A Photo Of The C.V

Here is a scan of the ziggurat on top of
the original creative vortex on the earth described in this thread:

The real reason for this thread is explained at donebydooney listed above, but here is some general info on the subject.
The ziggurat of Choga-Zambil is the most important monument remainning from the middle period of Elamite art(1500 to 1000 B.C.). Choga-Zambil still standing today in the Susa region is a great storied tower, one of the many found in the Mesopotemia, but the most outstanding among those, the most well preserved and the most impressive. The Anglo-Iranian oil company was the first to find it and then the expediters came and expeditions took place circa 1936. Further excavations were done between years 1951 and 1962.

The ziggurat was dedicated to Inshushinak , the guardian god of Susa. It was built by Untash-Huban the Elamite king according to brick inscriptions. A group of palaces and temples were found beside the ziggurat.

The ziggurat of Chogha Zanbil was fittingly the first (of many) Iranian sites to be inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Dating back to 1250BC, it is not the oldest, that title goes to the Konar Sandal ziggurat in Jiroft, which has foundations going back to 2200BC, predating even the ziggurat in Ur. The Elamites who constructed this ziggurat were very close to the Babylonians, raising the importance of realizing that whilst being located in modern day Iran, this ziggurat stands in Mesopotamia, which is largely modern day Iraq

A nice photo stream of the ziggurat: http://www.flickr.com/photos/youngrobv/ … 156513572/

Age of the city of Susa, now known as Shush:
this web site has the city Susa at around 10,000 years old with Damascus 12,000 years old [http://weburbanist.com/2009/07/09/senio

this web site has city Susa at 6,200 years old with Jericho the oldest at 11,000 years old. [http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/pictu
Here is the location:

the image below shows the location of the city of Shush above and to the west of the red star. the pale yellow line is the border of Iraq.

Thanks for posting that David R.

I learned of the Creator Vortex quite a while ago, but didn’t really feel much when I tried to connect with it, so I eventually forgot about it. After reading your post I tried again, and I definitely made a connection to that big golden cone of very positive energy. It feels very nice, kind, gentle, smooth, and healing. I think I’ll be doing this daily from now on, I feel very light and positive after basking in the CV energy for a few minutes.

I guess I just wasn’t ready for it the last time I tried, and this timely post jogged my memory and really helped me out. I find EW to be a treasure trove of information like this, and it has the uncanny knack of presenting it to me at just the right time. Thanks again


The CV is probably one of the most, if not the most amazing place on planet Earth if you can get into the ether. It is the vortex through which the Earth was created (hence “creator vortex”) and is immensely powerful. The energy is almost a pure 24K gold color and intensely soothing.

Anyone with a pure heart (this doesn’t mean you need to be a “saint” – just have good intentions at heart, which, aside from the bad guys, we all do) has unconditional access to it and you don’t have to have psychic abilities to go there nor to tap its energy when you really need it.

When there, don’t be surprised if you encounter etheric dolphins and cetas (whales). They’re always hanging out there (wink).

There is a guardian as all Earth vortexes have. Though not necessary, more out of a matter of courtesy and respect, at least for me, I always ask the guardian permission to enter prior to doing so and always receive back a “granted” (and sometimes with a bit of a snicker like its not necessary but it still likes being asked).

So do enjoy your time there. It is an amazing place.