming you warriors of the ether to post some of your experiences and so there. It is easy to spot what belongs to where. Also, this way I let myself easier than trying to type it all down by myself. It is a restricted forum, so first I need to create an account which you then can update (change the password etc.).

You can send me PM first, to let me know it is really someone from here I can recognise and not someone trying to infilterate using your username. Any contribution is greatly appreciated. Don’t feel limited from posting things that you post here either. The more the records, the more recognition for orgonite, after all.




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