A Practical Application of Mysticism?

Carol and I enjoy visiting newage bookstores and Carol, especially, usually becomes friendly with the store owners if possible. There’s an awful lot of good stuff in these stores, by the way, and some of the owners won’t rip you off if you’re looking for nice crystals. We get a lot of good, affordable gems and crystals (even Lemurian seed crystals are mixed in among the Tibetan and regular quartz) at World of Wonders in Spokane, Washington.

The gal who owns the newage bookstore in Jupiter, Florida, where we spent our HAARPicane-busting year, used to own a bar, so I liked her right away. I’m not a drinker but people who own bars are generally down to earth. She’s a pretty good psychic, too, and really appreciated it when Carol gifted the area around her store, which had a lot of hauntings and nearby, almost daily traffic wrecks due to a distorted energy vortex.

The woman who owns The Open Door, a newage bookstore in Spokane, Washington, has known Carol for a lot of years (we moved to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho last October and it’s sort of next door to Spokane) and when Carol walked in there last week for the first time after we got back to the area, she practically insisted that Carol buy THE SECRET, which is the Australian film about how one gets whatever one thinks the most about.

I remember that when this was introduced to the market all of the newage lists were vigorously promoting it and I admit that this prejudiced me against it just a little. I don’t think Carol was eager for me to watch it but, yesterday, I asked her to watch it with me. She said, ’Okay, but only if you don’t laugh at it!’ I had a sense that there’s something in that film that’s worthwhile.

There are a couple of quantum physicists on there, several noteworthy authors, a theologian or minister, a couple of philosophers, a motivational speaker or two and some popular shrinks who wrote books. All of these were featured as people who had learned and applied ‘the secret,’ which is simply a functional understanding of the law of attraction.

It was stressed over and over, in various ways, that our thoughts dictate our feelings, which dictate more of the same thoughts, which gradually or even quickly bring to us whatever we’re thinking about. Also, this process is as independent of the issue or good/bad as fire or electricity are; the application, conscious or otherwise, is a function of law, which is inescapable.

I casually looked for the disinfo hooks in the film. I usually hunt for them, like when I watch Icke’s or Alex Jones’ ’Chicken Little’ films, but I was enjoying this upbeat presentation so much that I wasn’t inclined to pick it apart. I actually enjoy Jones, Icke and a few others who substitute sensationalism for dispassionate examination and critical thinking but I also make sport of them. That said, I think it’s a good idea to read and watch presentations like these if one is already in the process of empowering oneself. In that case the observer isn’t hooked by the ‘kill shot’ which is cleverly inserted in the material.

In the case of THE SECRET, the only two hooks or kill shots came in rapid succession in an encapsulated segment but weren’t heavily featured: 1) ‘You are God,’ and 2) ‘You can’t change the world.’ There was a subtle but unmistakable shift in the tone of the presentation at that point, after which the energy tone returned to the upbeat way it was throughout the rest of the film. You might enjoy noticing these nonsequiturs.

See how schizoid those two ideas are when offered together? The fact that they seemed to be inserted in the film incidentally and were even contradicted by much of the rest of the film’s content was encouraging to me. I wonder if the more substantive contributors to the film noticed it. The rest of them are probably happily focused on their having gotten more money, sex and things by applying this principle. I’m curious about why each presenter was labeled, too, especially the guy who was labeled, ‘metaphysician,’ who seems like an okay fellow to me, by the way, and who would probably be a good friend to anyone.

The human institutions that use secrecy have developed a lot of intricate codes that they use to pass along information through the generations and they usually ended up being oppressive organizations, melded seamlessly into the world odor.

The Prophets hide empowering truths out in the open in parables and simple statements that can‘t easily be tampered with by clergy and theologians, which is why the spiritual teachings of Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc., still have creative s vitality even after millenia of such tampering, for instance. Anyone can retrieve this information by exercising one’s conscience, practicing a little (or a lot, depending on how much info one wants) self discipline and intellectual honesty and by practicing acts of selfless service. All of those Authors expounded the full nature of ’The Secret’ and its proper application. I think Buddha, among the Ones I mentioned, was the most technically explicit in this case, though when one is acquainted with the dynamics of this process one easily recognizes the instructions of the other Prophets, too.

When post-Einstein quantum physics developed a lot of momentum, which happened during the time Reich was being pursued by the US Government, the pioneers looked to the Prophets’ apparently arcane teachings for explanations of what they were witnessing with their particle colliders, hyper dimensional events, etc., though apparently most of that is not mentioned in institutional literature these days and most of the real scientists are shackled with secrecy oaths.

Most of the speakers in the film dwelt on acquiring physical objects, money, romance (sex on demand), etc., and very little was said about making our world better and helping others live up to our common human potential. To me, the latter is the only relevant feature of this human attribute; acquiring comforts ought to be one of the benefits of a life of service, not the raisson d’etre for living and breathing. Otherwise, one’s paradigm for spirituality is just a cargo cult.

Romance is a cult in the West, by the way, which is perhaps the main reason why most marriages fail. If Reich had been successful in his day, we wouldn’t tend to link the word, ‘sex’ to images of otherwise-naked strangers copulating with shoes and sunglasses on. I bet you know that most of the internet porn sites are run by the CIA.

As gifters, we distribute orgonite in our neighborhoods, commercial centers, ghettos, work places, hospitals, etc., because we like to see the positive changes that happen in terms of human behavior and ambience. We don’t do this for our own benefit, obviously; we just like to make the world nicer. In the process of forgetting ourselves our own lives and fortunes often improve before long.

People hold Mother Theresa up as the standard example of selfless service and I agree that sacrificing one’s life for the welfare of others is the ultimate act. By that standard, Father Damien, who gave his life on the island of Molokai in Hawaii, a century or so ago, was an even better example. He had such an abiding love for the thousands of lepers who had been consigned to that little island that he spent all of his time and energy trying to make their remaining days as comfortable as possible. Whether we like the Pope or not has nothing at all to do with our genuine awe, admiration and repect for these two saintly people.

Every Sunday, the EW chatroom is used to help usher in global peace and prosperity by surgically sanctioning predators who are intent on genocide and tyranny. According to some of the speakers in that film, this is a bad thing because ‘we’re dwelling on negative things, so are attracting them to us.’ I’m sure you’ve heard or read that boiler-plate hippie spiel a few times.

I don’t disagree that we’re literally attracting the murderers and pedophiles who run the world odor to us and that’s partly why it’s been getting easier and easier to find proper targets for our efforts but we regularly get poisoned, overtly surveilled, attacked with energy weaponry, including microwave in some cases, lose money and items to theft, experience aggressive, overt sabotage in our businesses, families, social interactions and finances, etc. All of that is the cost of being a genuine spiritual warrior, of course, and if we didn’t cheerfully accept that, we would have left the battlefield by now. Our lives are generally better in every way than they were before we started doing this, though, so apparently we’re on the right track. I daresay that the assaults against us are getting progressively less frequent and weaker, too.

See, the power of attraction has more profound and subtler aspects than just personally getting sex, money, friends and health. I suggest that the proper application of this law is in whatever will benefit our specie rather than just ourselves.

This activity has also connected some of us to dolphins and whales in 3D as well as ethericly. Dooney’s outstanding dodecahedron ’caging’ technique is apparently a gift from some dolphins, for instance.

I honestly thought this lawful, practical activity would have spread faster than it has, and I even forced the issue a bit by inviting psychics to participate in the chat sessions who lacked sufficient character and personal integrity a couple of years ago or so. Boy, that error in judgement bit me in the butt but not much harm was done, ultimately, and there are now at least four legitimate forum efforts in which regular chatblast sessions take place: the German orgonite forum, the first French orgonite forum, Dooney‘s forum and EW.

The other activity, besides going after world-class criminals (mostly government officials) who are engaged in planning mass murder events in order to terrorize the PJ folks into welcoming the infrastructure of overt tyranny that‘s set up in the wings in North America and Europe (it‘s still in place in China and Russia, of course), is to keep each other safe from the sewer rat agencies’ interference and reprisals. This usually gets immediate success confirmation, so is quite empowering for all of us.

I think our chatroom time is pretty much evenly divided between those two activities. We’ve also spent time getting the sewer rats off the backs of other innocents, like physicians in the network who are pursued by government/corporate agencies on account of being genuine healers.

According to some of those speakers in the film, we mustn’t even think of tyranny because that allegedly brings it to our doorstep. Fortunately for us, the omnipresent chemtrails and death towers are causing more and more folks to take off their pajamas and join the living. Those things didn’t show up because ‘we were all dwelling on tyranny’ because the vast majority of people are PJ folks who don’t think of anything but sex, food and comfort.

If we relative few gifters and cloudbuster makers hadn’t disabled the chemtrail program and countless thousands of death towers, even the speakers on the film would probably be either dead from anthrax or corralled into labor camps by Chinese and Russian troops, with the assistance of the new death transmitters. All of that would have occurred while they studiously avoided thinking about tyranny and our responsibility to deal with it effectively, of course.

You and I who have looked at tyranny’s face, up close, don’t have any doubts about how the world, as we knew it, was headed toward a sticky end. We gifters are only a few thousand around the world but that’s been enough to prevent genocide and an overt police state everywhere but in Russia, China, Cuba, Guatemala and a few other hangers-on countries.

Thanks to even fewer of us, the new millions of secret police who are in the wings in the West, still hopeful that their employers will eventually succeed at inducing mass terror again, as FDR, Churchill, Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin did in the 1930s (‘the good old days?’) an era of peace, unity and prosperity is probably in store for humanity sooner than later and without having to be ushered in by genocide and the temporary enslavement of the half billion or so survivors in our world. Either way, I think it’s pretty clear that we’ve outgrown patriarchy and parasitism as a specie by now, so why not avoid the messier end of it?

Maybe the success of global tyranny would be a tossup if the world odor made a violent move toward overt tyranny without having first reduced the population and enabled the control of developed countries by Russia’s and China’s well-equipped, competent and well-trained, mobile, gargantuan armies.

Maybe people, just about everywhere, would simply resist it this time instead of just bend over for it, as our forebears all did in the 1930s.

I honestly believe that the world odor is essentially finished because humanity has reached a certain stage of maturity and accountability and that the strident shadow puppetry we’re witnessing on the What To Think Network is their institutional death throes. That thought is a genuinely happy one and is tied closely to my ebullient thoughts and feelings about:

Universal access to inexpensive free energy and anti-gravity technology (the effortless dismantling of the parasitic corporate/gov’t energy cartel)

Abundance for everyone according to his/her desires (some of us actually don’t want much for ourselves because keeping track of a lot of possessions is burdensome)

Robotics and nanotech to take care of menial tasks (already at hand)

Freedom from disease (already at hand)

Instant, cheap global communication (already in place–the internet and cellphones)

Universal currency, not controlled by corporations and not based on alleged debt (we’re almost there)

Abundant, cheap, good food for everyone due to reversal of deserts and adoption of proven, economical organic farming methods (at hand and also implies the effortless dismantling of food cartels and chemical corporations)

Worldwide equality of the sexes, accomplished through rising awareness, not by government mandate (at hand)

Empowerment of local, genuinely representative governments at the expense of overburdened and overextended national ones

Universal literacy (nearly accomplished before now)

Freedom to travel (note that this has been accomplished in Europe) even instantaneously (at hand since the ‘50s, apparently)

A global commonwealth conducted as unobtrusively and efficiently as the internet is (our economy is already global by now)

An end to the massive-scale, secret exploitation of children (no more CIA or MI5/6 and their subordinate satanic cults)

Genuinely free press (already at hand); no corporate or government censorship

Freedom from corporate religious institutions, which is to say genuine individual religious freedom

Space travel and productive interaction with other species (at hand since the ‘40s or before)

The latter, ‘happy list’ involves the process of healing, which never stops; the ‘unpleasant for some’ features I mentioned before that involves the process of curing disease in humanity’s body politic, which is temporary and finite. Both processes are necessary, of course, but only a few people will involve ourselves with the curative process, while all of us will happily participate in the benefits of the healing process.

In the past, the curative process involved bloodshed but this time I think it will remain relatively trauma-free, though locally elected authorties around the globe may find it necessary to round up the more overt murderers and thieves in the world odor hierarchy and do a little networking in the process. It’s not a good idea to let habitual murderers and thieves run around, unchecked. I think policemen will be more accountable to the electorate, also more reliant on psychics than before.

I hope you’ll watch THE SECRET because I think you can benefit, as I have, from seeing that many people are now aware that attracting desirable results is a function of heartfelt desire, bolstered by genuinely productive thoughts. You might be like me, in that most of your life, so far, was spent avoiding unpleasantness. The speakers in the film demonstrate, better than I can, that ‘avoidance of discomfort’ is also an invitation to receive exactly that which we attempt to avoid.

I want you to take the next logical step, though, and recognize that attracting desirable results for our world involves facing and defeating tyranny or at least no longer tacitly supporting it by ignoring it.

If you don’t enjoy the process of lawfully (I think you know that I mean ’universal law,’ rather than the insipid corporate law system that is set up to enable tyranny in our world and disfavor individuals’ human rights) disabling individual tyrants, gifting is a powerful alternative and has longer-lasting positive effects than the more expedient, surgical/curing process does.

Going after corporate/government parasites doesn’t make us superior, by the way; we enjoy doing it on a regular basis, though, and we find it empowering and instructive in a peculiar way.

Gifting is actually a higher expression of compassion, perhaps, and is universally acceptable. We few just feel kind of driven to prevent mass murder for now. If it weren’t good, clean fun to get in the way of the corporate/government arch-terrorists in the USA, Great Britain, Israel, Russia, China, Rome and elsewhere I doubt we’d be doing it on a regular basis. I didn’t mention Muslim terrorists because the few that are operating in the world are obviously employed by one or more of the terrorist agencies I mentioned above.

The fact that none of what I’m talking about in this post is discussed by other progressive groups or mentioned on the What To Think Network shouldn’t discourage you from considering my suggestions. You probably know that Dr Reich was a significant historical figure who initiated positive changes in our world but please consider that when he was alive there were probably only a handful of people in the world who had a clue what he was talking about and accomplishing and some of those betrayed him.

As some of the speakers in the film observed about the process of an individual attaining his/her personal desires, we don’t need to know how the wonderful things we all want for each other will come to fruition: we only have to take care of our individual actions, thoughts, words and feelings in the moment, as the Prophets and better philosophers all strongly and explicitly advised, and to keep moving toward a better world; the process of unity and universal peace/prosperity will continue to unfold in an organic, effortless way as we continue to progress spiritually and materially.

Those of us who have discovered what simple orgonite accomplishes can’t imagine how this can be achieved in the shorter term without the timely and intelligent distribution by enough self-starters of these harmless but potent healing devices. ‘Results depend upon means,’ as the Prophets said.

We very few who engage the hungry global predators (I assume that more people of conscience will want to do this before long and will get the personal coaching that Dooney makes available at [email protected]) are content in knowing that a whole lot of un-necessary discomfort and mass murder will probably continue to be avoided by humanity along the way.


To clarify a bit in re: instant travel:

My very first conspiracy book was COSMIC CONSPIRACY, by Stan Deyo, who is an American expatriate living in Australia. If you read that book, you’ll probably recognize that Deyo is probably a disinformant and that seemed obvious to me even in 1984, when I read the book in Tonga (it was censored in the US in those days, like a whole lot of other books were). It was the fundamentalist Christiian chestpounding that tipped me off. That makes up the last third of the book and is sort of encapsulated, so I think his very good documentation and cross referencing in the first two thirds are stand-alone, good intel.

After the internet showed up, his book and others were freely available in the US and he was a frequent guest on Art Bell’s show since the early 1990s always doomsaying and terror-mongering, as any other fundamenatlist does these days.

In the book, along with a detailed history of antigravity research until the subject was dropped by the What To Think Network in 1958 or so, he referenced a TV appearance by John Lear, who had developed the Learjet and owned the company that made them. I think it was on the Merv Griffith Show. Lear mentioned that a way had been developed for a person to step into a booth in Chicago, for instance, and get instantly transmitted to a similar booth in San Francisco. The audience laughed him off the stage.

Al Bielek is the only other person who discusses this stuff and who seems reputable to me and he told Carol and I at length about how the CIA had developed a similar technique and deployed it in the Monarch Program in order to take children out of space and time, subject them to programming sessions, then deposit them back in the same time/space reference from which they took them. Daycare, which became almost universal by the late 1970s, was a real boon to Monarch because the peculiar behavior shifts associated with the trauma-based programming that would otherwise have been noticed by watchful moms was simply relegated to ‘the effects of daycare.’

I often mention that MOnarch ‘employs’ countless millions of mostly-unwitting people in North America, Europe and parts of Asia and this tech is apprently what made it possible for the CIA and MI6 to vastly expand these programs. I don’t know what the Brits call their version but they got a headstart in the 30s, when Freud took over the Tavistock Institute, apparently, then a big boost when they got all those German POWs to experiment on with mind control tech and programming. Like with the MOnarch program today, the people who had character and consciences were unusable, then, so were ‘expelled’ from the cushy life of the programmed, who went on to become Germany’s government, educatioal and corporate ‘leaders’ after WWII. Monarch assets–consider the Clintons and BushJr–sit in all those chairs these days in the West. The CIA went one better: instead of killing the washouts (which would have eventually drawn attention to the vastness of the program), saddled them (us?) with self-limiting programming, psychotic Monarch honeypots, etc.

Actually, after Dr Stevo and I gifted Lake Pond Oreille, just north of here (where we encountered a big, fast US Navy submarine, up close) I found out that the expansive but empty state park where we launched the boat had been the site of a massive ‘hospital,’ quickly built at the onset of WWII and used to ‘house German POWs.’ Since this was an extremely remote area, back then, Carol and I assume it was for mind control projects. The sewer rat agencies only started working on small children after WWII, of course. I bet you thought that only the ‘German’ nazis did stuff like this <img border=“0” alt=“Cool” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif” /> but you can visit any hospital in the West and will see a number of present-day Josef Mengeles. If you’re like me, you can barely stand to walk into a hospital/gulag. What’s even creepier is that the Depression Babies who are being killed by installments actually feel thankful to their serial killers.

Psychics can find these time/space tunnels if they know what to look for. They’re generaly in distorted, natural energy grid vortices. Carol found a really big one in UK (at ‘Death Point’, apparently used by MI6 to toss enemies and oath-breakers to offworld predators. She told me that she came pretty close to being pulled in there. Al mentioned to us that the CIA once threw him through one of these in Virginia, in the 80s, but that the offworlders threw him back after he mentioned his experiences with the Wingmakers to them. He told us that the B Sirians at the other end of the portal debrief their victims before eating them. The CIA guys were apparently pretty astonished to see him again–said he was the first to come back.

My point in the previous post was that an awful lot of what we consider science-fiction tech has been around for quite awhile, used by the sewer rat agencies. It’s likely that everything they have uses DOR as a power medium, though, so I suspect that we’ll have cleaner, healthier versions before long. 'Some of the folks who read EW will no doubt be involved with fixing this mess.


As ever, I think the arcane stuff is incidental–the real miracle is that humanity is moving ahead spiritually, in spite of massive, coordinated efforts by the parasitic world odor to sidetrack, poison and otherwise inhibit this specie-wide jump in awareness

Sometimes I wonder why so many people are apparently unwilling to look at the bigger miracles and, instead, focus on the small change. Maybe they think the bigger ones are ‘too good to be true.’ The little ones are little more than distractions, though, and keep some folks too busy with idle speculation to work conscientiously at ushering in and solidifying the big ones, which is to say to expose and remove the trappings of tyranny sooner than later.

It reminds me of how many folks will spin their wheels endlessly, discussing extraneous trappings for field orgonite, so they miss the point that simple orgonite and its intelligent, persistent distribution is where the power and empowerment in this unorganized movement are.

People like Ed in Japan only post a couple of times a year but his reports are blockbusters. Other EW members have never posted, though they’ve distributed thousands of TBs, etc. A few post dribble almost daily and I’ve been discouraging that because it becomes the ‘face’ of EW by sheer volume, so that our readers are likely to disregard the really meaty posts under a barrage of speculative and sans-substance ramblings. I’m happy to report, at least, that we don’t see any world odor moles on the EW memberlist.

The reason EW is here is so that there will be an ongoing public record in English of some of the individual and group achievements within this global, grassroot network. The people who post substantive gifting reports are encouraged to also post their insights and observations because they have momentum in that case and draw the interaction of The Operators. The few who mistake their idle speculation for contributions are creating the opposite effect and I hope to encourage them to get busy demonstrating the purpose of this board, instead. These few are the most unlikely to post their thoughts, though, because they mistakenly feel that they’d be grandstanding. It’s tough for me to persuade Carol to post anything, for instance.


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