A Request for Gifting Reports for Magazine Article

On 6/17/09, Karen Sawyer <[email protected]> wrote:

Dear Don,

My name is Karen – I’m a writer living in Wales and am editor of The Dot Connector magazine: http://www.thedotconnector.org

We are doing an Orgonite gifting in issue 4, which is due out very soon – like in a couple of weeks!!! – and I’m putting together the article now (I work well under pressure – ha!).

ANYWAY, I’m looking for people to share their Orgonite experiences with me… just to write as little or as much about their experiences as they feel they want to. There’s not much time – like a little under a week – to do this, though…

In return, they’ll get a free copy of the mag… as this is only the 2nd printed issue we’re not yet in any financial position to be able to pay anyone yet. (I myself don’t even get paid!!!)

I don’t know of you yourself would be willing to help? As pioneers in the field, it would be great if yourself and Carol would share some of your experiences… what you have used orgonite for and what you have experienced as a consequence???

Warm wishes,
Karen Sawyer


Thanks, Karen–that’s really good news!

Unless you’re interviewing us I assume that some of our published reports would be suitable. There are volumes full of those on ethericwarriors.com, which is our international forum. In fact, most of those are personal gifting reports, including photos in many cases, from around the world. I’ve encouraged contributors to include photos and/or descriptions of before/after conditions for the record. It’s all personal, of course.

I hope that helps. Meanwhile, I’ll post your request on the forum in case anyone wishes to send you some personal email about their efforts. There are quite a few reputable gifters in UK and Ireland.



Sent her a loads of results and Q’s / A’s too.

As its out in July we’ll still have a stack of TB’s at EcoLogicCool.


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