About coffee/caffeine

I was reading the Amitakh Stanford site after Ken Adachi mentioned it
Quite interesting bits (although too much fear inducing stuff, so probably disinfo) and read this bit below about coffee/caffeine. I have to say it has been very noticable–the increase in just coffee bars around here. Monmouth (Wales) now has 2 when it had none a year ago. Just seen another new one in Hereford, and Abergavenny (Wales) has 3 after my last visit a year ago. I did read Gurudas saying that coffee helps shut down the higher centres.

These towns are looking like French ones with tables all over their squares. We should get free coffee for making the weather Mediterranean

Those who drink large amounts of caffeine are likewise in danger of falling into similar traps as those who are consuming alcohol. The higher the caffeine content, the more drastic the effects will be. It can cause serious effects on the body, such as weakening the immune system and the mind. All this will make it easier for humans to be controlled, and, ultimately, eliminated. The stronger the coffee, the easier it is for the aliens to hide the programming effects in it

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