A useful but unintended critique of EW by a nascent gifter

[This person had told me that her family has been sick ever since they moved onto their

current 5-acre property and she eventually found out about orgonite, then

contacted me with some questions. I suggested that she start out buying

a hundred TBs from Marcus Guy, since she can afford to buy instead of make

her orgonite. Her notes follow, then my comments. ~Don]

I [received] my first 100 TBs last night from
Marcus [orgonite4u.com]. Due to the late hour (and very strong smell), we placed the boxes
on the back deck to air, and only placed one TB under each bed. I know
it’s been just one night, and I didn’t have a clue what to expect; I
actually thought perhaps it could even get worse before it gets better and
was prepared for that.

However! without a doubt I had a tangible, very real
measure of improvement last night. I still waked up quite a bit as usual,
but was able to go straight back to sleep each time (unheard of for me – I
spend exhausted, torturous hours awake every night) and had no oppressive
dreams at all. The quality and depth of sleep were clearly better.

More than that, I noticed both in the moments I was awake, and especially
this morning upon arising, a “lightness of being” that I can’t well explain
and RARELY experience. I’ve been aware for a long time that while I also
feel this heavy feeling throughout the day routinely, it’s VERY apparent,
and much worse, throughout the night: A very heavy, exhausting oppression
– actually a feeling of being “pulled downward” more than “pushed
downward.” (?) It’s both mental, physical – even spiritual. I can barely
drag around first thing in the morning.

I know this sounds weird, but I
have a very detailed mind, and have always seen the tiniest perceptible
details in everything. I can’t help it! My husband (as is often the case)
is completely opposite. In addition to being very black and white and very
skeptical, he’s also very big picture ONLY and can’t endure many
details… Keeps things lively, and fortunately, the two of us
make one good “whole” most of the time. ;~)

Anyway, I’ve seen the word “vortex” on some of the EW posts. That word and
concept has come to me at times when I try to explain what I feel here, and
has caused me to wonder, but I don’t understand it. It comes closest to
embodying what I tried to describe above. There’s a sense of a very
negative, oppressive, perhaps “spiraling” force that’s literally “pulling us
down,” definitely in the opposite direction of abundant life. I’ve used the
words “backwards, against the grain, thwarted, contrary, obtuse, reversed”
in trying to get this across. That’s why when my chiropractor said “Your
polarity is reversed,” I said, “Yes!” That made total sense to me based on
how I feel – like I’m literally being constantly pulled in an opposite,
wrong direction. One more random part of it, though the guys in the house
are NOT unaffected, the girls (of many varying ages) are all certainly much
more impacted. As jumbled as all this is, I wonder if you have any thoughts
or illumination?

At any rate, my goal right now is to get the orgonite buried throughout the
property and placed in the house. I have no specific understanding of where
or how much. You earlier suggested placing a TB on each line I dowse around
the entire perimeter, which is where I’ll start. On five acres, that will
be an undertaking in itself, as they occur approx. every 6 to 9 feet
depending on the direction. May I ask another dumb question? In your
experience, is it normal, common, expectable, to dowse these grid lines, and
SHOULD they be there, and be dowsable? Do they “belong” there and are they
dowsable everywhere?

As I mentioned, I’ve been reading various EW posts, and will continue. Of
course, much of it is written between people who understand what they’re
talking about. :~) For a “newbie” much of it is very NEW, unfamiliar,
even uncomfortable and at times unfathomable. As patient and considerate as
you’ve been toward me, I feel sure you understand what I mean by this, and
please take no offense. Psychics, ghosts and conspiracies (to name only a
few) are very unfamiliar territory for me.

I’ve always thought of myself as an independent thinker and seeker,
particularly where most traditional “world” systems are concerned (at least
the totally obvious ones I had recognized thus far :~) i.e., I’ve
sincerely never wanted to be a “PJ” person… But wow! Thankfully, I was
proactively taught growing up, to never blindly “follow the crowd,” and am
therefore comfortable “swimming upstream.” That being said, the things I’m
reading are nonetheless A LOT to take in. I can’t possibly know how long
you’ve been on this course or all you’ve been through to get to where you
are now. I’m trying to find my way too, in increments I can handle. You
give me much to think on and seek God on. He has ALWAYS led me into all
Truth. I’ve recognized, even in the hardest moments of life, including
throughout this very rough five-year period, that undoubtedly it will
ultimately work for my greater good – far more than I can as yet imagine
– and I trust Him totally in it, despite the hardships.



Carol told me that there’s a pirated vortex on your property and that you can find it by locating the strongest line, then following it, still dowsing, to the center of the vortex, which you’ll probably feel clearly. Try putting one TB there at first, okay? I want you to see how little orgonite it takes to fix something like this.

It’s true that females are probably more inclined to feel that ‘opposite spin’ energy than males are but it’s also true that folks who see ‘big picture’ scenarios more easily grasp the work we’re doing and get into it. One reason this is all still strange to you is that you don’t have much direct experience, yet. This is all mainly learned through doing and EW’s main function is to demonstrate some reasonable standards and keep excessive mysticism and Big Egos out.

I’m posting this, though, so that we can be more mindful that our readers don’t necessarily share our experience, yet.

If the material we present ever seems to arcane for general consumption, it follows that it actually WOULD be too arcane, so would be self-defeating.

You can probably see that men and women are just about equally represented among the posters on EW, so gender isn’t a hindrance at all. The majority of skilled psychics are females, though, and that probably won’t change becuase women are more mental and men are more emotional.

I’ll post some of what you said because it represents how a lot of people feel who read the stuff but don’t yet have direct experience. We aim to spark as many people as possible to start doing the work, of course, but we need to hit what we aim at [Image Can Not Be Found] so thanks for the critique!

YOu might try using Awake! which is available for $35 from lifequestformulas.com, also start wearing a good orgonite pendant near your heart. These two things will help you integrate new energy/info faster and more comfortably in coming days. You’re encountering a new paradigm, that’s all, and that’s tough for anyone to do, regardless of how open our minds are. People who have genuine faith (ANY faith) weather these challenges with more equanimity than others, of course and we’re all fortunate that faith can’t be institutionalized by clergy, I think.


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