A very good example of how to talk to PJ folks:

This is from our friend, Kulwant, in Santa Fe, who I’ll now invite to post on EW:

Hello Don,
Part of the challenge of waking up is having to deal with all those who are
still asleep. Happily, many are just starting to wake up, and that is
always nice to see. However, I have discovered that the process of
assisting them is not one to be taken lightly! (Sometimes, also, it is often
best to leave well enough alone- depending on the situation-no sense in
wasting one’s time.) They can’t be rushed, or they will want to go right
back to sleep.

I am convinced that appliances such as microwave ovens are instrumental in
keeping them asleep. One very subtle and slowly effective way to show that
such appliances are harmful is to demonstrate an intolerance for their use.

I went out to eat with some friends and made it a point to ask if any of the
food is prepared with (microwave ovens. I was told that it was, so I made
it clear I would not eat there. I did not insist we go somewhere else, and
was content to stay and watch everyone else order food and subsequently eat

They were all getting more and more uncomfortable with me not eating, and
when asked, I replied that I refused to eat any food that had been
microwaved, and that I would not eat at an establishment which used
microwaves in any of their preparations.

Of course, they then said we could have gone somewhere else, and I said,
“No, that’s OK, you like the food here, and I would not wish to be
inconvenient. I can eat later.” One lady, getting rather cantankerous,
said,“You won’t eat microwaved food at all!?” I told her “No, I won’t.”, in
my politest manner. She put down her fork (a hopeful sign) and asked,“Why
not?” I told her where she could go to do her own research, and she really
got a bit huffy at that.

I stated that when I observed that Russia will not even allow the citizens
of that country to have microwave ovens in their homes that was really
something to think about. At that point one of the other ladies said, “You
know, that makes sense. They have enough to worry about with so many of
their citizens becoming alcoholic; they probably don’t want to have to worry
about them getting cancer, too.” She, by the way, was eating fresh fruit
and salad.

Ms Cantankerous then stated, “Well, it is realy inconvenient that you won’t
eat here. I wish you had told me you wouldn’t eat here.” “I was not aware
that they microwaved their food. If I had been, I would certainly have
spoken up, rest assured.”, I replied. She gave me a puzzled look, since my
tone was totally non-combative. I then suggested, “Try an experiment. Go
to XYZ Restaurant, and order the exact same dish you are having here now.
Then, the next day, come back here and order the same dish. See if you can
taste the difference.” Now, Ms Cantankerous prides herself on having a very
sophisticated palate. XYZ, when they first opened, had made it a point to
never use strange, outlandish things like microwave ovens in the cooking of
their food.

A few days later, I got a phone call from her, and she was amazed. "You are
right! There is a big difference! Maybe the microwaved food is not as
good!" I am very happy that I had kept my demeanor as neutral as possible;
had I given in to my first wish to go toe-to-toe with her she would never
have actually tried to see the difference.

As long as I stay neutral and polite in my approach I have found that even
those who are still asleep become curious enough to think about waking up.
It keeps me on my toes, making sure I don’t go into emotional reactions when
confronted with some of the words and actions of those still asleep.

As I continue to monitor my own states and reactions it does get easier; I
believe it has to do with exercising the muscles of discernment, so to
speak. Of course, items like WakeUp certainly help, as does working with
the various devices!

The confirmations of gifting certainly help, too!

(An interesting side note: it appears that as one’s discernment abilities
increase, literally one’s posture improves! My posture is the best it has
ever been, and I have lots more energy! Shall keep tabs on this, and let
you know further observations.)

Got the package from Carol- they are wonderful devices! She is just

Shall keep you posted- Thank you for all that you all are doing!

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