A White Buffalo

Liz in Colorado sent me this URL, which I hope you’ll visit:


A white buffalo was born in a private zoo in Pennsylvania in NOvember, 2006, and the owners of the zoo have prudently delayed the public announcement until a few days ago.

This miracle (no father; white calf) has happened fairly often in recent decades, though the odds are 10 million to one against this phenomenon occuring at all. From what I gather, these buffalo have been routinely poisoned, probably by the feds, who have a long, long history of violent hatred (and clever infiltration) toward the Indians and, indeed, against all things that are spiritually empowering and uplifting. Maybe there have been so many white buffalo calves born in recent decades because this demonstration simply can’t be prevented or halted by the meddling of the parasitic world odor, as personified by the treasonous secret police agencies of the US Government.

I’m going to ask our psychics to see whether we can ensure the health and safety of this one.


White Buffalo Kenahkihinén
(Kĕ-Nah‛-Ki-Nĕn), which means
“Watch Over Us” in Lenape tongue.

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