A Real Hero - Tina Van Der Maas

29 Jan 2008 06:10
Subject: A Real Hero – Tina Van Der Maas
Recently we met Tina van der Maas, who is the lady that inspired the South African Health Minister, Dr. Manto Tshabalala Msimang (She has a doctorate in public health) to her “controversial” stance on AIDS, promoting good nutrition and detoxing as a cure to AIDS rather than the highly toxic and deadly Antiretrovirals.

Manto has been character-asassinated by a vicious chorus of orchestrated voices in the press, especially the mean Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) headed by one Zackie Achmat who have been relentlessly pushing for Antiretrovirals.

It’s a long story and I have written about some aspects of it in my Essay “What we know about AIDS so far” (http://www.orgoniseafrica.com/……ssays.html) and “Mama Mbeki’s Zapper”(http://www.orgoniseafrica.com/……mbeki.html).

I had only heard bits and pieces about Tina because Manto was the public figure head that took all the flak and in-depth reporting was not exactly what happened in the press, just plain slander going on and on and on forever…

Tina has meticulously documented more than 400 cases of complete restoration of health in so called AIDS sufferers with her nutritional cleansing programme. In cases where the (a dubious scientific indicator, but interesting nevertheless) “HIV status” was known, it has practically always reverted from negative to positive.

Even though the impression was created in the press that the government has been engaged in this activity on a big scale, the truth is that it has been torpedoed from the beginning by the medical establishment who’d rather preside over the mass killing of South Africa’s malnourished poor than admit that the multi billion dollar AIDS industry is based on malicious lies or outright fiction if one wants to assume innocent intent. The truth is that Tina financed most of the enormous work that was done out of her own pocket and thereby drove herself to the verge of bankruptcy. Her health is also now in danger as she canot afford to have some very urgent dentistry work done.

It is obvious that the resisting “powers that be” have done everything to destroy her and erase the evidence she has produced from public memory.

Her website http://www.powertothepeople.co.za highlights some of the work that was done, but not enough. (She’s not a good enough propagandist for herself)

But she’s produced a professional video, documenting some of the courageous work she has done in rural Kwa Zulu Natal and I will make copies of that available on my website for a 50 Euro donation that will go directly to help Tina continue her work. TinasVideoClick here to get Tina’s video!

She is working on a funding solution that will allow her to conduct systematic trials to prove the efficacy of her “African Solutions” protocol under supervision of some renowned university professors.

We will do all we can to support her until this or another solution begins to carry her again.

Doing it all over Africa and sending it out to the world
29 Jan 2008 09:30
Subject: Re: A Real Hero – Tina Van Der Maas
I seem to recall an under minsiter for health attacking Mbeki, who then got the sack, by Manto presumably. Strange that one.

The AIDS propaganda has been so effective people will not believe nutrients will cure such a ‘deadly’ disease. Dr Shulze, a herbal naturopath cured 16 last stage AIDS patients, which is similar medicine http://whale.to/c/shulze.html

Thanks for the website.

I think Rappoport hits the nail on the head, HIV was invented to kill Africans:

“My book instead proved that HIV – wherever it came from – was a harmless retrovirus that was being used as a cover story to explain/conceal an emerging depopulation operation in the Third World. HIV was also a cover for other agendas outside the Third World. As long as AIDS is the target of WHO/UN “humanitarian” efforts, the actual causes – which are easily reversible – of death in Africa, Asia, and Latin America are allowed to remain and fester and expand.” http://whale.to/b/rappoport.html

Brink’s criminal complaint against TAC is one for the history books http://whale.to/b/brink3.html

but the continued use of AZT on pregnant women just shows what they can get away with http://whale.to/b/who_genocide1.html another jawdropper in a long line

“The recommended AZT dose for African infants and small children is the same per kg of body weight as the original high-dose AZT that is widely acknowledged to have killed an entire generation of grown men, and which has not been administered for almost a decade.”

Kind of obvious what the real agenda is.


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